Spring is on the way.

The word is out and the date has passed.
I wonder where the heck spring has gone.  There are tweeting birds everywhere the sound of their chirps are like a sweet song on the breeze. The squirrels are raiding the bird feeders looking for even a small crumb of food.  I have even seen the chipmunk that eats the seeds and nuts I put out for them.

The buds on the trees have not shown themselves , I wonder if the trees know something we don’t. The streets are dirty as the piles of snow have turned to dark grey piles of yuck. Cars are being washed and shined because of the winter salts and sands which seems to be attracted to any colour of a vehicle.
The sun has become warmer which has made people depart from their homes taking quiet walks with their mate or even Fido. The weatherman may be calling for bad weather in the future, but that does not seem to stop people.  For those who suffer from Cabin Fever, find this weather is, a much-awaited change. The fresh clean air is a great change from the stale air of winter.
The flowers here in our gardens are still cozy and warm under the soil. I guess we have to wait a bit for the blooms to show their colours. I have posted some photos from our gardens in anticipation of warmer weather.

God Bless and stay safe.

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