The end and beginning.

The end of  2018. Where has it all gone?  Tonight we enter a brand new year.  What will this year bring us?

I would like to wish everyone, a prosperous, safe, happy, and wonderful New Years Eve, and a great 2019.

1cca0eb5b28843a5361b3b6100ce6d75If you drink, this New Years Eve, please don’t drink and drive. Your loved one depend, on your safe return home. The weather is supposed, to get snowy, and blowy, with freezing rain. Be very careful, if you have to drive. Watch out for the other guy.

93b220c52699c8afc89e409e309cf253.jpgWelcome, to a brand new year, filled with new beginnings, and fresh starts.

066cda51e1deb8afcccec54110f9e7e2All my wishes to all, on this beautiful day.

2018 was a year of turmoil, and changes in our environment. The melting of the polar caps, the impending extinction of animal species, and the human race, as we knew it. The clear cutting of forests, and jungles, the clear cutting of trees, that give the stability for the non-erosion of the soil, plus, the trees filter the air we breathe. The warming of the oceans, drought, famine, tsunamis that destroy everything in its path. The debris caused by the tsunamis, polluting our oceans, and the shores of this land. There are so many ways this planet is being destroyed. Mother Nature, is very angry with, the senseless destruction, caused by man’s choices.

There are many changes to be made, to at least stop the destruction. It would seem, that the end to this destruction, is in the hands of all it’s population.

“Save our planet, before it’s too late.”

“Take care of those you love, and cherish your moments with them.”

I would like, to say “thank you,” to all my followers, readers, and visitors for stopping by, to read my stories.  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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