Two Peas in a pod #4

Pennie suffered a blow that no one ever needs to go through. A broken heart and betrayal are things that take the longest to heal.

Pennie woke early in the morning with a headache that would leave any of us hiding under the covers and refusing to get up. Drowning her sorrows seemed like a great idea the night before. In the morning drinking away your broken heart didn’t seem to have been a good idea. The reality of what had happened the night before was fresh in her mind. Pennie’s mom had coffee ready when she wandered into the kitchen. Tina came over and gave her daughter a big hug. Patting her back she asked if she was okay. Pennie said, ” I need an aspirin, I have a terrible headache.” Tina chuckled and went to get her a couple of aspirin. “Here you go dear, I hope you feel much better soon.”
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Dorthy came stumbling through the kitchen and took a chair across the table from Pennie. “How ya doing sweetie?” Dorthy said. I’m okay. Pennie replied. Tina cracked a joke just to change the subject. Pennie smiled a little and Dorthy started to laugh. Tina sat beside her daughter,  asking what she would like to do on a cold day like this? Pennie snickered saying, “how about a bond fire?” “I have things to get rid of today.” Tina smiled saying, ” How about loading up the car and giving the clothes to the homeless who camp out near the railroad?”
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After a light breakfast, all three ladies headed up the stairs. Pennie opened the closet doors. “Well, girls lets get going.” “Use the plastic bags to put the clothes into.”  “Oh, and don’t forget to check the pockets for any cash.” They started taking Adam’s clothes from the closet removing each piece of clothing off the hangers. Dorthy held up a one hundred dollar bill. “Look what I found,” as she waved it in the air. Placing the bill on the dresser she continued with her task. Once the chore was done Pennie had an extra four thousand dollars on the dresser. Adam was like a pack rat, even with his money, he hid money, in all his clothing.
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Dorthy’s husband called, “Saying he was home only for a few hours this time.” Wondering if she would be coming home to do his laundry, Dorthy said, “I will not be and would be staying with Pennie because of what happened to her.” After explaining Dorthy hung up the phone. Tina asked, “Is everything okay with you?” “Yes, I am,” Dorthy said.  Dorthy looked puzzled after the phone call. It struck her funny that all Bill wanted from her was to do his laundry.  There had been no love you, no how are you, nothing. Bill and Dorthy never had a good relationship and now with all the years together, they were even further apart now. Dorthy felt sad but would not let the sadness keep her from helping Pennie.
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The girls had bagged everything up and packed the car. The trip to the homeless camp was quiet, but after the drop-off, Pennie started to perk up. She had a smile on her face, it would seem getting rid of Adams things brought her to a new faze of her life. She was ready to take on the world. The girls stopped for lunch chatting up a storm. After they were finished they were off to the movies. Tina figured time out of the house would be good medicine for everyone.
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It was late when the ladies returned home. The fireplace was lit and the three girls sat down drinking coffee laughing and telling jokes. After an hour had passed Pennie’s mom decided to go home, now that Pennie was okay. She kissed Pennie and Dorthy, good night and was on her way home. Pennie and Dorthy talked about what had happened and how Dorthy’s relationship was slipping away.
The girls have each other and no matter what happened next, they would always be there for each other.
To be continued.
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