Rain (7)

ran      Walking in the rain….


Percy was not going to put up with anymore crap from pimp boy. He was done. It was time to respond to the situation that was about to happen. Pimp boy and his thugs were about to be taught a big lesson. And Percy was ready for a fight.. 

With the limo crashed, crushed, and exploded, you would think there was nothing to fear anymore. Percy had seen the explosion, and as far as he knew no one had jumped out of the limo. He had gone back to the building where he hide Mercy. Percy took her from the office where she had been hiding. As Percy guided his lady down the staircase, she screamed. Percy looked to see what had made her scream. There in the door way of the building was ‘pimp boy.’ Percy could not believe his eyes. Percy was sure he had died in the explosion that Percy had witnessed. But, there he was in the flesh. Sure, he was covered in blood and had major cuts and broken bones. ‘Pimp boy looked like he had been dragged down a gravel road at high speed. He could hardly walk, as he stumbled to the right, and came to rest up against the door frame. Percy drew his gun and pointed it right at pimp boy’s head. Mom could not see anything as she was tucked up in the hall way that was before the stairs. But, she heard every word Percy was saying. With gritted teeth, Percy asked ‘pimp boy’. “Is this your day to die, pimp boy?” There was no answer. “Hey, you, ya you pimp boy.” Percy said as loud as he could. Was pimp boy unable to answer or was just being the animal he was in life? Percy stepped slowly towards the pimp. Percy was still holding the gun aimed at the pimp’s head. The pimp did not move. He had no idea what Percy would do next. In a faint voice the pimp said. “She is mine, not yours..” Percy asked what the pimp had said, as if he didn’t hear him. The pimp didn’t answer again. Percy quickly lower his gun and shot the pimp in the middle of his fancy pimp boots. “I asked you a question?” Percy said, with teeth clenched.

foot.png        Shot in the foot…

The pimp was screaming. “You shot me in the foot.” Percy answered him with the same question. “I asked you a question?” Percy repeated. Pimp boy was slowly sinking to the ground. Percy grabbed him by the hair, and moved pimp boy’s head so he could see Percy ask again. “Is this your day to die, pimp boy?” The pimp was still mumbling. “She is mine, not yours.” Percy let off another shot. This time the bullet went straight through the pimp’s right hand. The pimp shrieked in pain. By this time the pimp knew Percy meant business. And the business was removing the pimp boy from the face of the earth. “One more chance, and next shot will be in your face.” Percy said. “Mercy is not yours and never will be again.”  “Like I asked before, is it your day to die?” The pimp shouted loudly. “How could love an ugly tramp like her?” Percy heard the words loud and clear. He grabbed pimp boy’s hair, and bent the pimp’s head back. Percy ground the barrel of the gun into one of the gashes on the pimp’s face. Those words had pushed Percy to the edge. Percy heard mom call to him. He turned his head, and there was mom right beside him. Mom placed her hand on Percy’s hand and she removed the gun from his grip. Percy had no idea what she was doing. No sooner than those words were thought, the gun went off. Mom shot the pimp right between the eyes, and then spit on his face. Percy was stunned, and just stood there. Mom dropped the gun and stood totally still.

gun.jpg        She dropped the gun to the floor….

There was no expression on mom’s face. She looked like she was not even there. Mom was shaking, as a single tear ran down her cheek. Percy hugged mom, and never asked why she did that. He kind of knew. Mom had erased here past with one single bullet. This was an end to a place and time that was her nightmare. Percy just held her as she cried. Percy told mom it was time they left this place. A place of cold rain and pain. Percy led mom to her seat in the front of the camper, and closed the door. He grabbed a cloth, to wipe the gun clean of prints. Percy climbed the stairs, and left the gun in an old office desk in a storage room. Percy found his way back to the van, and drove from the abandoned buildings in the middle of a deserted former village. As they drove down the dusty road to the cross road neither of them said a word. Percy turned to the right, as the rain began to pour down around them. The trek back to the mean streets didn’t take long. Mom was pretty quiet, except for a low moan that came every once in a while. Mom was holding her belly, and a puddle  formed on the floor in front of her seat. “Are you okay?” Percy asked as her held her hand. “I think it is time for baby to be born.” Mom told him. Percy had no idea what to do, as he had never been through something like this before. “What should I do?”  He asked mom. “Get me to a hospital and not one in the danger zone. A hospital on the good side of the Bronx.” Mom told him. Percy was at a loss again. “Where is this hospital?” He asked. Another contraction came, as mom clenched her teeth and told him to get on the high way go south to exit 12. She breathed and told him the hospital signs could be seen there. “GO.” Mom screamed, as another contraction hit her hard.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Percy and Mercy into the hospital….. See you then.. 🙂

Hello everyone: Tuesday was hot, but that did not stop me from sitting outside with my feet cooling in the dog pool. Hey, anywhere you can cool off is okay by me. I would stand in a fountain in the middle of the square if I had to keep cool. I’m not squeamish when it comes to comfort. Wednesday will be cloudy with a high of thirty one. Oh yay, I’m not looking forward to that. You will find me on the porch with a cold drink of water, and my feet in the dog pool.. I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday, as I did…Keep safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow… Be safe… 🙂 🙂

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