Unwanted Company (6)

A sweet little girl, named Jolene had been found in the attic. Her parents had gone to heaven. While, on a walk with Jolene, she pointed out the place where her parents had crashed. Margo made her way down the hill and found Jolene’s parents.

Margo and Annie had decided to leave the call to the police till the next day. Margo wanted to ask Jolene, a few questions that were chewing, at her brain. As much as Margo, tried not to think about, how Jolene got in the attic. She was unable to find a reasonable answer. Tomorrow, would be the day to take care of all, the unanswered questions. But, for tonight there was a little girl to take care of. Annie had climbed into the extra bed in Margo’s room. The opened door, and the memory of the bat, that ran into her forehead, just creeped and freaked her out. Margo’s room was filled with sleepy humans, and dogs. Jolene was really excited to sleep in the bed with Annie, Margo, and all the dogs. Annie, and Jolene had been jumping on the bed, when Margo walked into the bedroom. “What are you two doing in my room?” Margo said in a scary voice. Jolene stopped jumping, and looked at Margo saying, “Come, jump wif me, it lot fun.” How could Margo, turn down an invitation like that. Margo, jumped on the bed, and asked Jolene. “How do I jump on the bed, can you show me?” Margo asked. “lik dith.” Jolene said, as she gave Margo a quick lesson on how to jump. Margo sang, “Three little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off, and bumped his head.” Jolene was giggling so hard that she could barely jump. Jolene plopped on the bed, followed by Margo. They laughed and giggled so hard the Jolene had to go potty. Annie took care of Jolene, while Margo gathered the dogs together, and went outside. It was time to turn in and get some well deserved sleep. jump.jpgAnnie slept well. The dogs, and the young little lady, cuddled he, all night long. If Annie moved, her arm, Jolene would cuddle closer. Margo woke with usual covering of dogs. As the suns bright light, danced on the wall, the dogs started to stretch, and yawn. Margo, yawned, then coughed. The dogs were on the floor, patiently waiting for Margo to drag herself out of the covers. Annie, and Jolene were still snuggling, like two bugs in a rug. Margo wanted to get a picture of the pair sleeping so soundly. But, the dogs had an urgency, that would not wait much longer. Margo headed down the stairs, and straight to the kitchen door. She opened the door, and six dogs shot out the door like their tails were on fire. Margo sat in her rocking chair watching the dogs run, and play. She always loved watching the dogs, roll around on the ground. Digging their back feet into the grass then take off, leaving blades of grass flying in the wind. It seemed fun, being a dog. They had a wonderful person who took exceptional care of you.  With only one bark, or a flash of those sad eyes, or just sit there looking pretty, would get you anything you desired. Margo, called the dogs into the house. She made a pot of fresh coffee. Went to find her camera to get a picture of her two sleeping beauties. Margo took a quick photo, then another. She made her way back down the stairs, to have her first coffee, of the day. Margo poured a full cup, then went back to the porch to relax, while the dogs relaxed in the grass.grass.jpgMargo, could hear some whispering, coming from inside the kitchen. It was Annie and Jolene. Annie came outside, with a cup of coffee, and Jolene was carrying a glass of cold milk, and cookies in a baggie. Annie, sat her coffee down on the table, then put Jolene’s milk next to her coffee. She gently picked up Jolene, and sat her in the chair between herself, and Margo. Jolene dug into her baggie, and pulled out a cookie. Margo watched as, Jolene said. “Dis for yoo.” With a tiny hand stretched towards Margo, Jolene offered the cookie. Margo’s hand reached for the cookie, Jolene had picked for her. “Thank you, Jolene.” Margo said , as she took a small bite of the cookie. “Yummy!” Margo said. Jolene answered. “Yum!” Annie was giggling, as she watched Jolene devour her cookie. Margo, knew that she had to call the land lord, and speak to her. Margo, asked Jolene. “How did you get into the attic sweetheart?” Jolene, looked at Margo then at Annie. “Me go  stairs.” Jolene said. “Can you show us, the stairs you went up.” Jolene shook her head yes, got down off her chair, grabbed Annie’s hand, and led both ladies to a small shed at the back of the house. The shed was covered by the bushes and vines. To the point, that it was not visible. The shed was covered with nasty cob webs, and thick dust on everything it contained. The place looked like it was frozen in time. At the back of the shed, Jolene started to climb stairs. Annie was right behind her, and Margo, brought up the rear, with her pack of dogs. The door was easy for Jolene to open, and she went into the dimly lit attic. Margo asked Jolene. “How did you get down to the kitchen to get the milk and cookies?”milk.jpg“I go dis way.” Jolene said. Jolene led them to a tunnel, that led down to an opening. “Dis way.” Jolene said, as she walked slowly down a set of stairs that came out into a bedroom closet. Margo, could not figure out why, the dogs did not growl. Maybe because, Jolene was a little girl, and posed no threat to Margo. Margo, wondered why Jolene, had not woke her up. But, Jolene was alone and very afraid, and at that point she may have been in shock. Once Jolene, had shown, how she got into the attic, then into the kitchen, Margo, made the call to the land lord. Margo said, there was a problem and she needed to come to the house as soon as she could.shed.jpgThe land lord (Ronda) showed up an hour later, and Margo went over what had been happening in the house. Annie introduced, Jolene to Ronda. “This is our attic visitor.” Annie said. “We were missing milk and cookies from the kitchen. I heard creaking on the floor above my bed. At first, I thought nothing of it, but when the food was missing, we went to investigate. We found, a door in one of the bedrooms, that was sealed behind plaster. Margo showed Ronda, the door to the attic, and the place where Jolene had been sleeping. The ladies took Ronda, up the pathway Jolene, had shown them. They took the stairs to the shed, then outside. Margo, explained how Jolene told her mom, and dad were in heaven. “On a walk we took, with Jolene, she began to cry and pointed to the place where her parents were. The sad things is they are there.” Margo said to Ronda. Ronda, was over whelmed with all the goings on at the house. Annie said. “We need to call the police and report what has happened, and how we found Jolene.” Ronda agreed, that it was best to do that today. Ronda told Margo, she would have the stairs in the shed sealed off for good. Along with the closet, and the bedroom stair entrance. The work would start tomorrow.  Ronda, told Margo, “I am going to call the police, right now.” “I will stay here, till the police finish.” Margo asked Ronda, “Is there anyway you could have then leave Jolene with us, till they find her family?” “Please, she is so little, and has been through so many scary things already.” Margo, begged Ronda, to make it so Jolene could stay with them.” “I will do my best.” Ronda said.  It was only, half an hour and the police were there. Ronda, Margo, Annie, and Jolene went through the whole ordeal again, with the police. Ronda took them through the entrances to the house. Then, took them to the crash site. The car would have never been seen from the road. If it had not been, for the ladies finding Jolene, the bodies would have never been found and Jolene would have parished. police.jpgThe rest of that day was spent going over what had happened, what had been discovered, and if the child could stay with them till, family was found.  Because of the rural area, the ladies were able to keep Jolene with them. Margo, realized that a social worker, would come and check in from time to time. Margo, Annie, and Jolene had no problem with those conditions.

Family was eventually found for Jolene. Visitation was set up with the family member, until Jolene was comfortable with them. Annie, and Margo missed Jolene a lot. Margo, and Annie, were allowed visitation rights. This way Jolene, could stay with them anytime. Margo, and Annie where Jolene’s fairy godmothers.

Show the ones you love, how precious they are to you, and never let them wonder.

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