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Holding hands with George was something Sonya had thought would never have happened. An invitation to a Valentines Dinner was a first as well. 

Sonya had secretly liked George since the day she had met him. George was strong, handsome, had great blonde curly hair, broad chest and large muscular arms. He wasn’t overly tall but that didn’t matter to Sonya.  She had kept her feelings hid for a longtime. This dinner would be the perfect time to show George how much she really loved him.  It would seem to me that this Saturday would be the opening of a new chapter in Sonya and George’s lives. Sonya was trying to figure out what to wear to dinner. She had not said any thing to any of her friends about the date because she didn’t want to jinks her date. Sonya sat on the side of her bed looking at the clothing in her closet.  Sonya stood up and walked closer to the closet  and began to pull out different dress and laying them on the bed. With each dress she held it in front of her and stared at her reflection in  the mirror. Her hair looked as if she had been in a wind storm, and she had no makeup on so she really had to imagine what she would look like in the dresses. It took Sonya hours, and at the end of that time she finally chose a dress.

The dress was off the shoulder with a sweetheart neck line, a small rim of sequence adorned the push up style. The dress hugged her body showing off her small waist and her larger hips. The dress cascaded from the bottom of her thighs, and when Sonya twirled the fabric moved like waves on the ocean. Sequences circled around her thighs, and her smaller waist. Sonya was dancing with the dress she had picked out. It was like she was in a dream. The music played on as she felt the touch of her knight in shining armour. Sonya stopped in mid track and smiled as she stared in the mirror. She reached down into her closet, and brought out a pair of red pumps that had tiny diamonds around the toe of each shoe.  This was the out fit she wanted to wear the night of her dinner date.

The phone rang and Sonya answered and on the other end was George. “How are you doing beautiful?” He asked. Sonya’s face was red and she felt somewhat shy at that moment. “I’m good, and how are you doing?” She said in a soft voice. “How about a quick visit to the hospital to visit Zoe and Vinnie?” George asked. “Yes, I forgot all about that.” “Thanks for reminding me.”  Sonya said. “I’ll be there to pick you up in twenty-five minutes.” George said. “Okay I will be ready.” And with those words Sonya through on her jeans, a clean sweater, and quickly tied up her hair. She put on some light make up and waited to hear the knock at the door. George was on his way to pick her up. What a great guy he was, and she finally realized how much she loved him. He was so kind, and there was nothing fake about him.

The doorbell rang and when Sonya opened the door George was there waiting for her. He helped her into the car then they were off to visit with their new-found friends. George had two burgers in the car for the couple. This way Vinnie was not left out this time. George parked the car as Sonya waited at the entrance for him. Traveling up in the elevator George, and Sonya stood side by side holding hands. Down the hall way they walked to Zoe’s room. There she was laying in the bed, and there was Vinnie beside her. As soon as Zoe seen Sonya she sat up in bed and waited for her hug.  Vinnie was on his feet standing beside George and shaking his hand. They were both in conversation when Sonya pulled the bag with the burgers in them. “George made you both a burger.” “Enjoy.” Vinnie was so happy as he gulped down his burger, and Zoe was eating hers and loving each bite. Sonya and George could see the delight on their faces.

The burgers were a hit again, and this time George got to see the reaction on their faces. It made George feel good to see them both happy. Sonya asked Zoe why she was still in te hospital, and why didn’t they let her go home today. Zoe began to speak as a tear slid down her cheek. Sonya put her arm around Zoe, and listened to heer sad voice as she spoke. “It would seem that the doctors found out while doing regular testing that my kidneys are not working so great. They are doing more tests over the next week and I will be here till they find out what is going on. Zoe was visibly up set and so was Vinnie. The darn bell rang and the message to leave the hospital rang loudly in their ears. Sonya held Zoe in a gentle hug for quite a while and told her everything would be okay and if it wasn’t she would be the first person to give her a kidney. Zoe gave Sonya a light kiss on her cheek. “We will wait and see what happens my best friend.”  “I love you.” Sonya told her she loved her too and hugged her tightly as George headed for thew door. “Love you girlfriend.” Sonya said as she waved chow.

Just when you think all things are going to be okay. George and Sonya were worried about Zoe, and talked all about her all the way home.

Join me tomorrow to see how things go for Sonya’s new girlfriend Zoe.

Take good care of those you love, keep them safe and have fun everyday. 🙂

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