The first long weekend.

The first long weekend has come to a close.

Busy travellers pack the highways following the car in front of them as they slow to a crawl. So may cars as far as the eye can see and the imagination can fathom. It makes the driver frustrated and the occupants hyper and grumpy all at the same time.
Then comes the big one, the question we have all asked as a child. “Are we there yet?” There are many questions asked as a child “I’m thirsty.” “I need to go to the bathroom!”  “I’m hungry” “Can we stop, and get a treat?” And the list goes on and on.
Parents sit calmly while the cars move at the speed of a child told to clean their rooms. What has happened to cause such a long line of traffic? Has there been an accident? Are the people okay?  A sign announcing the next exit with all the amenities found there. Mom suggested to Dad that a break may be a good move plus the traffic may be straightened out by the time they ate and took care of the children. Dad agrees and off they go for a much-needed break.
The restaurants are packed with families that seem to have had the same idea.  The waiter leads the family to a table suitable for the whole family. Mom gathers her little ones and heads for the restrooms. It was time to take care of those urgent requests. After washing hands Mom and the group head back to the table.
Dad has already ordered an array of drinks and coffee for Mom and Dad. The children waited patiently for their dinners to come. Waiters with plates of excellent food the waiters placed in front of each family member. While eating they could hear sounds of people laughing while sharing all their fun times they had had the past weekend. Mom asked each child what one thing did they like the most this weekend?
Voices blended together as all children tried to be the first to tell their story. Mom chose each child one by one and they told stories of the giant fish that got away. The water slid they had zoomed down with butterflies filling their nervous tummies. The laughter that caught them all as they remember Susan sailing off the slide plunging into the water a warp speed. The look on her face was hilarious. A look of fear and excitement mixed together twisted her face in shapes no one had ever seen before.
IMG_1667 (2).JPG
Molly and her Uncle splashed each other in the pool at the campground.
Mary loved the beautiful bright yellow flowers growing by the water. Mary was marvelled at how the wasps and bees shared the same flowers.
Jonathan found the ducks by the water amusing. He found it quite amazed by how the ducks could put their heads under the water for so long and not drown. The questions he asked were so funny that Mom could hardly hold back the laugh she stained to not let out.
2008 11 04_0272.JPG
With dinner done and the family heading back to the vehicle than out to the highway. The children were quiet as mice Johnathan had fallen asleep in his car seat while the rest found comfortable positions and dozed off. The highway was moving faster than before and the drive home seemed to be over as quickly as it started. The sun was disappearing from sight and darkness moved in quickly. Ahead was the driveway that led them to their home.
The long weekend was over and it was time to plan for the next long weekend.
The end
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God bless and be safe out there.

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