Rain (8)

rayn.jpg          Let it rain…..


The rain seem to be pouring buckets, as Percy drove his way down the high way to the hospital exit twelve. The splash from the transports whizzing by left Percy almost unable to see the road. Their baby was on it’s way. 

Percy was doing his best to get mom to the hospital. The weather made it look like a tornado was about to touch down. The sky was a yellowy green, and the wind was pushing the camper van around. The transports sprayed the van with a mist that made it hard to see the road. Mom was having contractions every two minutes. She was in pain and Percy could do nothing to take the pain away. While squinting out the windshield Percy could see the exit he had to take. It was coming fast, as Percy pushed his way into the lane he needed. Once off the high way the weather seemed to lessen except for the pouring rain. Normal corners had turned into flooded corners. The water was rising, as the rain kept pouring. Percy weaved his way on cobble stone streets. Turning left then right, and there ahead was the hospital. Mom was trying not to push, and panted with each contraction. Percy seen the sign for the emergency, and pulled up as close as he could to the door. Percy flung the door open on mom’s side of the camper, and seen blood dripping on the floor. As he pulled up the dress mom wore to see why there was blood. Percy gasped. He was in disbelief. He could see the babies head, and the head was out. Percy was in shock as mom told him to get a wheel chair and someone to help. He ran through the doors of the emergence yelling for help.

emerge.jpg            Emergency entrance…..

Mom had placed her feet on the wet cobble stones, and as help came running from the hospital. I was born right there on the cold wet cobble stones of the upper side of the Bronx. A nurse bent down to grab me as I fell onto the cobble stones. She did her best to stop my fall. I could feel someone holding a part of me. My head was hurting as I let out a cry that would have won an award if I was in the movies. I had hit the cobble stones with a faint thud. I was here, and I was madder then a wet hornet. At least everyone knew I had a good set of lungs. I arrived in a fashion that most people don’t. I was a ball of thunder, born in the midst of a tornado. Mom and I were rushed into the emergency, and out of the rain. Safe inside, we were taken to a cubical, where a doctor, and a couple nurses took care of me and mom. Percy went back outside and parked the camper in a sheltered spot not far from the emergency doors. With the camper van secure, and in a safe place. Percy made his way to the emergency doors. The rain was pouring, as lightening shot across the yellowish green sky. Percy felt a pang of fear run through his stomach. As he stood looking up at the sky, he could see no tornados yet. Maybe it was because he was so protected by the buildings around the hospital. Percy ducted into the emergency doors, and out of the rain.

man.jpg       Soaked to the bone…..

Once inside the entrance Percy stood there in a puddle. His cloths were so wet that his jacket alone felt heavy on his shoulders. He walked over to the register desk. The nurse was very pleasant and gave Percy a couple warm towels he could use to wipe away some of the water from his cloths. She gave him one extra to wrap around his shoulders to keep the chill off. Percy filled out some papers. Then he was led to the cubical where mom and me waited for him to arrive. The doctor stood beside the bed, and didn’t say a word. Percy began to fear the worst, but as the doctor turned to shake his hand. Percy’s face turned from worry to a big beaming smile. He could see his lady holding a baby in a pink blanket. You could tell he was so proud, as he held his daughter for the first time. I was perfect in every way. I lay there in his safe strong arms, as mom spoke to him about how she would have to stay in the hospital till tomorrow. He nodded his head in reply. As Percy pulled back the blanket that covered my face, he noticed the purple mark above my right eye. The mark looked  odd shaped. He asked mom what she thought the mark looked like? Mom mentioned that it looked like the letter “V”. Percy was stunned when he heard her say the letter. To him it looked the same.

v.png           “V” for Violet…..

Mom asked him if he had a name he would like to call his daughter. He sat in the chair beside the bed, and thought for quite awhile. Then he turned to mom and said he would like my first name to be “Violet.” Mom thought that was the perfect name for such a beautiful baby. Mom said she wanted her mom’s name to be part of my name. Percy wanted his mom’s name to be part of my name as well. So, my name ended up to be, “Violet Marie Sarah Wayland.” My daddy sat with us until the nurses told him to leave. But, he wasn’t far away. He was in the camper van sleeping, and waiting out the storm which had seem to have died down. He was the happiest man ever, as he looked at the pictures on his cell phone. Percy now had two beautiful girls to take care of, and protect from evil. No matter what form it came in. He was proud of his girls….

Join  me tomorrow as this new family leaves the hospital…. See you then… 🙂

Hello everyone. Wednesday was a pretty good day for us. It was very hot, and I feel sorry for all those who work in places that don’t have air conditioning. Or even poor air conditioning. The work and safety board has set a limit to how cool a factory, plant, or what ever you wish to call it. The limit in almost every case recorded is far from being cool. My son works at a place where there is only air conditioning in the lunchroom. Sure there are fans that blow around the hot air, which is really futile. The other day he mentioned that where he works the temperature was 42 degrees celsius. Working in that kind of heat should be against the law. That’s crazy… I hope you are all keeping cool in the heat, and drinking lots of water…. Be careful.. if you feel dizzy or faint get help right away… Till tomorrow… Stay cool.. 🙂

I would like to thank all those that read my stories.. Thank you… 🙂 🙂 I would also like to say thank you to all the talented artists who creations grace my stories each day.. 🙂 🙂

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