Visiting the garden (2)

DSCN0949.JPGLook who was taking a bath in the bird bath…

Tory was a lucky young man. Papa had made him a secret place under the big stairs where he could read. Papa called Tory his ‘Mini Me.’ Tory was not happy when he found out what was going to happen today.

When I got out of bed I was still unhappy. I knew there was a day planned by mom. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her plan. I had my lip stuck out as far as I could get it. My arms were crossed tightly across my chest. I was in defiance. Mom said if I wasn’t good I would spend the day in my room. I liked that better, than the things she had planned for me. I stood there and stuck to my guns. When, I would not eat my breakfast, I was set to my room. ‘Yes!’ I would not be torched by the plan mom had for me. I laid on the bed for a few minutes. Then I stood and looked out the window that over looked the garden. Papa must have still been in the house, cause I couldn’t see him. Once I got bored with looking out the window, I jumped on the bed. I would jump up then plop down into the soft covers. I did this a few times till I  got tired. I looked at one of my books, and I was bored. I laid there looking at the ceiling. I could hear someone coming up the stairs.

DSCN0948.JPG         Trying to keep cool…

I put all the covers over me so whoever it was would not find me. I heard big feet stomping on the floor. I was starting to have my imagination playing with my eyes again. I felt a hand grab my foot and pull me near the bottom of the bed. I let out a big scream. The hand went away. ‘Who was there?’ I said, in a really deep voice. There was no answer. I was getting scared. I felt the blankets being moved, like someone was climbing in beside me. I started to cry, and a big hand touched me. I screamed as loud as I could. The hand made it’s way under the blankets, and touched my skin. I hit the hand and rolled out of the other side of the bed. I started to back away. The thing sat up. My eyes were closed. I didn’t want to look. I heard a laugh that sounded like papa. I jumped on the bed, and pulled the coves off his head. Then I fought with papa. Papa was laughing and tickling me under my chin. ‘I know it was you, papa. We lay there laughing and fighting till we heard mom ask. ‘What is going on up there?’ We began to whisper. Mom was coming up the stairs. Papa and me, hide in the closet, so mom could not see us. ‘Where are you two?’ Mom called out. We were very quiet till papa farted in the closet. We started to laugh and run from the closet. Mom laughed too cause she could smell the fart too.




A blend of colors…..

Mom asked papa. ‘How could you do that too such a little boy?’ Mom said, papa did the same thing to her when she was little. I was watching papa and he was still laughing. I sat on the bed beside papa, and mom talked to me. She said. ‘You be good, and come down when company comes.’ Papa you make sure he is clean and dressed. Papa looked at me and me looked at him. Then we laughed together, and made a silly face. Mom went back down stairs. Papa told me the lady coming over was a nice lady. ‘But, what about the girl?’ I said. Papa told me that someday when I grow up I will like girls. I  think he’s crazy. ‘Girls.’ I said as I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. No one know what girls can do to boys. They pinch us and pull are hair. Papa helped me pick out my best clothes, and get dressed. We stared out the window from the bed waiting. We didn’t say a word. Papa put his arm around my shoulder and I put my arm on his shoulder. This was boring waiting for her to come over.


Colors so beautiful…



I started to sing and so did papa. His voice was scratchy on my ears. I put my hand on his mouth, and he bit my finger. A car pulled into the driveway. A lady got out of one door, and the girl got out of the other. She didn’t have a dress on. She had on jeans and a tee shirt. I got papa to help me change. I looked silly in this shirt, and pants. I wanted me dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Papa and me went down stairs. I stood there while mom messed up my hair, as she talked to her friend. There was a plate of sandwiches on the table, and I was hungry. Nana got me a full sandwich, two cookies, and milk. I asked the little girl if she wanted some. ‘Yes please.’ She said. We sat at the kitchen table and ate our lunch. ‘My name is Tory.’ I said. ‘What is your name?’ ‘My name is Amber.’ She said. She stuck her tough out at me. I gave her a funny face back. She laughed. The rest of the day was fun with Amber. We helped papa in the garden. We took a walk in the forest with papa later in the day. It was dark when Amber went home. You know, she was a nice kind of girl, after all. She didn’t pinch me or pull my hair. She my friend. Soon Amber and me would be going to school and we would be in the same class. I liked that and so did Amber. We was good friends and she would come over and play often. Amber and her mom would come to our house to stay, when my mom was on holidays. They would sleep over, and I showed Amber my secret room my papa made for me.

baby robin.jpg     A baby Robin who could not fly well…

Join Tory and Amber as they travel through the rest of their summer as best friends…  See you later… 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone.  How was your day? Mine was good. I got me a migraine today just blowing up a small pillow for the head. I never had that before. I have found a way to get rid of the partial blindness, I get. But the pain part is there as a, ‘don’t bend over,’ dull pain. That pain usually lasts for two days. It’s a thudding only if you don’t relax. Pretty weird, if you ask me. Monday was our Anniversary, and we went to Red Lobster for dinner. The biscuits usually kill your ability to finish your dinner, as they are so darn tasty. Then there is the crab stuffed mushrooms. They are our favorite. They taste so savory. I had garlic shrimp and a salad. I also ordered the breaded shrimp, but the batter on them was icky. I pealed the batter off and ate the shrimp. I don’t believe I will ever order them again…. All in all the day was fantastic… Well… You take care of the ones you love, and be safe… Till later.. Don’t take any wooden nickels… 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank the wonderful people who read my stories each day… I appreciate your kindness… 🙂 🙂   I am the lady, who has shared some of  my pictures with you today.. Thanks. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for being here… 🙂 🙂


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