Two peas in a pod

Dorthy and Pennie were like two peas in a pod. When they were five it was friends, at first sight, they were like twins from another mother.

Dorthy and Pennie were best friends all the way through grade school, college, marriages, divorces, and pretty much anything they did in life they did it together. Dorthy married Bill and Pennie married his brother Adam, neither of the couples had children as their careers were all that mattered. They had beautiful homes, just down the block from each other, their lives seemed to be moving along just as they had planned.
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Bill was top salesman for a multi-million dollar electronics company called Tech Tonics, he travelled all over the world, drumming up business for the company. His job took him away from home three-quarters of the year, it took a toll on his home life. Bill and Dorthy felt like they were living in different worlds. Dorthy thanked God every day for Pennie, who was always there.
Pennie and Adam had an understanding relationship, it worked for them. Much like his brother Bill, Adam drove a truck down the interstate, only seeing home every three months and only for a couple days at a time. The job paid well so, Pennie had no problem with him being away. Her career kept her fairly busy plus she always had Dorthy to talk to and hang out with. Their time together made life feel more meaningful.
The winter hit with a chilling blast of wind freezing rain and too much snow. The accumulation had been extensive, the last measurement of snowfall was three feet, and still coming down. The little country town of Magna was at the mercy of mother nature. Dorthy had gone to Pennies to wait out the storm together while sitting and talking the lights flickered, but the thought of no hydro was on their minds. Pennie had a fireplace and plenty of firewood in the garage, this way if the power went out they would not freeze to death or go hungry. The ladies kept in touch with the elderly people near them to make sure they were safe, fed and warm.
The night crept in pretty fast and the street was illuminated by the moons reflecting on the snow. Dorthy and Pennie snuggled into sleeping bags and pillows in front of the fireplace. Slumber overtook them in no time. Pennie woke up with a start, as the piled snow slid off the tin roof and landed with a bang. Dorthy turned, never opening her eyes, so Pennie snuggled back into her sleeping bag and fell back to sleep.
A ring on the cell phone woke both ladies up, Pennies place of business was closed for the day.  Both ladies had a big day clearing snow. The news had said all interstates had been shut down due to the amount of snow. The storm had dropped another foot of snow overnight, which made the clean up even more challenging. With the snow that fell off the roof, the side door as an exit was out of the question, the front door was the only way to get out of the house.
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Pennie had coffee toast and jam, while Dorthy had scrambled eggs and toast with orange juice. As soon as the girl had cleaned up the kitchen, they dressed warm and headed out to move the snow from the driveway and sidewalks. The snow was heavy and dense and the weight was quickly wearing them out. Dorthy suggested they take a break and go inside to warm up. Pennie agreed, so off they went inside to stoke up the fireplace making sure the house stayed warm.
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Dorthy looked in the mirror in the hallway, noticing her reflection had big red cheeks, chapped lips, and the most frightening hair she had ever seen. A small dogger had run its way to the tip of her lip. She chuckled telling the mirror that you would scare the bejesus out of any poor little child on Halloween. Pennie heard her chuckling and appeared around the corner, only to bust out laughing at Dorthy as she stared into the mirror. ” Whats up missy?” “Who are you laughing at now?” Pennie said. Dorthy said, ” the old lady with the bogger on her lip. ” Pennie could do nothing else but laugh and give the old gal a hug. “Come on now you old fuddy-duddy. ” Pennie peeked into the corner of the mirror only to see that her reflection was the same as Dorthy’s. The two of them burst out laughing, as Pennie repeated “I gotta pee, I gotta Pee.” Pennie took off like a flash, pulling down her drawers as she ran, “plop,” she had landed just in time. Both girls seemed as crazy as a basket of squirrels chasing a nut.
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The snow removal never got finished as the girls were having too much fun, cracking jokes, and talking about others. Pennie made fun of her bosses hairpiece that would lift from his head each time the wind blew hard, his walk was really weird and how he lisped his words. Dorthy always found Pennies acting out a person’s traits were really really hilarious. They went on and on till the sun had set and darkness was back again. The snow had stopped and the ploughs were out removing what snow they could inorder to get the town moving again.
The ladies snuggle down into their sleeping bags in front of the fireplace and slept soundly all night.
To be continued.
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