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#6.jpgRenovations are an extension of the person who is doing the work.

Renovation; meaning restore to new condition. Many different items can be made to look like new. When you renovate a camper, a trailer, or motor home those items are torn to the bottom and built back up. Similar to a home, cottage, garage or any item in that category.

Roger and Debbie had purchased an old vintage camper at a cost of six hundred dollars. Their plan was to transform this vintage camper into their dream home away from home. The previous owner had said there was a small leak in the sleeping/ sofa. Debbie made plans to re-do all the fabric on every item that was covered in material. Roger had removed all the cushions and gave them to Debbie. The first thing Roger would have to do was take out all the trim. Then he would remove all the wallboard or panelling, and re-insulate the whole camper and put in a new floor. Just to be on the safe side. Roger could now see the place where the water was leaking in, and it was no small leak. The water had been running down the whole back wall of the camper. The wood on the back wall was destroyed, and that would all have to be replaced. The boards of the frame were rotted as well which meant he would have to remove the outside covering of the camper. The job was going to be lengthy, but the results would be spectacular.

camper.jpgRoger was lucky because he could use his dad’s workshop in order to rebuild the camper. With the help of his dad, they removed the outer shell which left the camper looking like a skeleton. Together Roger and his dad started to take the pieces of the skeleton off and supporting the remaining skeleton with two by four supports. Debbie came in to take a look and see what the water leak had done to the wood. Debbie took pictures of the camper as it sat there supported by two by fours. She asked Rober’s dad (David) if the panelling looked savable. Sadly enough there was not one piece of panelling that was worth saving. Rot had set in and the wood would only get mildew and would start to smell pretty bad. Plus in a matter of time, they would have to tear the camper apart and fix it. And mold can make a person very ill. Debbie was excited as she would be going to pick out a new wood product to replace the panelling.

skeleton.jpg Roger and David work tirelessly on rebuilding the skeleton of the camper. This camper would be like new by the time they were done with it. They were talking about the siding from the camper, and how beat up it looked. They both kept hymning and hawing about the siding for days and didn’t quite have their minds made up. Then there was the floor it had water damage as well and would need replacing as well but the skeleton and cross members would have to be replaced first. Roger and Debbie had gone out in the evening and had looked for a wood product for the walls. They looked at light wood panelling but that would never do. Panelling was really not the way they wanted to go, a composite board was light and came in different colours. These composite boards were also available in a panelling style which meant less messing around, and less time putting them up. On the small counter with the sink, Debbie wanted to put white doors and a cement countertop. Once Roger looked at the pieces she was thinking of using and he agreed to the purchase and the style.

pottyThey also picked up new taps for the sink and new plumbing pipes to replace the older ones. The camper was going to beautiful. Debbie had covered the cushions in a neutral colour that had a small design on it. The throw pillows would have the larger pops of colour on them. Roger had picked up a small set of cupboards on a buy and sell site for free, and the had seen a big pile of wood that a man was giving away for nothing. It was from the build of his house and had a lot of good two by fours and plywood in there. Plus a lot of the pieces would do for some special features Roger had planned to add to the camper. The floor had been replaced and a subfloor put in for strength.

kitchen2.jpgIt was time to install the composite panelling. The colour was clean and bright and made the camper look so much bigger inside. The colour was an off white and was treated with a shiny agent that was easy to clean. Debbie wanted one of the walls to be a feature colour but Roger wanted to stick with just the off white. Debbie talked him into adding thin red coloured strips of wood running from the floor to the ceiling behind the couch/bed. Roger was unsure about the design but once he saw it on the wall he was sold. The camper was coming to life and was looking pretty darn sexy once it was done. once the cupboards were done Roger added a box in which there was a porta potty for the night run to the bathroom. Roger had installed a small air conditioner in the ceiling that would keep them cool in the heat. The had a heater that would keep them warm on cool nights.cough.jpgRoger and his dad had painted the siding a cream white with a strip of red done by hand in an abstract style all around the camper. In the right middle of the outside the words designed by Roger Debbie, and David were scrolled on what looked like a piece of parchment paper. At the back of the camper, the words were written: “Always of vacation.” Debbie took what seemed like a million pictures of the camper for the after the section of their book about the renovation. They kept the book in one of the above storage cabinets and proudly showed them off to their friends.

Debbie and Roger were very proud of their camper and the renovations they had done. Soon they would leave on a trip across Canada. A trip they had been planning for years.

Join me tomorrow as we follow another couple in their hunt for the perfect trailer.

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