The circle of life

In everyone’s life, there are things that are out of our control. We do everything we can to avoid this event.

It would seem that life is like a never-ending circle, we start as a small human unable to talk, walk, and feed ourselves. We can only cry, an emotion that stays with us all our lives. We can smile and laugh, another great emotion that stays with us until the end.  They have a purity and a special smell of a new baby. This little person needs mom and dad to take care of them and teach them right from wrong, respect, politeness, manners, sharing and caring all the things that create a creative human.  Then we go to school and begin to learn words and habits not taught at home. Punishment is another lesson learnt. “Yikes.”
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I am one of my mother and fathers creations, yet I too have a smile, laughter, and knowledge. We learn as we grow some of the lessons are difficult plus we don’t always learn from these lessons. We wander off the path of knowledge following the beat of a different drummer, lost in the path of who knows where. Sometimes the place we end up in is not what we expected. That path will eventually put us at the end of our circle. The end of life.
There are a people that can turn themselves around getting back to the path of learning. Life is a continuous classroom. Of course, we all have our own identity that sets us apart from others. Our passions, our desires, our goals, our achievements, the qualities friends, family and the people you meet on a daily basis they see the convictions we honour. We all have these qualities within us, we just have to let them out. We meet others which we develop a solid relationship with some of which withstand the test of time. Others are there for a fleeting moment, then wander away, off to another journey. Our lives are enriched by their time spent with us.
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We learn pain, disappointment, sorrow, I could go on with all the things we experience and learn along the way. Life can be a beautiful journey, filled with those who surround us with love and good intentions. We lose some of these wonderful people and remain with the sorrow accompanied by emptiness, and memories. I lost someone I loved more than life it’self. She was my grandmother, a lady that protected me from the pain I felt each day in the presence of a step-mother who hated us girls and loved her boys.
My grandmother was my rock, a kind-hearted person who stood tall and strong. I find today that I am like her in many ways, I too believe family is family and will stand tall for them against anything. They refer to me as their patriarch, my heart was so warm when I heard them speak those words. Grandma was taken away from us before she was ready to go, she was only fifty-three when cancer ripped her away from us. All I wanted to do was die and spend the rest of my life in heaven with her, she was a great part of my life that will never be forgotten. I am still here and I know that God has other things for me to do. What the heck, “I’m not ready to go yet.”
My grandma and grandpa
I know we all have our journeys to travel and our loved ones will always be here with us in our hearts and in our minds.
The end.
Thanks for stopping by, and visiting my space.
Be safe, be strong.
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