Visiting the garden (10)


P5020264.JPG  Mother nature has so many beautiful things for us to see..

Ellie the bus driver had taken up on Jody’s offer to come for coffee. Jody’s parents found Ellie’s company to be a refreshing breath of air. Mom had invited Ellie for dinner on Sunday night, and she excepted. Good friends had been made that evening…

After dinner mom and dad talked with Miss Ellie, while Sally and I got the children bathed and ready for bed. The children wanted to sit and listen to Miss Ellie tell the story of her grandpa ‘Mr. Henry Ford.’ Sally and I told them that they could only stay an hour more, then it would be time to go to bed. School was the next morning and the children needed their sleep. I told them they didn’t want to fall asleep in the classroom, as their teacher would be unhappy. The children agreed to the terms of staying up. They had one request to add, and that was a treat and a glass of milk while they listened. “Deal.” I said as we shook hands on the arrangement. I had no idea the children were so interested in Miss Ellie’s stories. Sally could see why the children were so interested, as she wanted to listen more as well. Sally, herself could hardly wait to see the cars in storage. I wanted to see them as too. The collection, must have been immense. Henry Ford was a legion in his time. Dad was biting at the bullet, and didn’t want to ask to see the collection. He was trying so hard to wait for an invitation from Ellie. Ellie was good at hiding who she was and where she lived. Mom wonder if maybe she didn’t want people to know. Mom just wanted Ellie as a close friend. Someone mom could chum around with. Mom had told me once that she loved dad a lot but, sometimes she wished she had a friend to talk to without dad there. Girl stuff, that kind of thing. I kiddingly asked mom. “I’m a girl, and you can talk to me.” Mom laughed, and patted me on the head. I’m sure I heard her say. “Good girl.” As she walked away.

DSC_0300.JPG         Dainty and delicate…..

It was nearing the children’s bed time, and Miss Ellie was getting ready to leave. “School bus driving will be waiting for me early in the morning’ and I must be getting home.” “I have had a wonderful time with all of you this evening.” Miss Ellie said, as she stood and headed to the door. Tory asked. “Could we give you a hug before we go to bed?” Miss Ellie seemed to be surprised, or maybe she just didn’t expect the children would be so forgiving. Miss Ellie had a slight watering of the eyes, as Tory and Amber wrapped their arms around her waist and hugged her tightly. Miss Ellie was smiling from ear to ear as she patted the children on the back, and said. “Good night, and sleep tight.” Tory could be heard finishing off her sentence. “And don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Miss Ellie laughed, as the children waved while we flowed them upstairs. It would seem Miss Ellie had found more than just a cup of coffee, when drove up to our door. Dad and mom walked Ellie to her car, and said their good nights, and said thank you to a beautiful lady. Miss Ellie did not live far from our place, and in time we found out where she called home. Mom became really good friends with Ellie, and Ellie became a fixture in our home. It’s not often you come across a true honest friend. A friend that would always have your back no matter what. Mom and Dad found that friend, in Miss Ellie. I found that same friend in Sally, when I met her for the very first time.

DSC_0042 (1).JPG            Red flowers…….

When morning came the children were up and eating breakfast. Sally and I were getting ready for along day at our jobs. Mom and dad would make sure the children got to the bus on time. We would see them later after Miss Ellie dropped them off at our drive way. Sally was a graphic designer, and she was quite popular in her field of work. As for me, I was and still am a waitress at ‘Mow’s Grill and Dinner.’ My job wasn’t as fascinating as Sally’s, but I didn’t mind the contact with the public. I was safe now and could be out in the open. Heck, I would never had met Sally, if it wasn’t for the dinner. We had many fine conversations, and a lot of coffee there. Now we can have our coffee with each other in front of the T.V. or on the front porch. Life was good. Sally called me that Monday at work and told me the house had sold. Thanks to the front gardens and the curb appeal they had added. Sally also mentioned that she needed to talk to dad about designing gardens for other people’s homes. That made dad a very happy man. Dad wrote a book with some of his garden design’s in it, and it was published. We were very proud of him. Mom and Ellie keep each other company all the time, especially when dad was busy at his new career. As for our wonderful children, they are still the loves of our lives, and they are growing up way too fast. Tory is still saving Amber from all that could harm her. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Tory and Amber get married in the future.  Dad was over-whelmed when seen the cars Ellie’s grandpa had left in storage.

DSC_0304.JPG      Even the tiniest flower can attract a crowd….

Dad talked Ellie into letting him buy one of the beautiful cars from the collection. It’s great when we see mom, dad and Miss Ellie cruising the main drag of our town. They all dress in period costumes, which attracts a lot of attention. Ellie’s secret was kept by our family and no one knew who she really was, or who was her grandpa. Ellie wanted it that way. Sally and I still live in the same house with mom and dad. We never seen the reason to move away. We were a family of six plus Ellie, and we were quite happy that way. Sally and myself will be here always to take care of mom, dad, Miss Ellie, and our loving children. There is no place on earth that we would ever want to be, but home…

Thank you for joining me each day as we followed this family… I will return next week with another story from “The power of Imagination.” 🙂 🙂

Hello… Nice to see everyone on this warm sticky Friday July 26th. The weather here is going to take a turn from the beautiful weather, we have been enjoying this past week. I guess the way the heat has been we should cherish the cool weather on the days we get it. Don’t forget about our furry, feathery, and hairless critters in this heat. They need to hydrate just like we do. I ask that you keep a bird bath, a bowl, or a horse trough filled with cool drinking water for the creatures. Even little chipmunks drink from bird bathes… Most of all bring pets inside during the heat. Look out for seniors, and our neighbors…. Lend a helping hand when you can… Have a safe Friday and weekend… Till later… be safe… 🙂 🙂

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