Sonya Roche’s world (5)

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Sonya had received the unsettling news about her new-found friend Zoe. Sonya promised to be there to give her a kidney if she needed one. Sonya was a lady who would lay down her life for anyone.

Sonya spent most of her sleepless hours thinking about Zoe, and her medical problem. Sonya had made a promise to give Zoe one of her kidneys if she was in trouble. A promise from Sonya was like money in the bank. And when Sonya committed to something she followed through to the end. Sonya committed with all of her heart and I believe her and George were cut from the same cloth. Sonya got a few restless hours of sleep, and wanted to talk to George about getting tested as a match to Zoe. George was up and just about to go out and finalize all the arrangements for their dinner on Saturday. His phone rang. “Hello!” He said. “Hello George! I was wondering if we could meet for a coffee?” Sonya asked. “Of course beautiful, I’ll be there to pick you up in an hour.” “Great!!” Sonya said.  George was on a mission to get the final preparations done for Saturday, and then he would pick Sonya up at her place. George had to get moving as the restaurant they were going to was five miles away so he needed to get out of the house, right now. The door slammed behind him as he made his way to his car.

George made it to the restaurant in less time than he thought it would take. He slipped inside and gave the owner a roll of cash and was guaranteed that everything would be as he planned. George had planned for a string band to be playing while they were there. A four course meal, champagne, chocolate strawberries, and room to dance with his lady. George was going all out for Sonya, after all she was his dream come true. He had vowed to himself that he would never stop courting Sonya for the rest of her life. He ment that and never understood why some men thought they could just give that part of romance up. It was stupid on their part, and when it came down to it these guys would complain about the way their marriage was going. Stupid twits, and then they would look outside their marriage for someone else. George had no sympathy for those type of men, as far as he was concerned they were idiots, and he had no time for them. George was not that type of guy, he loved forever and had been looking for a long time for Sonya.

Sonya was waiting for George to show up and go for coffee. She did not know if George had heard her and Zoe when they were talking. Vinnie was talking to him at the time about the burgers from the burger place, and where it was located. The door bell rang and behind the door was George waiting for her to answer. Sonya ran from the bathroom stopped fluffed herself up, and smoothed down her jeans, composed herself put on a smile and opened the door. “Hi there handsome, ready to go.” Sonya said. George took Sonya’s hand and walked her to the car and opened the door for her. Sonya slipped into the seat that fit like a glove when she sat in it. It was like George had installed it just for her. “Have you had lunch yet?” George asked. “No, and I’m starved.” Sonya answered. “Well let’s go get something to eat then.” George said. George drove to a cute little dinner that looked like the nineteen fifties style. George parked the car and opened Sonya’s door, and held her hand as she stepped out of the car. He held her hand as they entered the dinner. The place was beautiful. George led Sonya to a booth at the far end of the diner where they could see the whole place.

Sonya wasted no time asking George what he thought about donating a kidney to Zoe. George thought it was a wonderful idea, and mentioned how he would get checked as a match as well. They both decided at the end of lunch they would head to the hospital and find out what had to be done to get checked to be a donor. Lunch consisted of fish and chips and was it very tastie. Sonya suggested coming back again and maybe bring Zoe and Vinnie when Zoe got out of the hospital. While Sonya and George were at the hospital they made a surprise visit to Zoe’s room. Zoe was sleeping in bed and they did not want to wake her. She went through a lot of tests all morning and was very tired. George and Sonya headed to the information station to ask what they would have to do to get tested to give a kidney. The lady at the counter was very helpful and showed them to a room where they were talked to, and given forms to fill out, and return to the hospital when they were filled in. They had to go get blood and urine tests, and then they would be called and given an appointment to see a hospital doctor. George and Sonya thanked the wonderful lady and went out to the car.

George asked if she would like to stop by his place and work on the forms, after their blood tests were done. Sonya thought that was a great idea.

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