Visiting the garden (3)

side view garden 2019.jpg        Side view of part of the garden….

Tory had finally excepted Amber as his best friend. Amber was  notsuch a bad girl like most Tory had met. Tory had even let Amber see the secret place papa had built just for him. That was a big step for Tory to take. Soon school would roll around, and both Tory and Amber would attend school together…

Summer was running out, and school was about to begin in another week. I was a little on the nervous about the first day.  I knew I would feel better once I got to see Amber. I would be taking a bus to school. ‘Wow!’ But, for the first day, papa, nana, and mom drove me to school. Amber had to take the bus as well. Like my family, Amber’s mom drove her to school. When we arrived the place was a buzz with little, and big people. The buses were lined up along the front of the school. Mom, and Amber’s mom took pictures of us in front of the school, and in front of the buses. A nice man took a couple pictures of nana, papa, mom and Amber’s mom in front of the school with us. All the excitement of seeing my classroom and teacher was making me hyper. In the school we all went to the classroom where we would be for the year. There was lots of books to read, and a big chock board at the front of the room. The teacher and a lady who looked like nana stood at the front of the room. We were instructed to take a seat at the desk with our name on the card. Family was instructed to stand against the wall, and watch for a bit if they wished. The teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Waterford. The other lady introduced herself as Miss Green. Miss Green told us that she was there as the second teacher. Some of the parents took pictures of the teachers and the classroom full of us guys. The teacher did a role call, that’s what she called it. When we heard are name we would say ‘Here.’ After that we sang the anthem. The family members sang along with the class.

DSCN0984.jpgThe rabbit that has been coming to my garden since she was a baby..

With the singing over, the teacher told all of us to say bye-bye to our families, and the families were told to leave. The Principal (Mr. Walters) told the families what time we would be boarding our buses to head home. Mr. Walters also said that the bus would drop the students at the end of the laneway. He said we children would be bringing home some paper work to fill out and send back the next day. There would be a calendar sent home, with the things the children would be doing through out the month. It was time to head home, and wait till Tory came home. Amber’s mom (Sally Jones) suggested that we all go have a coffee, at the coffee shop. That was a good idea. A coffee was what we all needed. Everyone talked about how cute the children looked in their desks. We were all proud of our little ones, for being so brave and not crying as we left the classroom. It was a big step for the moms too. Dad wanted to head home. He never said why. Sally said she would bring me back to the house in a little while. Off dad and mom went. Sally and I sat and talked about some topics that had not been brought up before. You see I liked Sally a lot and she felt the same about me. I didn’t know how my mom and dad would react to the thought of their daughter with a woman. I knew someday it would be brought up, and dealt with. Till then it was best for things to stay as they were. Sally was at the house a lot anyways, but we decided to kept our feelings in private for now.  Sally didn’t mind nor did I. After coffee, Sally and I went to the mall to get the children a little something to celebrate their first day of school. We got a cake and ice-cream, funny hats to wear, and those things that go out far when you blow into them. We did not get toys, those were for Christmas, Birthdays, and very special occasions.

DSCN0981.jpgThere she is laying on the cool ground up against the fence…

Once, back at the house I asked mom what dad was up to. She said he was busy in the garage, and had been there since they arrived home. Sally and I put the cake away, and the ice-cream. We hid the hats in the cupboard so the children would not see them till dessert time. Sally talked with mom while I went to see what dad was up to in the garage. I did not see him at first, then called out to him. Dad was in the wood shop room he had added to the garage. He was busy sanding down a couple of old desks I had never seen before. I asked dad if he needed any help with the sanding. Dad told me to grab a sander and sand. We worked pretty hard till the sanding was done. The desks were beautiful, and the pattern in the wood stood out. I wiped the desks down as dad burnt the children’s names into the front of the seat back rest. Dad took the torch and burned the wood to make the pattern in the wood come to life. The desks were so beautiful, and I gave dad a kiss on the cheek for who he was to me. When we finished it was near the time for the bus to drop the children at the end of the lane. I grabbed one desks and dad took the other, and we put them into the house. We all gathered together, and walked to the end of the lane to wait for the bus. I had my camera in hand to take a picture of Tory and Amber getting off the bus. We could see the bus approaching and it stopped right in front of us. Sally told the driver that Amber would be getting off the bus here. But the next time she would get off at home. The driver said to Sally. ‘I can’t do that mama. School policy.’ Sally was a bit upset, and Amber was too. ‘I must have a written notice from the principal to let her off here.’ The driver said.

Come join the family tomorrow, as they talk to the bus driver…. See you then.. 🙂

Hello. How is everyone on this warm Wednesday morning? We are into another day of heat and humidity. If the heat doesn’t get ya the humidity will. It’s hard to be all sticky and hot, with no relief for what seem like forever. At least it feels like that sometimes. Oh boy! Do I like summer. It’s better than the winter, and I should not complain. But we all seem to do just that, as far as the seasons go. We got rain overnight and we had bit of rain Tuesday afternoon. It was refreshing, and cleared out some of the heat.  So if you are in the heat on Wednesday, drink lots of water….. Till later.. Keep cool somehow…. 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all my awesome readers who read my stories each day.. Thanks… 🙂 🙂   All the photos shown in this story are taken by myself.. Enjoy… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thank for all your support… 🙂 🙂

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