Rain (9)


     The feeling of rain…


Percy had met his new daughter for the very first time. He was smitten with her cute cubby cheeks. Mercy was doing very well, after the birth. She had been told that she and the baby would be spending the night in the hospital.

Percy tried to stay with his girls as long as he was able. He didn’t want to leave them alone. It was way past visiting hours and Percy was kicked out by one of the nurses who took care of mom and I. Percy did not go far as he had his home on wheels, and just slept in the parking lot. He laid in bed looking at the pictures he had taken of his daughter. He could see I had his nose, and mom’s lips. It would take awhile for my cheeks to go down, so I did not look so chubby. There was no telling whos eyes I had because of the swelling around my face. Lets put it this way. When I fell to the ground I did a face plant, hence the swelling. I had a small scrape on the end of my nose that over time would disappear. Mom and dad had bought a couple things for me when I left the hospital. A car seat was the first thing, then some diapers and creams, a few outfits, blankets, and baby bottles. This was bought in the anticipation of my birth. Well, I was here, and came into the world in the most wonderful way. Lets see someone else top that one.. My first night in this world was spent being cuddled and fed by my mommy. She was really good to me, and sang songs to me as I fell asleep.

baby .jpg         Sleeping with mommy…

Tomorrow would be the best day ever, at least that was what I thought. First thing mom fed me then all my clothes were removed and I was placed in water. I think they were trying to drown me in that water. My head was covered with that warm water as it dripped down into my eyes and mouth. At that point, I knew they were trying to drown me. I flailed my hand and feet and wiggled my body as hard as I could. I had to get out of that water. I heard a voice say. “Awe, she is trying to swim.” To heck with that, I let out my best scream and shook like I was cold. They poured water all over my body, and after that they wrapped me in a warm blanket. The wailing had worked. Now I know what to do when that water gets me again. My body was dried and this goo was put on my bottom. Then another thing was put over top of the goo. It felt weird, and I really didn’t like it. Mom dressed me in a little shirt. Then she wrapped this blanket tightly around my body. I felt, oh so warm and comfortable. The thing wrong here was the fact I could not move my body parts anymore. Oh my god, if it wasn’t one thing it was the other. Mom laid me in a warm bed and sang to me. I fell into a deep sleep. Mom got a morning wash up and changed to clean hospital garb. We waited for daddy to come and take us away from this place.


waiting.png       Waiting for daddy….

Soon after mom had eaten, her so called breakfast, dad arrived. He had a coffee, fresh croissant with ham and cheese on it all for mom. Mom hardly ate what the hospital gave her, as there was no taste to it. The croissant hit the spot, and filled her tummy. The coffee was good, but mom was told that if was going to breast feed me then, she was better off without coffee. Guess what? Mom never gave up her coffee, and I have a bottle to drink from. I guess the bottle is easier for mom. Daddy held me while mom ate. Dad made me feel so safe, and he would tell me how much he loved me. The doctor arrived as daddy was there in the room. He closed the curtains and checked over mom, and released us from the hospital. We could leave.. We were free.. No more water dunking times. Mom fed me then got her  fresh regular clothes on, and she changed me into some thing that covered me from head to toe. Dad had my car seat, a locked me into it tightly, so I would not fall out. Dad signed some papers again, and we were ready to leave. Mom sat in a chair with wheels, and dad carried me. Once outside, dad took me with him to the camper. He buckled me in a seat, and we went to get mom. Dad helped mom into the camper, and closed the door. Mom sat right beside me and let me hold her finger. There were so many strange noises that I felt afraid. Mom sang to me, as we drove away from the hospital and onto the high way. I wished I had been able to see, cause I could hear mom telling me how pretty the trees were.

hospital.jpg        Leaving the hospital….

I slept soundly for along time, and when I was hungry I let mom know. The hospital had given her some formula and bottles. Mom fed me, then burped me. I spit on her, but she didn’t get upset. Dad had made a stop on a turn off road, and mom changed me, and away we went. Mom said we were headed for their new friends campground. The drive was long, but not too bumpy. Soon dad pulled up in front of Arthur, and Ellen’s place. Dad got out. He knocked on the door of their cottage and told them we were here to stay for as long as we could. Mom waved from the window. Dad brought Ellen and Arthur out to the camper to see a surprise. Dad got in the camper and let them inside. I was waiting as they looked around. “Oh my. What a wonderful surprise.” Ellen and Arthur said. Dad told them my name, and let them hold me. I could not see them but, their shadows were big.  Ellen invited us to stay in their place for a couple days to make it easier on mom. The stay in the cottage lasted for along time. Ellen wouldn’t let mom leave till she thought mom would be okay.. Ellen and Arthur, were my nan and pop, and loved me like their own grand-children. We still live at the campground. Each year I grow bigger and bigger. I loved being in the trees with the people that love me… Today I am twenty years of age, and I still live at the camp. I help dad and pops with the business. Mom and Ellen were best friends forever. As time went by pops and nan got too old to run the camp. They left the camp to me and my parents. They still live here and we take good care of them everyday. I love them, and hated to see age rob them of their spirit. They passed away, and their ashes were scattered all over the campgrounds as they wanted. I can see them sometimes, walking around the camp. Mom and dad are being rob of their spirit now, and it pains me a lot to see the hurt they suffer. The business is doing excellent. I married an outdoors man who is right by my side running our business. I will never give up this campground, as my life is here and I will die here. We are expecting our first child in the next four months. Our family will grow up in a beautiful place under the cover of the tall trees….

Thanks for joining me each day this story played out. Till Monday, I wish you well, and good fortune…. 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone. Thursday was a hot muggy day like the weather man had forecasted. I have no idea what today will bring nor the weekend. But, I pray it is nice for everyone. There was a couple of baby robins that fell out of their nests, and landed in our back yard. I untangled one baby out of the fence, and the other just showed up on the wooden fence. I watched as the mom and dad  fed the little ones. Feeding them, after time gave the little ones enough strength to fly back to the nest with the encouragement of mom and dad. Thank goodness they are safe. I will sleep better tonight… I wish you all a good weekend and a great Friday… Till later… Be safe.. 🙂 🙂 

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all my readers for reading my stories… 🙂 🙂  I would also like to thank all the talented artists whos creations adorn my stories each day… Thanks… 🙂 🙂

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