Sonya Roche’s world (7)

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Sonya and Georges visit to the hospital to visit Liz was very revealing as far as Liz’s health was concerned. The doctors where hoping that with medication Liz would have a better chance of keeping her remaining kidney. George and Sonya were going to the church every other day asking God to heal Liz.

It was date night, and George decided to sleep in till nine o’clock. He had already taken care of all the fine arrangements for his dinner with Sonya. He didn’t have to be at his barber appointment till eleven. George knew that Sonya would be a very busy lady today, so he had most of the day to himself. He cleaned his place, and put clean sheets on his bed, and made sure his bathroom was really clean. After all George really had no idea on how the night would end. But he sure was hoping things would turn out as he had planned. He did not just like Sonya he loved her, and the way she had been acting towards him, left him with the feeling that she felt the same. As George made his way around the house his alarm went off. He had set the alarm to go off a half hour before the time of his appointment. And it was time for him to tidy himself up and get out the door or he would be late. George grabbed his keys and he was off.

Sonya had been in the hair stylist’s chair for longer than she had expected, and she was becoming a little annoyed. She had put a time limit on this part of her day, and this was messing her schedule up. The lady was working on a beautiful up sweep style, and so far the results looked promising. Sonya had brought along a few forget me nots to have placed in her hair. Her hair was going to look so beautiful at least that is what the girl kept telling her. Finally the hair stylist showed Sonya her hair. Sonya could not speak she could not believe how beautiful her hair turned out. Sonya scanned each tiny flower in her hair. The way her hair curved and waved around her head, and ended up in an up sweep that only a princess would wear. Sonya had a tear running down her cheek as she told the girl how beautiful her hair was. “Thank You, I look like a princess.”  “You made me beautiful. ” Sonya said. “You are beautiful, I just found out how to tame your hair.” “I will give you some of this product to try for yourself, and if you need more let me know.” “You enjoy your date.” The hair dresser said, as Sonya wiped away her tears. Sonya could not help but look in every window she passed. Her reflection almost seemed like someone she didn’t know. She was even a little afraid that George would not like the new lady in the reflection.

Sonya sat down in a comfortable chair to have her feet and toe nails done first. The hot water felt so good, and the scraping of the foot tickled a little bit, but not bad enough for Sonya to say stop. Sonya could not believe how good her feet felt, and promised herself that she would pamper herself with a foot treatment at least once a month. Sonya sat to have her nails done. She wanted them long but not too long. Sonya wasn’t used to fake nails, but the suggestion from Liz changed her mind. Her next place to go was the make up lady. Sonya hoped she would come up with a few make up tricks during this appointment. Sonya usually tossed on a little lip stick, and a light brush of eye shadow, and some mascara to lengthen her lashes. Sonya sat in the chair as the lady(Jen) began to treat Sonya’s skin with a conditioner, then she patted her skin with a warm cloth. Jen put on a light tinted cream that felt so smooth and creamy. Sonya was enjoying the pampering and kept an eye on whatever Jen did. With each brush stroke Sonya was transformed into a movie star. Her eye shadow made her eyes look so sexy, and the lip stick was bright, shiny and so kiss-able. Sonya was stunning.

It was getting later in the afternoon when Sonya pulled up to the hospital. She had to show Liz how she looked and she wanted to get a picture of her and Liz together. Liz was so surprised when she saw how beautiful Sonya looked. “Wow!” “You look like a movie star.” “Wow!” Sonya was so happy, and she felt so beautiful inside and outside. Sonya kissed Liz with her red lips, and left a lip print on Liz’s cheek. She took a couple of pictures of Liz and herself together. Sonya sat and talked with Liz for about a half an hour then had to get a move on, and get home to dress. “Send me a picture of you when you are all dressed up. Please!” Liz yelled from her bed as Sonya was leaving. “I will sweetheart.” Sonya took a quick bath then started to get dressed. When she climbed into her beautiful dress, she stood in awe of her beauty. The dress fit her like a glove, and accented every curve. Sonya slipped on her red pumps, and stood gazing in the mirror. She could not believe how she had been transformed into a beauty queen. Sonya took several photos of herself in the mirror, and sent them to Liz. Sonya felt like she was in a dream, and did not want the dream to end. Sonya had lost track of the time, and when she looked at her watch it was five minutes to five. She rushed to freshen up her lip stick and grabbed her shawl, and bag and waited for the door bell to ring.

It was five o’clock on the dot when the door bell rang. It was George and he looked amazing in his new suit, all the way down to the small red rose on his lapel. Her had a red rose for Sonya that she could wear on her wrist. Sonya opened the door, and was at a loss for words. George was so darn sexy, and she had to stop herself from asking him in to her house for a quickie. George was in the same condition, and Sonya was stunning. He could hardly believe it was her. George put the rose on her wrist and led her to the awaiting car. A man got out from the front seat and opened the door to let Sonya into the back of the limo. George sat next to her and gave her their first kiss on the lips. Sonya could feel her toes start to curl, and was reassured again that George was the fella of her dreams. The limo was the touch that put the whole date into reality.

Once at the restaurant George led Sonya to the table he had set up in a quiet place. Sonya was in a daze with the beauty of the place, the roses on the table, and the music that played softly in the corner. The small star lights that caused the crystal glasses to cast off streaks of shimmering light. “I feel like a princess and you are my knight in shinning armour.” Sonya said to George. “I feel the same, you are a true princess to me.” George said as her gently squeezed her hand. As the food, the champagne, the chocolate strawberries, and decadent desert were eaten, the night became so real. George asked Sonya to dance, and as they swayed to the music, they melted into each others arms. The music changed tempo as George led Sonya back to their table. The waiter made his way to the table with another bottle of champagne chilled in a bucket of ice. He placed a glass in front of Sonya then George. He slowly poured the sweet nectar into each glass as George toasted Sonya and their wonderful evening. As they clinked glasses and drank a sip, George fumbled with his jacket, and stood to take it off. Sonya watched him as he removed his jacket his white shirt slowly caressed his muscular chest. Sonya was feeling the champagne and her mind was wandering to the sexy man at the other side of the table. George hung up his jacket on the back of his chair, and on one knee he asked Sonya to be his lady, as he opened the small box in his outstretched hand. Sonya had tears in her eyes as she stood to hug George and say. “I will.” Sonya screamed as george placed the ring on Sonya’s left finger. This was forever and Sonya was walking on air. Pictures had been taken of the couple all night long but the one that would be the best was when George placed the ring on Sonya’s finger and she said. “YES” The limo showed up to pick the couple up, and drove them back to George’s place.

The rest of the of the night as you would imagine was the blending of two souls in the ritual of love. True loves united in Passion.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Sonya and George in their lives as one.

Take care of those you love and never forget, that when you say your courtship is over  a piece of your world is hacked away. Always treat each other as if you are the only ones around. 🙂

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