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    In the garden grows….     All pictures taken by myself.. Mags… 🙂 -garden-1

We all have gardens of some sort around our homes. Gardens are thought out by those that design beauty around business and buildings. Gardens adorn the parks we stroll threw. 

Hi, my name is Tory Vincent, and I’m five years old. I have brown hair, dark brown eyes. I got these pencil dots on my face. My mom told me they are freckles. She told me they make me look handsome. I told her, I don’t know what that means. Mom explained that handsome had something to do with my sparkling eyes, and my button nose. She said I had the best smile she had ever seen. Mom told me my freckles helped to bring out the color of my eyes. I guess, when mom put all those things together that was what made me handsome. I loved my mom a lot, but I didn’t have a daddy. Mom was both, mom and dad put together. We lived at my grandma, and grandpa’s house. Mom worked very hard, and hoped someday that she could buy a house just for the two of us to call home. Grandpa’s house was really cool. Papa had made me a secret place where I could go and read my books. It was made just under the stairs that led to the bedrooms. They had six bedrooms, and ours had a bathroom just off of mom’s bedroom. I still liked to sleep with mom, because me being so little, I found the house scary. Nana said there was nothing to be afraid of, and that my imagination was playing tricks on my eyes.

DSCN1011.JPG      Yellow flowers row on row……

Papa took me through every room, so I could look around. We looked under the beds, in the dressers, in the closet, and even under the rugs. Papa was right, there was nothing scary there. The kitchen was my favorite place to look around. I got to play with pots, and a wooden spoon. I would make lots of noise to scare away the bad things in my imagination away. Nana would ask if I was done scaring all the imagination things away. Nana had a couple cookies and milk waiting for my snack. Nana’s cookies were the best cookies in the world. The cookies were peanut butter, and had these huge chocolate chunks in them. ‘Yum, my favorite kind of cookie. Papa would try to get a cookie and nana would hit his fingers with a wooden spoon. I would laugh and papa would pout like I did all the time when I wanted something. I would wait for nana to turn around, and I would give papa half of my cookie to eat. I would laugh when he would act like he was sneezing, and would put a piece of the cookie in his mouth. Papa was really funny.. Papa taught me how to do the same trick. Papa and me spent a lot of time together. He would take me fishing in the pond. I caught a little fish once, but he was too little to eat. Darn.. The place I loved to go and help papa was in the garden. I helped him did holes to put plants in, and I would pull out the bad weeds with papa. I just wanted to be like him.

DSCN1010.JPG    A blaze of red and white…..

I did all the things that papa did. I would have a play razor, and I would stand on my stool in the bathroom and shave along side papa. I carried a white rag in my back  pocket to blow my nose on or wipe my face when I was hot. I had a hat just like papas. The garden had all kinds of pretty flowers. They smelled really good. Papa and me would sit in our chairs and watch the bees buzzing around and in the flowers. Papa would ask me to count the bees for him. I was too small to count the bees. So he would help me with the counting. Papa would point at the bees, then he would say a bee was coming and tickle me under my arms. I wiggled around and laughed.. Papa would go for walks in the woods, and look for little sticks for a camp fire after supper. Mom and nana would come out with us and sit by the fire. We would watch the sparks float to the sky. Nana or papa would tell stories, about when they were younger. Mom would tell about the things she would do in the house, and garden when she was little like ‘me.’ We would laugh at funny things mom did, even if she didn’t think they were funny. Papa would laugh and I would copy the way he laughed. He called me, his mini me. He had to tell me what that meant, cause I didn’t understand.

DSCN1039.JPG        In the garden grows…..

I would usually fall asleep in my mommies arms, as we sat by the fire. Papa always said it was the work we did in the garden that always made me sleep. I knew I was tired, but as a boy and no matter how little I was, I would fight falling asleep. Mom would tuck me into bed, then go have a coffee with nana and papa. I loved being with the people I loved. Everything was going well and then it all changed one day. I was not happy.. 🙁

Join me tomorrow to see what this thing was that made Tory so unhappy… 🙂

Hello everyone. My day today was pretty well quiet, and without any surprises. How was your weekend? I hope your weekend was good. Our gardens are blooming, and showing colors of purple, orange, pink, red, white and green. It’s very pretty. I was hoping the rain would have fallen on Saturday night, but all we got was a sprinkle in the early evening. It was not even enough to dampen the ground. ‘Darn.’ We water out plants from the rain barrel usually but that barrel in empty now. We have a lot of what I call water plants. The ones that have be water everyday. Even twice a day depending on how hot it is. Well, this girl has to get going… I wish everyone a great Monday… I would like to say to my Husband. “I wish him a Happy thirteenth Anniversary”… “Love ya dear”.. Till later.. Keep the right side up… 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all those who take the time out of their busy days to read my stories… 🙂 🙂 All the pictures in this story are taken by ‘Me, Mags.’ Enjoy…:) 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   Thanks for being here… 🙂 🙂






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