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Renovating is a new craze.

Renovating trailers, campers and mobile homes into works of art.  Finding that one deal on wheels can take quite awhile to find. When you do the renovation begins.

It has always been a desire in my life to get a motor home, bus or whatever I can afford, and turn it into my forever home. The freedom of the road has called me for many years, and is on my bucket list as something I will do before I’m too old to travel. I am determined to make my dream come true, and check it off my bucket list. I used to travel the states, and around Canada in a Kenworth with my dog Crickett. She was my buddy and co-pilot. The day I found out she had cancer was the hardest day of my life. I had to part with the love of my life, and had to continue with out her beside me. For months I was unable to walk into a pet store with out crying, and even today it still bothers me.  Crickett and myself would often frequent the pet stores to shop for things she needed.  She will always have her own space in my heart and I will be with her when we meet again.  I have three buddies to travel with now, and someday we will go on the road together.  I just have to make that day happen, and I know I will make it happen.

I have always wanted to renovate and add my touches to an older motor home. Make it more comfortable for myself, my buddies, and my partner.  Good solid older motor homes are hard to find here in Canada. Most of the ones here have high mileage, rust, motor issues, gaskets of all kinds that need to be replaced, water damage, insulation problems, wiring and all at a very absorbent price. It may seem that I am looking for a needle in a hay stack, and maybe I am. I know as a girl who worked with her father and fix old Cadillacs  and realy liked it.  He tought me a lot about mechanics. Because, I was tought well, I know anything older will need work done on it.  I could look for new but my pocket-book is not full enough to allow that to happen, hence the other alternative.  There will be that special bargain that will come along and I will snap it up.  I have faith in the fact that miracles do happen.

I have been searching different buy and sell advertisers, looking for that one motor home that is not falling apart and still has a lot of life left in it. Some of the ones I believe to be a great deal are too far away to even go see them. Let a lone buy sight un seen. You have to really watch out who you are dealing with as there are an over abundance of scammers out there who take your money and run.  They operate every where we go and in every kind of business. They lie and cheat us for the money we make.  Like I said be careful. And when you go see that one special vehicle you desire, take someone who knows about whatever you are looking to buy. The bouncer at the bar down the street might be good for protection, but a mechanic would be a better person to take a long.  Who ever you take with you try to make sure they have knowledge on the product.

I have been on U-Tube watching all kinds of videos on new motor homes, and trailers. There are so many different kinds, with different configurations usually in the same model. They can make you almost salivate. When you look at the convenient options there are you can in vision yourself living in that for as long as you can. Then another one catches your eye, and your mind is changed. There are some with bunks for the children, king sized beds for the adults. There are beds you can hide away, or be camouflage to look like a sitting area, then it turns into a full queen sized bed by just flipping the wall down. Wow!  How times have changed, and it’s wild how many invention have come a long to help the trailer from moving when you walk around inside. Beds that come down from the ceiling and go back up out of sight at the push of a button.  Awnings that are also deployed at the push of a button.  All for the camper who leaves home with his home to go camping. 🙂  There vehicles to live in and travel the wide open spaces.

I have not gone camping for way too many years, and I miss it very much. I like being in touch with nature, the sounds of the birds, the chipmunks who come and take nuts from  campers. All creatures  that you would not find sitting in your back yard.  Feeling the warm sand between your toes while at the water’s edge. Catching the big fish from the waters after a full day of waiting, and going home with that big fish story to tell your friends.  Cooking outside on the fire you created, watching the smoke and embers raise high into the night sky. Watching everyone around the fire staring silently into the fire as if there was something dancing within in the heat.  Watching families as they let go of the city, and have fun as they did when they were children. There are no sounds of cel phones ring, no blaring T.V..  There children actually playing outside away from T.V running around, reading books in the sun, or playing a game with their parents.  Awe, the great out doors.

As we go a long with this story this week we will touch on finding renovations that make these vehicles into master pieces.  Some of the renovations cost a lot of money while others use reclaimed items for fewer dollars. No matter how much the cost may have been the results are amazing.  There are off grid restorations that have solar as power or battery banks that can run any appliance with an inverter add to the power bank.

Join me tomorrow as we look at renovations, and how they are done, and what the results are in the end.

Have yourselves a great week on spring break. Be very safe, and make sure you have everything with you if you are off on vacation.  🙂

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, and visitors who stop by take their shoes off , grab a cozy seat, and enjoy my story.  🙂   🙂

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