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Renovating a Motor Home

Redoing any place you are going to live, brings out a talent that you may have not known you had. As shown in the example above the before and after are very different. While before is dull and outdated. After shows a bright airy feeling of renewal.

Avery and Jody were like any young couple, starting out in life. They both worked hard at their jobs, paid their bills on time, and had a great active life. Camping was one of the activities they enjoyed along with jogging, hiking, bike riding and many other forms of activities they loved to do. For years they had lugged around all their camping equipment each time they spent a few days in the wild country. Avery was getting less and less fond of the setting up and then the tearing down of the camp. Jody didn’t seem to mind all the unpacking then packing up but she was finding that sleeping on the cold ground was bothering her kidneys. She had different avenues such as using a foam pad under the pad she was already sleeping on. Using a blanket folded in half place on top of the pad. Either the ground was getting colder of Jody was getting older. Jody had gone to see her doctor complaining of a sore back on the right side. Once test had been taken Jody was told she had a kidney infection and to keep her back warm. In other words no more sleeping on a cold ground. Once Avery got the news about the infection he was happy but sad that Jody was hurting so much. This would give him a reason to convince Jody they should get an old motor home and fix it up for them to sleep in. This way Jody would no longer have to sleep on the ground.

motor home 3.jpgJody was laying in bed resting as the doctor had told her to do. She had the medicine the doctor gave her and all it would take is a few days of rest for her to get better. Avery poked his head around the corner of the door way. “Hello beautiful.” He said. Jody asked him what he was doing, and laughed at him. “You do this every time you want something, what is it now.” She said. Avery came over to the bed bent over and gave her a kiss then sat down beside her. Avery began to speak, mentally telling himself to make it good Avery,this has to be good. Make sure  you say a lot of ‘for you honey’.  Avery began to talk about Jody and how she would not be able to be in a tent any more. The cold is too hard on you honey, and I would not want to see you sick like this again. You are in too much pain honey and I can see that is not a good thing for you honey. Jody sat there waiting for Avery to spit out what he wanted to say, but she just let him ramble on. Avery went on about the pain and how they had to find another way of camping that would be less harmful to his beautiful wife. Jody was intrigued by what Avery was trying to say. “Honey don’t you think we should look into an older motor home for us?” The words came out loud and clear, there was no mistake about what he said. motor home 2.jpgJody was as quiet as a mouse and sat there thinking about the idea of a motor home. “Avery.” She said. “I think you have a wonderful idea and I agree with you one hundred percent.” Avery’s face lit up like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Avery scurried out the door and came back with his lap top, and started to show Jody all the older motor homes he had seen on-line. “We have to have a limit to what we can spend to purchase the motor home with. “What would you think the limit should be Avery?” She asked. Avery sat and thought for what seemed forever then all of a sudden he spoke. “How about five thousand of under?” “That seems fair enough to me.” Jody said. “You can do the research then we can decide on the motor home. We will have to go see it and look through it before we buy it.” Avery was happy with the fact that they would be getting a motor home. He looked every day anda motor home just right for them came along. His buddy from work said, his brother wanted to sell his motor home. Avery booked an appointment to go see the motor that evening. Once Jody came home Avery told her to keep her shoes on as they had a motor home to take a look at. “What about dinner Avery, I’m starved?” Jody asked. “We  can do dinner first then be there by our appointment time.” Avery said.

motor home 4Arriving at the restaurant Avery and Jody ordered fish and chips, which were extremely delicious. The drive over to see the motor home was maybe fifteen minutes. Jody was excited as soon as she saw the motor home in the driveway. The motor home was an off white with a spring scene on the back right corner. It looked like it had been well taken care of, and was very clean inside. Roger, Alf’s brother was waiting for them to come to the motor home. “Hello, Alf said you would be coming, and that you are very interested in our motor home.” Roger said. “Come on inside and I will show you around.” Jody and Avery stepped inside the motor home. Jody turned to Avery and said. “This is the one.” Roger pointed out all the operations, rooms, and electronics of the motor home. He told them that the mattress in the back was a new one last year and had only been slept on maybe five times. Roger pointed out that there was still a manual that came with the motor home. Avery and Jody liked that part, and the mileage was very low. Avery told Roger that they would take the motor home, and wrote a cheque on the spot. The next day Avery had it plated and in their drive way. He was so proud of his find, and Jody knew he was, and she was proud of him for finding such a great deal. If a person didn’t know the motor homes age they would have thought it was brand new.

motor home 1.jpgAvery really didn’t have to do a lot with the outside other than wash it, and put some fresh silicone on the seams of the roof. With the inside they did paint the cupboards, and take the carpet out, they installed a new floor where the carpet was, and painted the bedroom cabinets as well. The new bone white paint made the place look sunny and bright. They removed the sofa and installed a leather couch. They covered the front seats with fake leather covers, and added new floor mats. There would be other things that would be up date but both of them were very happy with their old/new motor home. Jody and Avery had many happy trips in their motor home.

Join me tomorrow as we follow a fella with big dreams about his future, and finding a trailer to renovate and make his own.

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