Tug of War

There are many times I have wondered why some people use their children as a pon in a Divorce related situation.
Do they not see what they are doing to this child or children?  Do they not see or hear the quiet tears of a child?  Leaving the child lost confused and afraid.  I just don’t get it or is it that the parents just don’t care.
Throwing words not to be spoken near a child. Sending them out of the room, so they don’t hear the loud voices. Children are used as bargaining chips.  The child huddled around the corner while Mom yells ” I’ll make sure you won’t see your child again”. “Ever”.
Do parents even think of the pain and self-blame a child feels? In that little person’s mind, they believe it’s all their fault. The thought of never seeing Dad/Mom is devastating.  “If only I was better.” If only I had not, and the cycle of self-blame begins.
I just don’t get it. Is it Greed? Blame? Could it be the desire to obtain more money?  All for the expense of a child’s broken heart and the parent’s broken hearts.
“I just don’t get it.”
These words are spoken in my opinions and no one else’s.
Be Safe

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