Vacation time

Travel is something most people do on their vacations each year. This family of travellers are much the same as others.

“Planning a travel holiday is serious business,” Ron Taylor would always tell his family each year. Ron would usually get rolling of the eyes from his two children, Aimie 10 and Foster 14. Harriott was always fine with the planning a vacation no matter where they were going. The Taylor family has travelled by plane, train, car but now the trip would be in a full-sized motor home. The children had no idea dad had bought a motorhome for this year’s vacation as well as all trips in the future.
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At the dining table, mom and dad went over the plans and the route they would be taking. The fact of having a motorhome to drive would not be revealed to Aimie nor Foster. This part of the plan was top secret. The children were asked to join mom and dad to help plan their journey. Foster approached the table dragging his feet like he had a broken leg. “Do I have to?” Foster said. “Yes!” You do mom said. Foster let out a long deep sigh. Aimie, came to the table happy and too full of energy as she usually did. She loved to be in on the plans that were being made.
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Aimie was four years younger than Foster and the excitement had not grown away from her, yet. Foster was older and seemed to have grown out of all the excitement. He was a teen now and being with on a family vacation was really lame, in his words. Ron was sure that Foster’s attitude would change the day the motorhome was parked in the driveway. That day was going to be the day they left. Harriott could not wait to see the look on Foster and Amie’s faces as dad pulled into the driveway.
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Dad asked. “Where should we go this year?” Aimie shouted. “I want to go to see the wild horses out west,” Foster commented, “There are no such things as wild horses out west.” “You have been watching too many westerns.” Aimie started to cry. Foster always treated his baby sister badly, and this time was no different. “Come on Foster, be nice to your sister.” Mom said. Foster just rolled his eyes and smirked. His parents were hoping that someday in the near future Foster would have a change of heart.
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Dad and mom thought Aimies idea was a great one. Plus they could see the mountains in a whole new way. “What do think Foster?” Dad said. Foster just let out a grunt and slouched further down into his chair. “This is going to be the best trip ever, you wait and see.” Mom said. Aimie was really excited for the week to end and the trip to start. Foster did his usual eye roll and did a sinking shrug in his chair.
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The week moved quite fast and the trip was only one day away. Mom had been very busy gathering all the things needed to have a great time. When Foster saw mom gathering cooking items he asked. “Why do we need stuff like that for the trip?” Foster said. Mom explained that there would be campouts and the food was very important to keep us alive. Foster Just shuffled away mumbling to himself. he was having a lot of problems accepting this trip.
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The day arrived and in the kitchen, mom had things scattered all over the place. There were boxes of clothes on the floor, food in boxes on the counters, clothes hanging in the front closet and dishes in other boxes. Mom had bedding, quilts and pillows lined up against the hallway wall. There were baseball gloves, balls and bats leaning in the corner by the door. The reality was setting in, this was going to happen. Dad said, “Foster take care Aimie, we have one more thing to get before we leave.” “Mom and I will be back in about an hour,” Dad yelled from the door. Foster just never spoke just nodded his head yes.
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Harriott could hardly wait to get to the sales place. Ron was excited as well. They were like two little kids in the candy shop. Ron had a call earlier saying the motorhome was gassed up and ready to go., all fluids checked, manuals in plain sight, and water tank full up. Harriott could see the billboard for the trailer sales place, she could hardly contain herself. Ron grabbed Harriott’s hand telling her, “We did it we have our own motorhome paid in full!” He had a smile that made his face seem small. Harriott was giggling like a young girl on Christmas morning.
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The salesman went over a few important items in the trailer. Ron and Harriott asked any questions they could think of at the time. Then the keys were placed in Ron’s hand and an extra set in Harriott’s hand. Ron sat in the driver’s seat with Harriott in the passenger’s seat. Harriott kissed Ron and went to the car and drove home. The children were sitting outside waiting for them to return. Mom drove the car up to the garage door, and Foster came over to her asking, “Where is our dad?” Mom said,” Remember that surprise I told you was coming?” “Well wait here until dad gets here. he has it with him.”
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A beautiful motorhome turned the corner and dad was in the driver’s seat. “A motorhome!” Foster yelled. “Yahoo!” Aimie jumped up and down clapping and giggling. Dad backed the motorhome into the driveway and got out, he went to the door unlocked it and went inside, with the family right behind him. There were a lot of oh wows, and many questions. Banning together the family loaded the motorhome with all the items mom had in the house. Aimie helped mom put things away, and make the beds. Foster helped dad pack some items in the back of the trailer under the bed. Dad showed Foster how to turn on the fridge with propane and how to put the awning down then back up.
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With the motorhome packed with the essentials and a very happy family. The trip had begun, heading west on the highway.
To be continued.
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