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bus 6.jpgSkoolie: which is a school bus that people change into a comfortable home on wheels.

The school bus is one of those things that most people would think wouldn’t make a good home. We are going to follow a young couple who renovated a school bus into their home.

Ginger and Rick had lived in an apartment for a few years. They wanted to have a place they could call home. But with the real estate market being so expensive it was making it very hard for young couples to afford a home. Rick had received a letter from an old friend who was going to be stopping by a campground close to the city. Devan wanted to hook up with Rick and Ginger at the campground, for a couple of beers, and a steak cooked over an open fire. Devan had enclosed the camp name and the site where they would be pitching a tent. He had also told Rick to come pretty early in the day and they could make a full day of their time together. Devon mentioned his new wife would be with him and that her name was Rebeca. He wanted Rick to meet her as well. Devon had included a cell number that he could call and let him know if they were coming. Rick needed to talk to Ginger once she returned from work.bus.pngOnce Ginger had arrived at home and when dinner was over Rick told her about the invitation from his friend Devon to meet him at the camp for a beer and a steak on Saturday. Rick continued to tell Ginger all about how they had not seen each other for years. He continued to tell Ginger all the things they did together and how they grew up together. Rick was really excited about meeting Devon after so many years. Ginger listened to Rick for about another hour and agreed that it would be great to go visit with him and his wife. Whenever Rick got a chance he would talk about all the great memories they had made together. Rick talked once about the two of them going fishing and how they caught catfish by sticking their arm in the water with a worm in their fingers. The catfish would swallow half their arm. The catfish would embed its teeth into the arm and make them bleed. Ginger thought that was a really weird way to catch fish. The only fishing Ginger had ever done was with a fishing pole and good old worms on a hook. Ginger with each story became more excited about meeting this fella Devon.

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Saturday had arrived and Ginger and Rick packed some beer, deviled eggs, small buns, and a desert. They brought a couple of jackets, lawn chairs, and a couple of blankets for around the campfire. It was a fair distance to the campground further than Rick had remembered. After going through the front gate of the park they had a map which would lead them to the site where Devon and Rebeca pitched their tent. Ginger was the navigator and tried to keep Rick on the right path. Rick was looking for a pitched tent and when they arrived at the site there was a big school bus painted sandy brown with a forest painted halfway down the bus. Rick was really puzzled until Devon came out the door of the bus. They pulled into the site and Rick got out first. The fellas did a handshake mixed with a chest bump. They looked like little boys and they were so excited to see each other. Ginger got out of the car and started to bring some of the things they brought to the bus. Rebeca came to the door and helped Ginger bring the things in from the car. Rebeca and Ginger introduced themselves and began to chat about the guys. They were content with letting the guys get better acquainted again. The ladies knew this visit would be a hoot with all the old-time stories. Rebeca showed Ginger her home on wheels and told her how they could not afford a house and found that renovating a bus was much cheaper than buying a house. This way they could travel, and never leave home. Ginger found that very intriguing. Rebeca had a photo book full of pictures that had been taken during their renovation. The book showed when they got the bus and followed them as they started to take out the seats and tearing up the old floor. Then put down the first insulation which is the foam, them covering that with the wool insulation. The framing of their outer walls was the next step. Silicone was used to seal the metal seams of the bus to make it waterproof. The pictures followed them as they brought in the wood for the walls, the fridge, stove, sink, and anything larger that needed to come in the back door. Foam insulation and a vapour barrier was put on to stop condensation from happening. A coating of tin insulation was added after the vapour barrier.

bus 4.jpgbus  5.jpg

Ginger looked at each page and each stage of the renovation. She asked Rebeca if she could take pictures of the photos and show Rick how the build went and how to do it. Ginger was getting excited with every page she turned. This was a way for Rick and her to get a home that they could live in and travel in. Rick would be excited once he got to see the inside of the bus. Rebeca and Ginger poured a glass of wine and went to join the fellas outside. Rick had been talking to Devon about the bus, and wanted to see the inside. Devon said he would show him later when they went into get the steaks. Rick and Devon sat around talking about what the guys had been through when they were younger. A lot of the stories were almost unbelievable, and very funny too. Dinner time was drawing closer as Rebeca and Ginger went inside to get things set up. Rick and Devon came in and Devon showed Rick the inside of the bus. Rick was blown away by the beauty and functionality of the layout.

bus3.jpg The bus was just what Rick and Ginger needed. There would definitely be a bus renovation in their future real soon. Devon said they would come help them with all the renovations if they liked. And how could Rick turn an offer like that down. The search for a school bus was on and before long Rick had found one with a Cummins engine that ran on diesel. It was the perfect fit for Ginger and Rick. Rick took the bus to the farm his mom and dad still lived on. His dad was a welder, and had a shop with the tools they would need to convert the bus to a home on wheels. It took about three months to finish with Rick and Devon working everyday on the bus. His dad did all the welding when it was needed, and he was right into the construction of Rick and Ginger’s home. Finally the day came when it was time to take the bus for its first drive down the byway. Rick’s mom and dad, Ginger, Rebeca, Devon all boarded the bus for the ride. The bus was a hit with the paint job that made  it stand out against the big rigs. It was time for Rick and Ginger to head down the road along side Devon and Rebeca’s bus. There was a great adventure a head of them and they were ready for the change.

Join me tomorrow as we follow another couple on their renovation adventure.

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