Two Peas in a pod #2

When we last left Dorthy and Pennie they were snug as a bug in a rug. They were both sleeping soundly.
The phone rang and rang, but no one was answering. The house was silent as the ladies slept without stirring. It was obvious the girls were having very good dreams that they did not want to wake up from. The phone rang again and again, no one answered. The person on the other end of the line was very worried. Thoughts ran through their mind like a freight train out of control. What if the girls were hurt, what if, what if? It was time to take a trip to the house to make sure nothing was wrong.
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The girls began to stir and soon were in the kitchen having coffee and burnt toast that Dorthy had made. Dorthy said, “Smile Pennie” she showed her pearly white teeth and Dorthy spit her coffee hitting Pennie. Dorthy burst out laughing, pointing at Pennie. You have black teeth. Pennie was shocked and ran to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror with a wide smile she could see the burnt toast crumbs had covered her teeth. “Dorthy,” “you rotten old fuddy-duddy.” “Is your brain upside down this morning?” Dorthy had not yet stopped laughing. Dorthy stumbled down the hall to the bathroom and peeked around the corner of the door frame. Pennie stood there with toothpaste all foamy around her mouth as she growled like a crazed dog.  Dorthy couldn’t contain herself anymore. Pennie chased Dorthy into the kitchen and around the table. They were laughing so hard tears were running down their faces. The two girls looked a sight with bed head hair, toothpaste and coffee spit all over their pyjamas. If they went to the door now they would scare anyone half to death.
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Bang bang, the ladies tried to stop laughing but no way. Pennie grabbed Dorthy’s hand and headed for the door. Dorthy struggled to get away but Pennie had a grip on her and wasn’t going to let go. Pennie said, “If I’m going to the door then so are you.” Pennie flew open the door open wide. The cold wind brought them to their senses really fast. Standing in front of them was Pennie’s mom, and the look on her face had the ladies laughing again. “Oh, you crazy girls.” “And I was so worried something had happened to the both of you.”  You two look a sight! Get into the house before someone sees you both. The girls backed away and Tina (Pennie’s mom) slammed the door shut. The girls looked at each other and burst out laughing making Pennie spit toothpaste all over Dorthy.
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Tina said, “Dorthy” “you should go brush your teeth they are black.” Dorthy said, “Mrs T., the black is from the burnt toast we had for breakfast.” Tina gave her a frown and Dorthy went to brush her teeth. Pennie explained to her mom what had happened. Mrs T. just shook her head saying, “you girls will never grow up.” Pennie said, you know we will never grow up. “Yes,” she said with a big breath in then out.
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Dorthy came into the kitchen sporting a wide smile of pearly white teeth.  Pennie was making a fresh pot of coffee and putting a plate of cookies on the table. The three ladies giggled and laughed as they sat around the kitchen table.  Pennie could hear her cell phone ringing from the other room. Picking it up she said, “Hello.” No one answered. After the third hello a tiny voice said, “My name is Helena.”  You don’t know me but, I know your husband Adam.”
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Pennies face changed to sadness and tears began running down her cheeks.
To be continued.
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