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be there.jpgI will always be there. To hold your hand, to wipe your tears, to scare away your fears. I will always be here. 🙂’s-world-9

Sonya had found out that she was a match to Liz if and when she needed a kidney. George was very happy for Sonya, but in his heart he was afraid of the operation Sonya would have to endure. 

George had not told Sonya that he was afraid of the operation she would have to go through in order to save the life of her friend Liz. As a child he had lost his mother during an operation, and he never gotten over loosing her. She was his rock, the only one that made him smile and now he had just found the lady of his dreams. George knew the two events really weren’t the same, but the fear was the same for him. George needed to talk to Sonya, and explain how he felt about the operation and why. Then just maybe some of his fear would diminish, there for dwindling with time. It was good to talk your fears out with the ones you love. Sometimes just bringing that fear forth could help a person confront the pain associated with that fear. George was going to talk to Sonya that evening and go with her to the donor clinic appointment. There he may understand that, the risk to Sonya was minimal and she would have the best care after the procedure. As George ran the topic over in his mind he began to feel a little silly, but there was no silly here. George’s mind was inventing new fears on top of old fears. It was time to STOP! And not let his mind be so silly. It was a definite. He was going to talk to Sonya!

Sonya was so busy at the cash and order counter that she hardly had a minute for George. There must have been a rash of people craving Burger Place burgers on this particular day. This was busiest this place had been in years. The line up was out the door and just kept coming. As soon as the door opened it started and was still going strong at two-thirty in the afternoon. Sonya talked to several of her usual customers and shot a quick flash of her ring as the customers flowed by in the line. Maybe Thursday would be a little slower, and she would have more time to talk and show off her man, as well as her ring. By six o’clock the line had calmed down some, but the flow was still a steady one. Not as hurried and defiantly more relaxing. Sonya was near beat and so was George. He looked like he had not slept much in days, but Sonya knew why he was so tired. :0 She looked tired too, and the busy store did have a factor in how she felt. Also Sonya wanted a break long enough so she could put her tired achy feet up on a chair. After work George and herself would go visit Liz and Vinnie at the hospital. After that she just wanted to have a warm bath and cuddle up with george, and watch T.V. till they fell asleep.

At the hospital Vinnie was sleeping in a chair, as Liz was scanning through a magazine. The days at the hospital were taking a toll on Vinnie, he had dark rings under his eyes, and looked unusually worried. Sonya headed towards Liz when Vinnie opened his eyes,and stretched while yawning. Sonya gave him a hug and asked him if he was okay. “You look tired Vinnie.” Sonya said. “Yes!” Vinnie replied. He did not seem to want to say much more, and Sonya figured that it was because he had just woke up. Vinnie gave Sonya his chair beside Liz, and both fella’s headed for the coffee shop to have a coffee. George could see that Vinnie needed to talk. Sonya talked with Liz showing her the ring George had given her. Sonya filled Liz in on every juicy point, and told her about Jen the hair dresser, and how she had tamed her hair. Sonya joked with Liz about the tumble weed hair she used to have, and how for the first time Sonya was able to wear her hair down. After about an hour the fellas returned.. Vinnie looked a little bit happier, and actually had a smile on his face. Vinnie came over kissed Liz, and hugged her. “What was that for?” Liz asked “Oh nothing. I just love you so much.” Vinnie said. “Okay George what did you put in his coffee to take that grumpy guy away? Leave some here for me.” Liz said as she chuckled and squeezed Vinnie’s hand. George had talked some but most of all he let Vinnie talk about how he felt.

That darn bell began to ring again, which could only mean one thing, and that was that Sonya and George had to leave the hospital. Sonya and George gave hugs and said their good nights, and strolled off down the hallway hand in hand. There was a lot to talk about as George told Sonya about Liz’s condition and how the medication was not working as well as the doctors had expected. They had been watching the dead kidney and noticed some infection gathering around the stem of the once live kidney. Infection was the one thing that would shorten the time they needed to help Liz’s body fight back. Unfortunately time was ticking a little too fast to make the doctors feel comfortable about how much time they had left. At this moment in time it would seem that an operation would have to happen pretty soon. Liz was getting weaker each day even if she did not show the signs to Sonya and George. Sonya had to see the doctor at the donor clinic tomorrow to talk about things she needed to do now. George was coming with her to ask questions as well. This way if Sonya missed anything important George would be their as another set of ears to hear what was being said. George asked about the risk to Sonya at which time the doctor filled him in on the facts. Knowing the risks helped George feel more confident about the surgery. Sonya was a healthy lady, and that was a number one factor on her side. Sonya jokingly assured George that she was going to be here for many years because she had a lot of loving to give him. George did feel better when he heard her say that and secure in his lessening feeling of fear.

Okay, come back and join me tomorrow as we hear what the doctor has to say about the preparation Sonya had to do, and when the trans-plant would take place. 🙂

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