Sonya Roche’s world (10)

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Vinnie had explained to George that Liz’s health was weakening. Her kidney was giving up and all the medication the doctors were trying weren’t having an effect. The surgery would have to be done and very soon.

The time had come for Sonya and George to go visit the donor clinic. It was important that they paid close attention to what the doctor had to say. George took a notebook with him so he could write down the things that need to be done right away. It was important. Sonya was a little nervous but she did not quite know why. She had already seen the doctor a few days back and had asked questions then. Maybe she just had butterflies floating around in her stomach. Or maybe it was the huge pizza with hot sauce that she and George ate late last night. Whatever it was it made her stomach feel like crap. It was time to leave or they would be late. Once at the donor clinic Sonya and George were led to the office of Doctor Rutherford, and were told that he would be with them shortly. George and Sonya talked about the questions they had to ask. The doctor entered the door and said hello, as George stood to shake his hand. “Hello again.” Sonya said as she introduced her fiance’ George. Everyone sat down in their chairs and George began by asking. “Will Sonya need a stock up of blood for this surgery?”  “Yes, in fact it would best for Sonya to go give blood today once we are done here.” The doctor said. The questions and answers went on for nearly an hour. While they were finishing up the doctors phone rang and he answered it. He asked if Sonya and George could stay there and he would be right back.

In the office Sonya  and George looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. In a matter of no time the doctor returned with bad good news. He was not smiling anymore and he looked a little on the sad side. “Is everything okay Doctor Rutherford?”  Sonya asked. The doctor looked at her with a serious look on his face. “It’s about Liz.” And before he could finish his sentence Sonya blurted out. “Is she okay? Well, is she….” Sonya was getting more worried with every second that passed. “Is she okay?”  She asked again. There were tears welling up in her eyes as she spoke. George stood and hugged her as she cried on his shoulder. She was sobbing loudly when the doctor spoke. “Are you serious about giving Liz your kidney?” He asked Sonya. “I would give any part of me to save her life.” Sonya answered back. “It looks like we will be operating in the next couple hours. They are getting Liz prepped for  surgery as we speak.” He told them. “Sonya go home and get a bag packed and head to the hospital, and bring George with you.” The doctor said. Sonya and George hurried their way to the car and headed to Sonya’s place. Sonya threw a bag together, and held George tight, and kissed him long and slow. George held Sonya close and whispered in her ear. “It will be fine honey and I will be there waiting for you when you come out of the operating room.” “Don’t you worry beautiful, I love you Sonya.” George said. Sonya said she loved George with all her heart and soul.

Once at the hospital they made their way to the information desk to ask where they would go to be a donor for an operation which would be taking place very soon. The nice lady on the desk gave a call to the donor department, and a nurse came to the desk to get them. Sonya and George were led down a long hall way that had beds on each sides of the walls. Sonya was asked to change into a gown and come sit in the waiting room  and wait for the nurse. George sat in the room, and who would be there, Vinnie he was pacing back and forth on the floor. George gave him a big hug and Vinnie broke out in tears. “She just passed out, I didn’t know what to do then they took her and told me to stay here and wait.” Vinnie said as he feared the worst. George told him Sonya was here now and everything would be okay. At that very moment Sonya walked into the room, all dressed in her hospital digs. Vinnie grabbed her and hugged her tightly. “I’m so happy you are here, they took her, and told me to wait here.” He said. The nurse came and told Sonya it was time to work some magic. George gave Sonya a big kiss on the lips, and told her he would be here waiting for her return. Vinnie hugged Sonya, and then the nurse took Sonya to the large doors at the end of the hall. Sonya could hear George yelling out “I love you Sonya.” And before the door opened George could hear Sonya say. “I love you George.. as she blew him a kiss.” Sonya entered the operating room and the doors closed behind her.

There in the same room was Liz, she laid on a stretcher, and Sonya whispered in her ear to let her know she was here and to hold on. “love you Liz.” She said as she was led to another stretcher. The nurses helped  Sonya up on the stretcher and began hooking her up to wires. Another nurse put an  into her arm and her arm was strapped to a board. Sonya was greeted by the anaesthesiologist as she was covered with a warm blanket that made her skin shiver just a little bit as the heat of the blanket eliminated the cold of the room. “Hi there Sonya I am the fella that is going to put you to sleep. The nurse place a mask over Sonya’s face and before she could say ‘one’ Sonya was asleep. The operation took several hours, as the fellas waited to hear from the doctor. George and Vinnie were told by the nurse to go get something to eat as the operation would take a few hours more. George and Vinnie headed down to the local coffee shop and had a sandwich and a coffee. Vinnie and George talked about the ladies they loved and needed in their lives. Vinnie and George had grown much closer through the events that led them to this day. Who would have ever imagined that their lives would be intertwined as they are today. It almost felt that there was a higher power pushing them together. A bond between the girls was happening that would make them more like sisters than just friends. There had been a lot of changes in the lives of these two couples, and think it all started with Vinnie tried to strong-arm Sonya. Vinnie had changed into a different man. George had found the lady of his dreams, and was engaged. Sonya found her knight in shining armor, and was engaged, and she was a donor for her new-found friend Liz. Liz, well Liz had suffered a medical condition she had not even known about. If not for what had happened Liz would have likely not been alive today. It would seem they were all destined to be together.

Back at the hospital the operation was over, and both ladies were doing well. Liz’s body was excepting the kidney from Sonya. Sonya was doing well and was in recovery. She had done very well and her kidney was perfect. George and Vinnie were informed by the doctor that the ladies were in recovery, and when they woke they could come to see them. The nurse would come and get them when it was time. George and Vinnie were elated, and happy when they heard the news. It was not very long before the girls woke from their induced sleep. George was the first to see Sonya, and in a matter of twenty minutes Vinnie was holding Liz’s hand and kissing her softly on the cheek. You could see the great fulness on the faces of George, and Vinnie. Weeks later Liz was on her feet and ready to leave the hospital. Sonya was healed and back to her normal self. George and Sonya had move in together, and were preparing for thier wedding. Vinnie and Liz had a bond that made them closer than they had ever been in thier ten-year marriage.

With the wedding only a couple of weeks away Sonya and Liz were out getting the last two arrangements made for the wedding. Liz was so happy that she was going to be right beside her sister on her wedding day. The wedding was planned in a flower garden in the park. It was such a pretty place with all the flowers in full bloom. The wedding would be a beautiful memory that would be remembered by many.

It would seem that all things do work out in the end.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great start to a new month. Time passes by so fast, and now we are in March which means spring will be here before we know it. Be safe on the byways, and always say I love you to your loved ones. 

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