Sonya Roche’s world (3)

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Sonya had become someone Zoe called friend. Vinnie had tamed down his anger and excepted Sonya and her friends. Zoe was in for a treat when Sonya came to visit her at the end of the day. 

Zoe held her burger close to her lips. The smell from the burger was making her stomach growl, loud enough for Sonya to hear it. Sonya said. “Try a bite, come on, it will make you forget all about the hospital food.” Zoe opened her mouth and took a bite. Her eyes closed as her mind recorded everything her taste buds sensed. Sonya could tell Zoe was doing the same as many of the customers did when they ate a burger from the burger place. Vinnie was watching Zoe closely, and Sonya could almost see some drool running down his chin. Vinnie was almost trying to feel what Zoe was experiencing. Zoe began to chew the food in her mouth as her mouth distorted into a smile while she chewed. As she swallowed a loud, ‘Oh my God’ came from her lips. Zoe was hooked and when she spoke about the taste Vinnie was hooked as well and wanted a burger, or at least a bite for the time being. Sonya just smiled and said. “That sure beats hospital food!” “Right!” “Yes it does. It’s superior to any food I’ve ever had.”  Zoe said. Vinnie bit off a big bite of Zoe’s burger and started to close his eyes, as he enjoyed the dance his taste buds did in his mouth. Sonya and Zoe were giggling at Vinnie as he hugged himself. Vinnie opened his startled by the ladies reactions. “You hugged yourself.” Zoe said to Vinnie. “Yes I did, I had to keep all those good feelings from running away.” Vinnie said as he hugged his wife.

Time had passed really fast during Sonya’s visit with Zoe. The bell for visitors rang and a nice lady said that all visitors must leave. Sonya gave Zoe, and Vinnie a big hug and said she would call tomorrow, and if Zoe was still there she would come up to visit. Sonya waved one last time as she left the room. As Sonya was walking down the hall when an older lady came up to her and asked if she could help her. The lady had dropped her cane, and was unable to pick it up. There was no one there to help her so Sonya did. The lady was so grateful and asked what Sonya’s name was.  “I’m Sonya.” She told the lady The lady said. “I’m Dorothy, and I want to thank you Sonya for helping me out.”  “You are such a nice young lady.” Dorothy said as she shook Sonya’s hand. Sonya helped Dorothy back to her bed and gave her a hug. Sonya started to head down the hall again, when she heard Vinnie’s voice behind her. “Wait up Sonya.” He yelled out. Sonya turned around and stood waiting for Vinnie to catch up. “Hey Vinnie, what’s up?”  Sonya asked. “I just wanted to get your phone number just incase Zoe gets released tomorrow.”  Vinnie explained.  “There is a possibility she may get out in the morning.” Sonya gave him her number, and said. “I will be waiting for her call.” “I have to go and pick George up at work, I have his car, so I have to go.” Sonya said as she hugged Vinnie one last time.

George was waiting for Sonya when she arrived at work. “Hi there beautiful!” George said as he sat in the passenger’s side of the car. “I need to ask you something Sonya?” George said, as a sharp pain of fear stabbed his stomach. “Yes George ask away.” Sonya said. George was trying to be brave beyond brave even though his hands were shaking. “Sonya I would like to ask you out on Valentines Day for dinner with me!” There the question was asked and George was already starting to die inside. He watched her face as her smile disappeared. George was about to cry, when Sonya put on a huge smile and said. “I will for darn sure, love to go to dinner with you George!!!”  Sonya said as she gave him a peck on the cheek.  George was smiling a big smile so big that his face started to hurt. He could not believe Sonya said the word ‘Yes.’

George had his date with the lady of his dreams and was walking on a cloud. “Let’s go for a coffee.” Sonya said. At the coffee shop George told Sonya that he would pick her up saturday at seven o’clock. Sonya smiled as her cheeks turned bright red. George talked about the night at work and how it was so busy. Sonya filled in on Zoe and the fact that she maybe going home tomorrow. George was happy to hear she was going to be going home. George and Sonya left the coffee shop and made the short walk to the car. As they walked and talked Sonya held George’s hand. George gave her hand a squeeze, and walked a foot taller than he really was, he was walking on cloud nine. George knew then that Sonya felt the same about him and Saturday would be less stressful.

A new relationship was beginning to blossom, and both parties seemed to be more than just fine with the event.

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