Today’s wind…

windy day lady.png                           The winds blow…

This is my chatter for today Tuesday November 5th…

Today the winds blew, and whistled through the cracks of the aging fence that surrounds me.. It’s sound was like the eerie creak on the boards of old crumbling barn floor.. The wind had done it’s best to take all the leaves off the trees.. The trees sit bare except for a couple along the street.. The skies had a grey tone to it.. The kind of color that made even the happiest person feel down.. Clouds piled on clouds filled the skies with a message of bad weather to come.. The wind is a powerful force.. This wind could knock over chairs, and anything not nailed down.. To walk in the wind today was chore taken by those that could fight the wind.. It was not a day for a senior to be out for a walk.. Blustery winds with a hint of cold.. Bone chilling cold.. The day rolled on much as it had started this day.. Just a, ‘I want to stay in bed’ kind of day..  I stayed inside as my to do list was pretty full..

laundry.jpgI had spent my Saturday attached to the stove and the washing machine.. The pile of laundry was growing.. Blankets and bedding were taking over the laundry room.. What was I to do but, put my nose to the grind stone and make it disappear.. I wondered where all the magicians were on that lovely day.. They would be able to wave their wand and all the laundry would be done.. For me there was no magic that could over come the mound of dirty laundry I had in front of me..  I took a deep breath and sorted piles of wash.. ‘Oh my god,’ I had eight loads that likely would take me the better part of the day.. I loaded one, and made my way to the kitchen.. ‘Darn’ I forgot to get the large cooking pots from the basement storage room.. I made my way down the stairs and returned to the kitchen with two large pots to cook in..

kitchen.jpgI gathered the vegetables that I would need to make chili and spaghetti sauces.. It will take me most of my day to have it ready by dinner time.. I sat at the dining room table and chopped up the wash vegetables I had gathered.. I had a case of mushrooms that had to be washed and cut up to go in the pots.. The onions and celery took a short amount of time to finish, but the mushrooms would take longer.. The meat was in the pot, and starting to cook on a medium heat.. I still had to get up and stir the pots every so many minutes.. I sure didn’t want this food to burn.. I added spices to the burger meat and stirred the pots again.. The smell of the spices and the garlic aromas filtered through the air..  I could not escape the smell that was making my stomach rumble loudly.. I continued to clean the mushrooms, and drain them on paper towels.. With a large mixing bowl in my hands, I made my way to the table.. 

vegies.jpgThe time had come to throw laundry into the dryer, and add a load to the washer.. I swear I went, what felt like 700 times down to the laundry.. Back up the stairs I trudged.. The pots needed stirring so that was my next move.. It takes a while to cook the meat properly, so I had time there.. The mushroom cutting was tedious, but the result were worth the time.. The running upstairs then downstairs became a repetitive, and my hips were starting to tell me that they had enough.. I added the tomato’s, and sauce.. It was time to put everything into the pots and let it cook on a low heat.. This was a big under taking that would make meals easier, when time was limited.. As I added each item I noticed the pots were getting very full.. It was time to get two more pots and lessen the amount in the large pots.. The stove I have is like most stoves and only has four burners to use.. Now, I had four pots.. Two of chili and two spaghetti sauce.. This batch was going to be a good one.. 

stirring.jpgAs the day went on the laundry started to disappear, and I felt pretty good.. My to do list was almost done.. The pots were doing just fine, and by six-thirty it was time to have dinner.. The chili was the best ever, and the spaghetti sauce was really tasty.. By the time the dishes were cleaned up and all the storage bowls and jars were filled, I got the time to sit down.. With a glass of wine and my feet up I felt content in my days work.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.. Till later.. Be safe..:) 🙂


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