Sonya Roche’s world (6)


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Sonya wanted nothing more than to save her friend’s life. She had done all the things that the doctors had asked, and she was waiting for that one call that would change her world and her friends world forever. 

George and Sonya had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for their dinner date which was tomorrow. It was Friday and burger place was packed. Sonya and George were standing side by side as they served the customers with big smiles. They had both switched shifts so that their Saturday would be free, and they would have the day to get ready for their date. Sonya had set up a hair appointment for early Saturday morning. She had set at least an hour and a half for the hair stylist to do her job. Sonya knew it took a longtime for her to make her hair behave so she made sure she gave the hair lady a lot of extra time. Sonya also had a pedicure at one thirty, then some lady was going to professionally do her make up. She would definitely be stunning when George arrived to pick her up at five o’clock.

George would be busy on Saturday as well. He had a hair appointment  and a shave by at the barber shop. George wanted to look his very best for his date, he had even bought a new suit. That was something he had never ever thought of doing.  After all he wanted to impress Sonya tomorrow night. He had gone to a jewelery store and purchased a very pretty ring. It had a large ruby surrounded by diamonds, after all he was going to ask  Sonya to be his lady.  He had set up a lot of wonderful things that would happen at dinner, and Sonya was going to be blown away by their night out.  George had even hired a person to take photographs of them through out the night, and one photo that was super important was George asking the question to Sonya. George was really nervous, he butter flies in his stomach. He wished his mom and dad could have seen this day happen. But he knew in his heart they would be watching him and Sonya from heaven. George had lost his parents when he was only eighteen, and he worked hard to take care of himself, as he was an only child.

On Friday night Sonya and George went to the hospital to visit Liz and Vinnie. George had picked up quite a few items for valentines for Liz. Sonya had sent a dozen pink roses to Liz’s room, and a card that said how much she loved her. Liz was so happy when Sonya and George entered her room. Vinnie was right beside her holding her hand as they watched something on T.V. “Hello Liz!” George said as he took a bag of goodies over to Liz’s bedside. George gave Liz a soft squishy hug, and asked how she was feeling. Vinnie gave Sonya a big hug, and thanked her for the roses she had sent Liz, and told her how happy she was when they arrived. Vinnie, and George took a walk down the hall way and talked about how Liz really was doing.  Sonya gave Liz her very best longest hug and kissed her on the cheek. “Love you Lizzie.” Sonya said. Liz hugged Sonya as hard as she could, and told her she loved her too. Sonya sat in the chair beside the bed, and told Liz how George was taking her out for valentines dinner, and how excited she was, so excited that she wanted to scream. Liz was so happy for Sonya, and smiled and clapped her hands. “Yes!” Liz said.

Liz and Sonya looked through the bag of goodies George had brought for Liz. The bag had a beautiful card that said get well soon. A bag of little heart candies, a pair of red slippers, and a beautiful red house coat with white hearts a long the bottom of the coat. Ther was a pair of cozy warm pajamas, three puzzle books, pens, and even a coloring book to keep her mind off what was going on in her body right now. He had put a business card with the number of the burger place on it, just incase she wanted a burger. Liz was so darn happy, and really excited. Sonya was happy just knowing that she had such a wonderful nice guy in her life. He was a keeper and she would keep him for the rest of her life. Liz was starting to look pretty tired, and laid back in the bed. The fellas came into the room and talked with the ladies for only a few minutes. Liz needed to rest and Sonya and George would have to leave and let her get her rest. Sonya and George hugged both Vinnie and Liz and waved as the left the room.

George filled Sonya  in on what him and Vinnie were talking about. Vinnie had said that one of Liz’s kidneys had actually stopped working, and the other kidney was doing so good so far. The kidney was holding its own with the help of medication. Liz would eventually have to have the dead kidney removed, but that would have to be in the future. The doctors wanted to watch the other kidney and with hopes she would not need a transplant. Only time would tell if she was out of the woods or not. Liz was getting weaker, and tired out faster than usual, and that wasn’t the best sign to see. The doctors were diligent in keeping a close eye on Liz all the time. Liz had doctors coming to check up on her at least four times a day. Sonya and George both felt sad for what was happening to Vinnie and Liz. They had gone to the church a couple of times and would ask for Liz to pull through the problems she was having with her body. Sonya, and George had promised each other that they would call or go to the hospital the day after Valentines Day. They were curious as to the status of their tests, and if they were matches for Liz. It was getting later and Sonya asked George if he would join her for a coffee at her place, and George though that was a great idea. They watched a movie, talked, drank coffee, and then George had to go home and get some sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Join me tomorrow as we experience the Valentines Day dinner.

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