Rain (6)

rainin.jpg            Cool rain….


Driving into the danger zone was not planned. But, it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to Mercy and Percy. The pimp wanted his property back. Percy had no intensions on giving Mercy over to that animal..

Percy had hidden mom away in a safe place, as he waited for someone to come after him. He had no intentions of giving that animal his woman, and child. As Percy sat waiting he noticed the limo parked on the side of the road. The doors to the building opened, and a thug stood in the middle of the door way. He was a mountain of a man, who could snap a man in half without even trying. His large stature made Percy compare him to a Sumo Wrestler. Percy sat in silence as the large figure approached. Percy had a plan, and if he ran this man over, then so be it… He was tired of running from pimp boy, and his cronies. It was time for him and my mom to have a peaceful life just like other people were living. Percy was not a fighter by nature. But, if he had to he could fight dirty, and dirty is what was a part of his plan. Percy heard a loud booming voice, telling Mercy to get out of the camper. Percy seen the man getting closer, and started the engine and revved it, a couple times. The man stopped, and watched as Percy quickly removed his foot from the brake. The camper shot backwards, sending the thug flying through the air. He landed up against the wall and was not moving. He smashed his head on the wall, and blood was welling up in a pool around his body. Percy stopped the camper and ran towards the thug and took away his gun.

dead.jpg         DEAD…..

Percy had the gun now just incase someone fired back at him. He knew how to shoot, as him and his dad would hunt wild game. He had no problem with returning fire. Percy hopped back into the camper van and jammed his foot on the excelerator, The camper shot out the door way. Percy stomped on the breaks and with a quick twist of the steering wheel the camper spun around facing the direction of the limo. There by the limo was pimp boy and another one of his thugs. Percy jumped on the gas again and sped past them, as they shot at the camper. Thank god they were not good shots, because they did not hit the camper at all. As Percy drove at high speed he could see the limo faintly in his dust trail. He had to get these creeps far away from my mom. Percy swerved slightly to the left then the right. At the cross road Percy spun the camper around. Now he was the one after them. He swerved slightly again but the limo did not see him coming in the dusty conditions. Percy sped past them, and spun the camper van around so he was now behind them. Percy was crafty alright, and he knew how to drive. He felt like a stunt driver in an action movie. He raced up on the rear of the limo, and crashed into the back bumper. Percy could see heads bobbing back and forth as the force of the hit tossed them around. The camper van would not be hurt. Percy had added a crash cage bumper on the front of the van, that rapped around the front and sides of the camper van. This way if he hit a deer the van would not be damaged.

heavy.png       Cage bumper for protection….

Percy let the limo go ahead of him. Then, he sped up and hit the limo on the left rear corner. The limo jolted ahead, flew over the ditch, flipped over and over again. The limo came to rest curved around the trunk of a fairly large tree. Limbs where sheered off the tree.  The roof of the limo was flattened in after all the flips it did. The limo looked like it had been in a junk yard press. No one could have made it through that, but Percy needed to make sure. He placed the camper into park, and went running in the direction of the limo. A smell made him stop in his tracks. Gasoline was leaking from the tank and down onto the hot engine. Percy turned to run back to the road. The limo burst into flames, as the blast sent Percy flying into the ditch. Percy laid there for a bit then he started to move. His pride was scuffed, but he was okay other than being really sore for a week. Covered in mud, and weeds from the ditch, Percy limped his way to the camper van. Percy toweled off the mud that covered his face and hands. He got back in the camper to go get his lady. He was tired, and hoped mom was okay. Her life on the run was over, and she would never have to look over her shoulder again. Mom was free of the clutches of pimp boy. Percy drove back into the building and made his way to the office where he had left mom hiding. He knocked on the door, and called out mom’s name. From under a desk peeked mom’s head. She was still there and safe. Mom unlocked the door, and opened it wide. Percy flung his arms around her and sobbed. “You are safe Mercy.” Was all he kept repeating. Mom just held him tightly for along time. Percy started to walk her out of the office, and down the hall to the stairs. Mercy turned her view to the open doors of the building. She let out a scream, and Percy turned to see pimp boy in the door way. Percy pushed mom to the floor, and removed the gun from the back of his trousers. Percy started to head down the stairs. The pimp boy was not armed. He was covered in blood, and staggered into the building. All Percy wanted to do was make sure this scum bag was gone from the face of the earth. Percy raised his gun and pointed it at pimp boy. He stood there looking at the piece of garbage, and laughed. “You, ya you, pimp boy..” He said. The pimp never answered. “Is it your dying day today?” Percy said.

Join me tomorrow to find out what is going to happen next… See you then… 🙂

Hey everyone. How was your Monday? I hope it was enjoyable. Mine was good, and I actually got outside a few times to do some yard work. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. The weather was actually better than I had expected. It’s been so nice and cool that I have not had to put the air conditioner on in the last two days. I just use the fan to draw in the cool air. It’s perfect. Today one of my dogs who is always on the look out for the chipmunk we have in the yard. This chipmunk knows the pup can’t get him and teases the dog like heck…. It’s really comical to watch.. Well I must run .. Take care of those you love.. And be safe… 🙂

I would like to thank all my readers for coming to read my stories each day… 🙂 🙂 I also want to thank all the talented artists for your creations that adorn my stories… 🙂 🙂

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