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trailor.jpg     We renovate to add our flair to the inside and the outside.

Renovation is a way to express yourself, a way for your property to stand out from others. Tyler Adams as a young child had always wanted to have his own trailer, and travel as much of the world as he could. His dream at such a young age would have made people just brush it off as an over active imagination.

Tyler’s mom would always ask him where he go once he had his trailer, and pick up truck. Tyler would pull out an old map he had found in a box in the garage. He would run his finger along the line of the roads, and follow them into a mountain area or beside a vast body of water. Mom would ask him what he would do once he got there. Tyler would have a tale to tell of fishing, swimming, hiking to the top of the mountains. He told her of big monsters that he caught on his fishing line, and how he would throw them back into the lake so they would live, and not die. Tyler told stories about having peanut butter and jam sandwiches with big foot, and having a snow ball fight with the abominable snowman. Tyler had quite an imagination and would tell so pretty scary stories of his adventures. Mom would always laugh with him and ask if she could go with him one of the times he travelled. As Tyler grew he started to write his stories in a book as mom was not always there to tell his stories to. His mother had been ill for quite a long time and was taken to hospital to have tests done to determine what was causing her to feel so ill. Tyler would take the bus to the hospital after school and sit with his mom and read from his book of stories. Tyler’s father knew each where he was going, and he would come to visit his wife, and take Tyler home with him later in the evening. Joe, Tyler’s dad knew how close Tyler and his mom were, and he didn’t want Tyler to miss out on anytime with her.


While Tyler’s mom was in the hospital they found a fair size lump in his mom’s stomach, and would be operating to remove the lump. On the day of the operation Tyler was there waiting in the waiting room with his dad. It had been a couple of hours since his mom went into surgery and Tyler was getting worried. He kept asking “how much longer dad?” Joe would tell him it would only be a little longer. Tyler would sit next to his dad and write a story with his mom traveling with him. The doctor finally came out of the operating room and said she was doing well and that they would be able to see her once she woke up. Tyler and his dad both let out a sigh of relief, just knowing she was going to be okay. A pretty nurse came out and told them that they could go in and see her as she was awake. Tyler and Joe followed the nurse past rows of beds with patients laying in them. Tyler got to speak with mom and kiss her on the cheek. She would be sent back to her room, in an hour and a half, and if they wanted they could go get a bite to eat then come back and see her once she was in her room.

t 4.jpgMom came home from the hospital a week later, and Tyler was right there taking good care of her. As time passed by Tyler grew to a man with a job and didn’t have as much time to spend with his mom but when he had time he was there with her. Tyler had been looking over some trailers and would ask his mom which one she liked best. Mom picked out a white trailer with a gold coloured strip going along each side of the trailer from the front to the back. It was a well-built trailer and the owner had taken good care of the inside and the outside. Tyler bought the trailer, and brought it home and set it in the driveway. Dad thought Tyler had found a steal, and mom fell in love with the trailer. Tyler took the trailer to a paint bay and his buddy Forest helped him with the painting. The trailer was mid-night blue on the top and the same on the bottom with white in the centre. Foster was good at writing fancy signs so he wrote the words, ‘Ella Louise’ (which was his mom’s name) in the right and left back corners of the side panels of the trailer. Foster kept it simple, and uncluttered, and it looked so beautiful.

t 5.jpg

Tyler backed the trailer into the driveway and went to get his mom from the house. He was so excited to have her come and look at the paint job. He held her hand as they made their way to the trailer, and his mom seen her name on the side she started to cry.  Tyler asked her if she was okay and she replied. “It’s so beautiful Tyler.”  “This way mom you can always be with me no matter where I travel.” Tyler said. “Let’s go sit inside for a little while I want to run some renovations I want to do and see what you think. Inside Tyler talked about painting the cupboards, replacing the carpets, and the sofa had to go. The cushions in the dinette would be recovered and the curtains would be the kind you could see out and no one could see in. In the bedroom he wanted the same style of curtain, but double panels sown together to help with the heat or cool temperatures. His mom felt that all the renovations would be great and would make the trailer comfortable for anyone including his mom. Tyler spent a lot of evenings after work working on his trailer. The carpet was the first thing to leave the trailer, and the painting started. He picked out the palest blue he could get, and used that in the bedroom. He picked an off white for the cupboards, and a light grey for the door fronts and drawer fronts of the cupboards. The carpets would be a light blue in the bedroom, and a pale grey in the livingroom area. The kitchen floor was covered with barn board then sealed, to make a protective coating. The sofa had taken a trip to the dump along with the carpet and any other junk. The sofa was replaced with a black leather one, and the curtains were a pale colour of grey to match the cupboards and the carpet. Tyler placed two wooly throws one on each end of the sofa then he added a couple of red pillows and one grey and two in white with a black leather strip. The dinette cushions were black leather like the sofa. 

t 3

Tyler was proud of the trailer renovations he had done, and wanted his mom to see the inside of the trailer. Once in the house he helped his mother make her way to the trailer, and helped her inside to sit on the sofa. Her face was one of surprise, she was over taken by the beauty and colour blending her son had done. “You sure made this trailer look beyond beautiful.” “I love everything about this home of yours.” She said, as she stood to hug him tightly. “Hey mom, would you and dad like to go camping this weekend with me so we can try the trailer out?” Tyler asked. “That would be a lot of fun and you must ask your dad to go with us.” She said to him. Dad said yes and Tyler proudly took his mom and dad on a camping weekend. They really loved the break from the house, and the stress of city living. Before Tyler left on his first trip he took his parents on may more camping trips into the outdoors with nature.

t 1.pngYes, Tyler did travel to places far and near. He wrote down stories of his travels and eventually sold them to a publishing company for a handsome sum of money. Now he is free to travel as much as he wishes. He took his mom on one of his trips to the mountains, and she loved every mile they traveled together. 

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