Visiting the garden (5)

DSCN1154.JPG          Pretty yellow flowers….

With cake all over her face, Sally ate the icing and bits of cake from her hands. The children looked on with big wide eyes, and mouths wide open. The rest of the adults were laughing so hard that they did not notice the children…

There was cake covering Sally’s entire face. There was even some in her hair and ears. She looked a sight, as she ate the cake she had wiped from her eyes and face. The other responsible adults in the house looked silly to the children. Mom was on the floor kicking her feet in the air, while nana and papa were on the couch slouched together, and holding their stomachs. Sally finally notice the children. Both of them looked traumatized by what they had just witnessed. Sally whistled at Jody and pointed to the two children in their desks. Papa and nana looked at them, with concern yet questioning why, the children looked like they had seen a ghost. Jody asked. ‘What’s wrong guys?’ Tory answered. ‘Is the cake good enough to eat after Sally fell on it?’ Amber chimed in. ‘I really would like some cake and ice-cream if we can eat the cake.’ The sadness that fell upon the children’s face gave everyone a pain in the pit of their stomachs. Sally answered their question. ‘We can still eat the cake as long as you both don’t mind my face print in the cake. ‘The children smiled, and looked much less worried about the cake. Sally said. ‘If your mom helps me take this cake out to the kitchen, we can have cake at the table. ‘That was a hint given to Jody to be helpful. Picking up the cake was easy enough, and before the cake was put on the table Amber and Tory were at the table waiting. ‘Wow, you guys must really want cake?’ Sally said. Cake it will be, for all of us. Amber said. ‘Don’t forget the ice-cream.’ ‘Oh yes.’ Nana said, as she removed the ice-cream from the freezer. With plates filled with ice-cream and cake, everyone sat around the table, talked and laughed about the cake dance Sally had done…

DSCN1159.JPG     Lilies with rain drops on them, so crisp and colorful….

By the time the cake had been finished, and the talking subsided it was time for the children to go to bed. The bus would be at the house to pick them quite early in the morning. Jody took Tory up for a bath and helped him with his pyjamas and after he was finished they headed down stairs. Sally was talking with nana and papa at the table. She was trying to apologize for the mishap with the cake. Papa said it was a memory that would never be forgotten. Nana was totally agreeing with papa. It was funny.. Mom suggested that Amber and Sally just stay tonight. Amber always had clothing to wear, as Amber stayed over quite often. Sally was more than pleased to stay. Amber was excited as well. Amber looked forward to going on the bus with Tory in the morning. Sally took Amber up to prepare her for bed. The children were tucked in their beds, with kisses, hugs, and I love you done the children fell asleep quite quickly. Mom and dad were fairly tired, as the day had been pretty busy. Both of them headed up the stairs and into bed.

DSCN1153.JPG         Pretty yellow flowers, look like rays of sun shine…

Jody and Sally made coffee and started the task of filling out forms. Jody had to write the letter to the principal informing him that Amber would often be getting off the bus at Tory’s stop. Jody put a piece of cake into a container for Miss Ellie, as a thank you for letting Amber off the bus. Jody would give the note of thanks and the letter to the principal directly to Miss Ellie. Jody also extended an invitation to come visit for coffee when she had the time. Sally and Jody sat across the table from each other, and had been playing footsies with each other. Jody was cautious not to let her parents see the two of them together. She had no way of knowing how they would react to their relationship. Sally held Jody’s hand across the table, as she watched Jody finish her forms that had to be back to the school in the morning. You could see the love Sally had for Jody.. Jody looked up and smiled at Sally then raised from the chair and kissed Sally on the lips. Sally moved to the other side of the table and held Jody as she passionately kissed her on the lips. Sally heard a squeak come from a board that was loose on the stair case. Jody looked towards the door way and sat down to finish her forms. Sally made her way to the door to see if anyone was coming. Mom was about to enter the kitchen for a cup of warm milk, that helped her sleep.

DSCN0613 (2).JPG   Tiny purple flowers so dainty….

Jody looked at mom and said. ‘You can’t sleep mom?’ ‘No I think I need some warm milk, that might help.’ Mom replied. Sally pulled out a chair for mom to sit on and placed her warm cup of milk in front of her. ‘Is there something bothering you mom?’ Sally asked. Mom sat there for what seemed like along time, and finally she brought the secret out into the open. ‘I was just about into the kitchen when I saw the both of you kissing.’ ‘I turned and walked half way across the living room.’ Mom said. Sally and Jody listened to every word mom was saying. ‘I think nothing bad about the both of you if you are in a relationship.’ ‘I can’t speak for dad on the subject.’ Mom said. Jody answered. ‘Yes we are mom and have been for the past year.’ ‘We have kept it out of sight, as I had no idea how you felt about me being gay.’ Jody said. ‘I just ask one thing, that you be careful with the children and their knowing that you are both together?’ Mom asked. Sally assured mom that we are very careful around the children.  Jody began to tell her mom about Jasper and how she never felt right with him…..

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