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Valentines Day dinner was over and a new connection had begun. A connection of  passion, where everyday our couple celebrated their blended lives together. Where their hopes and dreams came true.

Sonya and George wanted to stay tucked away in the comfort of each other. They craved the companionship of each other, and did not want to deal with the outside world. But as it would be the world was calling the both of them for their duties at the burger place. George had forgotten that he was the chef on this beautiful day. The phone rang and George jumped to his feet to answer it. It was Burt, and he was in a frenzy. “George we open today did you forget?” Burt asked. George replied. “I did indeed forget, I will be there in fifteen minutes.” George placed the phone on the table and kissed his beautiful lady on the lips. “Duty calls.” He said to Sonya. “Awe!” She whimpered. “Do you have to go?” “Sorry sweetheart, but working is one of my life necessities that needs to be done.” “I will see you as soon as I’m done work and you can count on that.” “Love you!” George said as he grabbed his keys, and was off to the burger place.

Sonya laid down on the bed, and her mind drifted away to last night. She would never forget the way George looked, and how sexy he was in his new suit. He was a very handsome man, and she was deeply in love with him. He was her dream come true, and her knight in shining armour. Sonya slumped into a sitting position on the bed, stood, and headed for the bathroom. The minute she passed the mirror a reflection caught her eye. She backed up and there in the mirror was a beautiful lady with hair that actually didn’t look like a wild tumble weed on her head. Jen sure knew her stuff, and Sonya could not believe how pretty her hair was, and manageable too. She ran the comb through her hair, and pretty waves cascaded over her shoulders. Sonya was going to wear her hair down for the first time since she was a child. Sonya had a nice hot bath, dressed and headed out for the hair stylist’s shop. Jen was a miracle worker and Sonya needed the supplies to keep her hair looking this way.  Jen was there with another customer and would only be a few minutes longer. Sonya sat reading a magazine that was filled with bridal gowns of all shapes and styles. They were very pretty, and expensive. Sonya had her mother’s wedding dress and had planned to wear it on her wedding day. Jen was done, and Sonya gathered all the products she would need to keep her hair tamed for good. No more weird crazy hair.  Sonya made her way to the burger place and had lunch break with George. They talked about going to visit Liz once his shift was over. Sonya showed off her beautiful ring to all the girls that were at work. She figured that tomorrow she could even show her ring and fella off to a lot of the customers. Sonya kept looking at the ring George had given her, each time her mind wandered back to the way George proposed to her. She could not wait to see Liz’s face when she filled her in on the night of surprises, and the ring she had received.  Sonya kissed George as she left the burger place. She was off to run some errands, and to call the donor clinic to see if she was a match to Liz.

Sonya did not call the donor clinic but stopped in to see if she had been found to be a donor for her friend Liz. Sonya sat in the office for what seemed a long amount of time. A lady called her name and led her to another room where she waited for a short amount of time. One of the doctors entered the room and introduced himself as James Rutherford. He sat in a chair across from Sonya and asked her some important questions about what she knew about donating an organ. Sonya was a little surprised by the things she didn’t know. They spoke about the time she would have to spend in the hospital after the procedure was over. Sonya asked doctor how her tests had turned out, and the doctor looked her really surprised. “Did no one tell you that you were a match?” He asked her. “No!” Sonya said. The doctor continued on to tell her that she matched ninety-nine percent. Sonya was so happy that she let out a little ‘Yahoo,’ then covered her mouth. “That is fantastic, and I will be ready when the time comes.” Sonya said, with a big happy smile on her face. The doctor asked if she could make some more time on Wednesday to talk more about what she needed to do in order to be ready.  Sonya agreed to be there Wednesday for her appointment.

It was getting later in the day when Sonya showed up at the burger place to meet George. George was busy getting two burgers ready to go to the hospital. Liz had called and put a special order in for two of them, and he told her he would be there as quick as he could. Sonya was ready to go and wanted to tell George that she was a match for Liz. She wanted to let him know she was to see the doctor again on Wednesday to talk more about her prep for the operation. Once in the car, Sonya told George how she was ninety-nine percent of a match to Liz. George was so happy to hear that Liz would be okay if  Sonya had to donate.  Once they parked the car George gave Sonya a long soft kiss, and hugged her. “I’m happy for you but not as near as Liz will be once she has heard the news.” George whispered in her ear. Once in the room Sonya hugged Liz close and whispered in her ear that she was a match. Liz broke loose from the hug and yelled out to Vinnie. “Sonya is a match!” Liz had tears rolling down her cheeks. The tears were not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy. George hugged Liz, as he showed her the bag with the burgers. “Burgers you ordered madame.” George said. Liz laugh a little, and opened the bag and inhaled the wonderful aroma of a juice burger. “This is heavenly delicious.” Liz said in between bites. Vinnie was chowing down on his burger as well. It was getting late and that darn bell rang way too soon, and it was time for Sonya and George to head home. Sonya waved and told Liz they would be back tomorrow after work. Sonya blew a kiss to Liz, and disappeared down the hall way. This day had been a long one for everyone and Sonya was ready to cuddle with George for the rest of the evening.

Join me and our couples as their lives change as days pass by.

Take good care of those you love kiss them often, and always say “I love you” when you depart from them. 🙂

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