Sonya Roche’s world (2)

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Sonya had helped Zoe with the gash on the back of her head. She stayed by Zoe’s side till the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital. Sonya had a good heart, and treated people with kindness and respect.

Sonya and friends had a great day at the beach. After the excitement had died down Sonya and her group of friends headed to the pizza place. After consuming several pizza pies the friends started to talk about what they would do on their next day off. George, a friend who was quite sweet on Sonya, said I think a beach day would be a good thing to do again. After all the warm weather won’t last forever. Sonya added, and we won’t make such a big splash next time. Or better yet we can make sure there are no couples, children or old couples near. Everyone started to laugh and the conversation turned to the anger on Vinnie’s face. The fire in his eyes really freaked a lot of the group. Then Tina said. “I thought Sonya was going to eat him at any moment.” Vinnie sure was crazy to go after Sonya, but in the end all worked out just fine. Sonya suggested that a visit to the hospital to see how Zoe was making out would be a good thing. Everyone wanted to head home with the exception of George and Sonya. Everyone said see ya later, and the group split in different directions.

Sonya and George arrived at George’s car and made their way to the hospital. Once the car was parked at the hospital Sonya and George entered the emergency area. There in the chair next to the book shelf was Vinnie. Vinnie recognized Sonya and was on his feet headed over to her. George stepped in front of Sonya to protect her from the devil inside Vinnie. Sonya whispered in his ear and George stepped aside. Sonya looked at him with her beautiful eyes that seemed to be smiling at him. George became a puddle of goo right away and stood there with drool dripping down one corner of his mouth. George was hopelessly in love with Sonya even though he had never told her. Sonya had a slight indication that he liked her but he had never said anything to her. She thought of herself as a handsome girl, and figured no boy would ever like her that way. Sonya would find out in time, about how much George really loved her.

Vinnie was actually happy to see Sonya and George. Vinnie filled them both in on how Zoe was doing, and let them know that Zoe would be staying in the hospital for the next couple days for observation. Vinnie was waiting till Zoe was in a room before he went home. ‘Would you like to come see Zoe?’ Vinnie asked with a lot of enthusiasm in his voice. Of course we would love to see her. Vinnie took Sonya and George down a long hall way and through a door into a room that had four beds in it. Over near the window was Zoe reading a magazine she had found on the table next to the bed. Once Vinnie reached the bed Zoe looked up to see Sonya and her friend George coming closer. Zoe sat up on the side of the bed and held her arms out to hug Sonya. Sonya wrapped her arms around Zoe and gave her a big squeeze, not a hard squeeze but a nice gentle soft hug. Zoe liked the way Sonya hugged it made her feel warm and happy. Sonya was an incredible lady with a heart of gold. Zoe sat talking with Sonya, George and her husband Vinnie until the intercom announced that it was time for visitors to leave. Sonya hugged Zoe and told her she would drop by to visit her tomorrow. Zoe chuckled as she said, ‘looks like I will be here for sure.’

Sonya waved as she disappeared around the door way to the room. Sonya had to work the next day and had plans to take a burger up to the hospital for her new friend Zoe. Sonya slept well that night, and woke quite early in the morning. She had to go into work early to do prep work for the day. The burger store opened at eleven thirty and there was a lot to do. George came in early too and helped with the prep work. In no time at all the work was done and there was time for her and George to sit and talk. George loved just spending time with Sonya it did not matter what they had to do just as long as he was with her. George wanted to tell Sonya how he felt but he was afraid she would turn him down. George had plans to ask Sonya out on Valentines day, and then he would ask her to be his lady. His heart would be broken if she turned him down and I guess that is why he was so afraid to tell her.

Time had come to open the store, and the crowds didn’t take too long to show up. The rest of the day shift was very busy with a lot of customers that Sonya had known for a longtime. Sonya took orders, and joked with the customers who laughed and felt like family. It was nearing the end of the shift for Sonya, and she turned her counter over to Millie the lady that always took over from her. Sonya asked for a burger to go with all the condiments on the side. George asked if she was going to see Zoe, and Sonya smiled and said, ‘I am.’ Well say hi to her from me, and here are the keys to my car. This way you can slip by and pick me up later. ‘Thanks.’ Sonya said and disappeared out the door.

Sonya was on her way to see Zoe with a treat that would help her forget the bad taste of hospital food.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Sonya as she breezes through her life always wearing a big smile.

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