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Each day we venture out into the world, and meet people we know and those we don’t know.  As humans we seem to need the company of others to round out our day. 

Sonya Rocha was one of those people who needed friends and enjoyed meeting all kinds of people. Sonya worked in a well-known burger joint in her home town. Sonya dealt with customers on a daily basis. She was the easy-going girl at the counter who always wore a big smile, and would talk to anyone. She often joked around with her regular customers, and would give advise to anyone on any kind of topic. Sonya read books each day, gaining most of her humour, smarts, and quick come backs from those books. Sonya was a pretty girl. She had a couple of pounds that fell in all the wrong places. Her teeth were crooked, her hair looked like she had put her finger in an electric socket a few too many times. Tight curls, and totally out of control. Sonya always tided her hair back and it seemed as if she used at least eight boxes of bobby pins trying to keep all the short bits in place. There was so much hair spray on her hair that sparkled when the sun hit her hair. There was a roamer going around town, that Sonya was out with a fella, and he tried to put his hand around her shoulder, and was caught in her hair for an uncomfortable amount of time. Sadly he never came back for another date. Sonya’s complexion was lightly speckled with pimples. Her eyes were sea-foam green that sparkled like they were encrusted with diamonds. Sonya’s eyes, well-formed lips, and pushed up nose gave her a beauty that captivated everyone. Sonya towered over most of her friends often joking about how far she could see, and how fresh the air was up above them. Her close friends called Sonya, the look out. Sonya would just laugh and shake her head. She had the greatest temperment, and had never been known to show anger.

Sonya’s world was rolling along smoothly until one day while out with her group of friends at the lake. The water was calm and reasonably warm. Everyone had planned to spend the day in the sun, and have a light lunch at the pizza place in the park. The pizza place was a good place to eat and the pizza pies were the best in town. It would be hard to find anyone that said the pizza pies were gross. Laying on the large blanket beside the water was so relaxing, and the best way to spend a day off work. Everyone was laughing telling stories about their week, and having a really good time. The sun had driven the group into the water to cool off. They all splashed and dove into the water pretty much at the same time. The wave of water caught one gentleman and his lady and knocked them off their feet. The gentleman(Vinnie) came flying out of the water so pissed off and was heading for Sonya. He had a bright red face and eyes had the devil’s fire lighting them like he was in hell. Vinnie and Sonya came face to face while he spewed words that no one could understand. His rage was at a level never seen before. Vinnie’s hands were clenched and his nuckles were bright white. Like all the blood had stopped flowing in his body. Sonya spoke in a soft comforting voice asking him to settle down and take a breath. Those words just fueled his anger even more. Sonya placed her hand on Vinnie’s chest to keep him at a distance. He had been closing in on Sonya with each hateful word that spewed from his gritted teeth. Vinnie’s wife(Zoe) had finally found her way out of the water and stood behind her husband with her hands on his shoulders. Zoe kept trying to pull him away from the giant of a lady. To Zoe, Sonya looked like a tall stone wall. Vinnie turned and pushed his wife so hard she flew a few steps back ward and flopped to the ground. Zoe’s head hit a small rock that was visible near the shore. Zoe was holding the back of her head and crying. Blood was flowing from the gash on the back of her head. Vinnie stood frozen in time as his mind played over and over again what he had just done. He had no words coming from his mouth anymore the only thing that everyone could see was his eyes and the tears that fell down his cheeks. Sonya pushed passed him, as one of her freinds called 911.

Sonya stooped down and scooped Zoe into her arms and carried her to one of the blankets on the shore. Sonya placed her clean white tee-shirt on the back of Zoe’s head as she applied pressure. Sonya spoke soft and clearly to Zoe trying to keep her from passing out. Zoe was in shock so Sonya called for a couple of blanket to keep Zoe warm till help arrived. Paramedics arrived after fifteen minutes had passed. Vinnie was now holding his wife’s hand and was telling her how sorry he was and how he did not mean to push her like that. Zoe did not have much to say to Vinnie. Her head felt like she had a run in with a sledge-hammer. Sonya watched as the paramedics strapped Zoe onto a gurney and wheeled her to the ambulance, and drove off. Vinnie was not as angry anymore and thanked Sonya for taking care of his wife. Sonya and the group apologized to Vinnie for making so many waves and knocking them down. Vinnie excepted their apology and drove off in his car. following the ambulance that carried his wife to the hospital.

Today had been an eventful day for Sonya and her group of friends. Sonya was there to help and kept a total stranger safe till help could arrive.

Join me tomorrow as we see what is up for Sonya and her friends.

Thank care of those you love, and help those who have been struck by misfortune. Say I love you and kiss your family each time you leave them.  🙂

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