Unwanted Company (3)

Margo and her dogs, enjoyed their first dinner in their new home. Margo, had a chance to take her pups out for a walk around the property. 

Margo made her way out on the porch with her freshly poured coffee. The water  made the coffee taste nothing like the brew she consumed while in the city.  Margo sat in a rocking chair, that looked like it had been made in the eighteen fifties.  There was a cute stool in front of it, so you could put your feet up while relaxing. The dogs lay out on the porch, as close as they could get to Margo. There was a slight haze in the air, like the remains of a fog, that had faded away before she came outside. The wind was a bit cool, as the sun was just making its way over the trees. The blossoms from the apple tree, tickled her nose as the fragrance drifted on the wind. Margo thought to herself that this place, is my place in paradise. I reserve this spot and claim this rocker as mine. She could see for a long way across the fields next door. Someone had planted crops, in those fields. Maybe, the fields were rented out to the farmers, to plant their crops on. That seemed like a good way for the land owner, to make a little extra cash. The trees danced back and forth, as their limbs seemed to be reaching out to catch an invisible creature. Margo could see a brown bunny hopping a long the fence.chair.jpgMargo opened the door to go inside, and before she could place a foot inside on the kitchen floor. A pack of crazy dogs went roaring past her so fast, that she almost fell to the floor. “What are you crazy puppies doing?” “You guys are going to kill me one of these days.” Margo yelled to the dogs. She was waving , and pointing her finger at each one of them. Margo could hardly hold back the laughter that was welling up inside her. The dogs had been turning their heads side to side as her fingers danced back and forth in front of them. “How could I be mad at you guys!” Margo sat on the floor, and was smothered by sloppy wet kisses. “Yuck.” Was about all Margo could say. She stood, and started for the stairs, when she turned the dogs all sat in the same place, she left them. “Well, are you guys coming?” she said, as she waved them over. The clicking of dog nails was all Margo could hear. She was laughing as she sprinted up the stairs to her bedroom. Margo ordered the dogs, “OFF THE BED!”  As soon as they had jumped down, she pushed the bed over to one side of the room. She made her way to the bedroom just down the hall. Margo took the sheets off the bed and piled them on her bed. She went down the stairs, followed by her buddies, and got a hammer and a screwdriver from her tool box. She turned and went up the stairs again. Margo took the mattress off the bed and dragged it to the other side of the room. She started to hammer the side boards out of the head-board and foot board. Once they were released she dragged the bed springs to her room. She gathered all the parts of the bed, and started to put it back together in to room. She looked up and her bed had six dogs sitting on it, and watching her closely.dog.jpgThe bed was finally together, as Margo started to position the bed, in the center of her room. She pushed her bed, right tight up against the second bed. “That is fantastic!” Margo said, out loud. She made the beds up, and jumped on the bed. She lay on her back looking at the ceiling. Margo liked the drop ceiling in the room. The tiles had yellowed with age, and all Margo could think of was painting the tiles a nice clean white color, that would brighten up the room. As her eyes followed a line down the wall, she figured she might as well paint the walls as well. Now, all she had to do was pick out the color of paint she needed. That would mean she had to go into town, and that made her feel nervous. Maybe that could wait till she picked, Annie up on Friday.  Or, maybe she could call Annie and pick her up tomorrow instead. Margo started to head down the stairs to the living room followed by her pack of dogs. Margo plopped down on the sofa and picked up the phone, dialed Annie, then waited for her to answer. Ring then ring again, and Annie picked up the phone. “Hello.” Annie said. “Hi Annie, would you like to come here tomorrow, and I’ll pick you up then instead of Friday.” “Would that be okay with you?” Annie could hardly contain her excitement. “Yes I would love that, what time would you be picking me up?” Annie asked. “How many days will I be staying?” Margo answered, “I will be there at nine thirty in the morning, and pack enough for a week. Annie was beside herself with excitement. “I will be ready, see you then.” Margo hung up the phone, and said. “Road trip tomorrow guys.” “Come on let’s go for a walk?”  Off she went to the door, and out the dogs ran followed by Margo. They walked along the fence line, then back to the house. Margo put fresh bowls of water down for her babies to drink. While she made herself a coffee. When she finished making it, she went out to the porch to relax.tap.jpgMargo had a late supper, then went to bed. She had to get up early to go get Annie from the city. After a quick breakfast, and a walk with the dogs. Margo let the dogs drink their water, and rest, before she loaded them up, in the car for the road trip.  With the windows rolled half down, and the music playing. Margo was ready to get her friend.  The drive was great, and before Margo knew it she was in front of Annie’s place. Annie stood at the curb, with her bags beside her. “Come on girl?” Margo said, as  she put Annie’s bags into the trunk. Annie sat in the front seat with Margo. The dogs wagged their tails, as Annie ran her hands over their backs. The music was great, so Annie began to sing along with the song. Margo, joined in with Annie, then the dogs howled. The people in the parking lot at Wal-mart looked at them as if they were crazy. Margo said, “I have to go into the store for some paint, could you stay with my babies?” Annie replied, “Sure go ahead, we will be here when you get back.” Margo came out of the store with two gallons of paint. One in a fresh color of green, and one in bone white. Margo popped them into the trunk and off they went. before they knew it, Margo, had turned into the drive way, and started the long trip up the lane. Annie watched as the trees passed by. She was amazed at how the branches were so twisted together. The light began to shine into the car, making Annie shield her eyes. Margo made a right turn, and there stood the house. Annie was in awe as she looked around at the yard. Margo parked the car and let the dogs out. They ran around Annie, and Annie chased them. Margo had opened the door, and stood watching them play.  “Come on in Annie, and I’ll show you around. play.jpgAnnie fell in love with the house, and wanted so much to move in with Margo. Annie put her things in her room, and went back down stairs. Margo was making coffee for both of them. Margo went into get the cream for the coffee, only to find the milk jug had been moved from where she had put it. HUM… She thought to herself, maybe I moved that, and just didn’t remember. Annie and Margo sat in the chairs on the porch drinking coffee, and taking in the beauty around them. Annie commented on how wonderful it would be to live there, I could sit here and smell the apple blossoms everyday. Margo agreed, that it would be nice, to have some company. After all the house was huge, and there was plenty of space. Annie was amazed at the invite from Margo, “Do you really mean that Margo?” Annie asked. “Yes I really mean that.” Margo said. “We can go pick the rest of your things up next week, if that’s good with you?” Annie agreed. It was time to get dinner started, so Margo headed in, with the dogs behind her. Annie was the last one to come through the door. Margo pulled out some burger meat. “Is spaghetti alright for dinner?” “Yes no problem, I like spaghetti.” Annie said as she came over to help. The ladies sat down to eat after the dogs had been given their dinner. “This is really good Margo.” “Where did you learn to cook like this?” Annie asked. They ate dinner as Margo told Annie how she had learned to cook. Once dinner was done both the ladies cleaned up together. The rest of the night was spent talking about everything. Margo took the dogs out before bed. Annie was up getting ready for bed when she heard the faint sound of someone talking. Annie was surprised, but figured it was Margo outside talking to the dogs. Margo stopped by Annie’s room to say good night, then she went to bed.sleep.jpgMargo was tucked in her bed as the dogs spread out over the foot of her bed and the other bed. Margo and her babies slept very comfortably all night, and every other night. Margo could not stop thinking of the milk and how it was moved.

I wonder what is going on in the house? Join me tomorrow, to find out more about what was going on.

Take care of those you love, and be safe out there.

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