Visiting the garden (4)

DSCN1044 (2).JPG        You can’t see me….

Sally and Jody had bought a surprise for the children after they had eaten their supper. Everyone walked down the lane to wait for the bus to drop Tory off. Sally politely asked the bus driver to allow Amber to get off at Tory’s house, just this one time.

Sally was upset with the driver of the bus. The driver (Miss Ellie) was sticking to her guns on school policies. Sally became very unsettled as she could see that Amber was crying, and visibly upset. Jody spoke to the Miss Ellie, and told  her what was waiting for both Tory and Amber once they were in the house. Jody told her that Amber and Tory had been best friends for a longtime. Tory had found his way back onto the bus. He was sitting comforting Amber. He had Amber’s little hand in his, and was tapping her on the back. Jody and the Miss Ellie could hear what Tory was saying to Amber. ‘Don’t cry Amber, cause I am here to make your tears go away.’ He said, as he looked at Amber’s face. Jody felt a tear make it’s way down her cheek. She turned to the Miss Ellie, and to her amazement she had tears on her face too. Jody told the Miss Ellie that tomorrow she would write a letter to the principal, and make sure that from now on Amber could be dropped off at Tory’s house. Miss Ellie, let Amber leave the bus with Tory. Tory stopped before he went past Miss Ellie. ‘Thank you Miss Ellie, for letting Amber come to my house.’ He said. ‘I will see you on the bus tomorrow morning.’ Tory waved as he left the bus holding Amber’s hand. Sally took pictures of Tory and Amber as they left the bus. Jody asked if Miss Ellie would mind if she took a picture with the children on the steps of the bus. Miss Ellie had no problems getting her picture taken with Tory, and Amber. With pictures taken and everyone happy again, the family headed up the driveway to the house.

DSCN1021 (2).JPGUp close and personal.. This is the squirrel that picked off the top of our sun flower plant, and took it away…GRRR….

Once in the house the children had pictures they made for their moms, nana, and papa. There were forms to fill out and the calendar for their first month of school was placed on the refrigerator. Papa said he would make a special board, that all the pictures from school could be hung. Tory and Amber thought that was a good idea, and hugged papa and thanked him. Amber was so, included in the family, that she knew she would get a board too. She loved papa and nana like they were grand-parents she didn’t have. Papa liked the extra pair of helping hands he got in the garden. Papa loved both children and called Amber his grand-child, if anyone asked. Nana had a picnic type dinner ready and waiting in the fridge. Papa and the children helped him lay out three blankets on the grass near the garden. Tory and Amber brought out a small table, while papa brought out trays to put the drinks on. Nana, Sally and Jody were in the kitchen getting a couple of picnic bags filled up with all kinds of goodies. Papa was sitting on the blanket getting the fill in about the first day of school. Tory, and Amber were loud, excited, and butting in on each other as they spoke. Papa was chuckling as he watched the two of them gab away.

DSCN0955 (2).JPG      A baby bird who knows I can see him….

The back door of the house opened, and the ladies came out with two picnic baskets filled with yummy stuff. The children got up and helped nana carry her basket. It was plain to see that the little ones were excited and hungry. This was their very first picnic dinner. They had a lunch while fishing, but this was different. Lunch was not in a basket, and they weren’t fishing. Once the baskets were opened. The food was placed on the wooden trays on the blanket. Soon everyone was eating. Nana had made a good picnic dinner. The children nibbled on round sandwiches, grapes, pickles, cheese, and various other goodies. The family asked questions about the first day at school, and the children let them have it. Loud and clean.. The hand gestures, and facial expressions were too cute, and very hard to not giggle at them as they spoke. The conversation was like two whirling tops bumping into each other. Very comical.. Nana, Sally and Jody had wine, while papa had a beer, and Tory and Amber had root beer. It was plain to see that the sadness that happened on the bus, was washed away by laughter, and happiness. Little birds watched from bird feeders and the branches on trees. While bees buzzed in and out of the flowers in the garden. This was the most peaceful and relaxing place on earth. Once dinner was finished, the plates and left over food was taken inside by the ladies. Papa, Tory and Amber cleaned up the trays, blankets, and the small table. When that was done it was time to go inside the house.

DSCN0937.JPG   This is one of the baby squirrels that visit our garden….

There was a couple of surprises waiting in the house for Amber and Tory. Sally led Amber, as Jody led Tory. Papa was in the lead, and was watching to make sure the children didn’t open their eyes. Nana was already in the Livingroom waiting to say, ‘Surprise.’ Once standing in the right place, nana yelled out. ‘Surprise.. open your eyes.’ Wow! This is cool was all that could be heard as the children looked over the desks. ‘That’s my name, Amber and Tory said, as they pointed at their names. ‘Thank you, Thank you! The children said as they sat in their desks. Out in the kitchen Sally was getting the cake to bring it to the Livingroom. When she entered the room the children gasped when they saw the cake. The words on the cake said. “Happy first day of school, Amber and Tory.” The cake was so beautiful. As Sally turned to put the cake on the coffee table, she caught her foot on the corner of the rug. Jody laughed a bit then covered her mouth. Sally stumbled forwards, then backwards. She ran a few steps, as she tried not to drop the cake. Jody was recording the whole cake event. Nana and papa were laughing. Sally flipped over a shoe, why a shoe? Because I couldn’t think of anything else at the moment… 🙂 ;0 Sally fell like a falling tree, and landed with her face right in the middle of the cake… The house was in histarics. Nana and papa were clutching their stomaches. Tory and Amber had their mouths wide open as they looked at each other then looked at Sally. She was sitting up with cake stuck to her face. Sally wiped her eyes of cake so she could see what had happened. She looked so funny. Sally then licked the icing and cake off her hands, and said. “This is my piece, and no one can have it!” That made everyone laugh even more.

Join everyone tomorrow, to see if the children got their cake and ice-cream… See you then… 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone. How ya all doing? I’m great, and sitting in a cool living room looking at the paper. Wednesday was another muggy one. It did rain, but that make the muggy even worse. I went to visit my daughter and my grand-baby. Parker has grown so much in such a short time. He is wide awake more now. He loves to look at anything that has bright colors, television, the dogs, and cat. And he kicks his feet a lot. It was nice to visit with the both of them. I love them very much.. Well I need to run… Take care of the ones you love, and be safe… Till later… Keep hydrated… 🙂 🙂

I would like to say thanks to all my readers for reading my stories each day.. 🙂 🙂    All photos taken during this stories are taken by myself. Hope you enjoy… 🙂 🙂

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