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20100523_31.JPG             White on white…….

Mom had come across Jody and Sally kissing in the kitchen. Upon mom asking Jody if she was gay, the secret was now out in the open. After a talk with mom and some good advice to Jody and Sally from mom. It was time for the gals to talk with dad.

Mom had broken open a secret that was being hidden for years. Jody was so afraid to tell her parents, for fear they would shy away from their own daughter. Jody had lived along time with good intentions of letting mom and dad know. Jody was not ashamed of who she was inside. Every time she tried to break into conversation, something would happen. Privacy, was of the utmost importance, at least it was to Jody. The father to her son would interrupt her private moments with her parents. Jasper, Tory’s father, would be way too nosy for his own good. He was a man with a temper, that was never shown in public. His eruptions were displayed at home out of the eyes of others. Little Tory was too little to remember the angry man, who was his father. Jody took the brunt of the physical abuse, and the mental treatment. Jody had witnessed Jasper throw Tory on the couch because he was crying. Jody ran to Tory’s rescue, and was beaten for not minding her own business. There was no way on earth, Jody was going to allow her son to grow up with a violent man. She was going to get out and far away from Jasper. Jody started to take money from her tips, and hide them in a stuffed animal of Tory’s. It was a good place to hide her money. One day Jasper noticed, the amount of her daily tips were becoming smaller. He through her around the house like a rag doll, while holding her by the hair. He told her she was lazy, and was steeling his money. The minute Jody told him she was not steeling money. She tried her best to explain that the people coming into the restaurant were not tipping like they did before,  and for that he beat her harder.

DSCN1017 (1).JPG       The wonder of nature….

Dolly, my friend at the restaurant had asked me what had happened to my hair? ‘You know Jody you have several bald spots at the back of your head, and they weren’t there yesterday’. I would cry and Dolly would cover up my scars, inflicted  by Jasper. Dolly only met Jasper once, and flat right out told me to get as far as I could away from him. I explained that I was doing just that, and soon I would have enough money to leave. At the end of our shift, Dolly would sack away some money and I would give her what I was putting away. Jasper started to search me every time I came home from work. It was the most degrading treatment he put me through. That’s why I started leaving my money with Dolly. Dolly helped me leave sooner and I cherished her for her kindness. I loved Dolly, she was my best friend. Dolly was the only one, who made me feel like someone cared. I didn’t want to leave her behind. I tried so many times to talk her into leaving with me. But, she would down right refused. This place was her home, and her family was here. I didn’t blame her for the way she felt. I guess in away, I was just being selfish. To tell you the truth I was afraid to be alone. Dolly had supplied me with a car that ran like a top. It was a spare and she no longer drove. She told me it would last me at least a couple years. I owe her my life, and my son’s life. I’m hoping someday to have the means to pay her back, but that will never came. I was too late. Dolly had passed away, after Jasper had beaten her and drove his truck over her body. From what I’ve been told, he wanted to know where I had gone, and she would not tell him. I don’t have to worry about him anymore, as he is in prison serving out two life sentences.

DSCN1061.JPG        Hosta flowers…….

I went to Dolly’s funeral with no fear. I told her as I placed my hand on hers. She lay in her coffin looking so real. I wondered if this was just a dream, but the cold from her hands brought me back to reality. I said, I would never forget her, and I was sorry for what had happened to her at the hands of Jasper. I knew too well what she felt, as life slipped away from her body. I told her how much I loved her, then cried tears for the loss of a beautiful lady. I gave her a gentle kiss on her lips, before she was taken away. I was given pictures of her smiling. I thanked her family for inviting me. I left them with these words. She was a treasure that only god could have created for us all to love. I have her picture in my bedroom. She watches over Tory and I as we sleep. “Thank You my sweet friend for all you have taught me.”

DSCN0861 (1).JPG      Baby squirrel, resting…..

When I first left I tried to make it on my own, but I soon went home to live. Mom and dad had no idea what had happened to me, and this is the first time I have mentioned the horror I survived. As I explained to dad, about how I tried to live a life, denying  the person I was inside. He did not condemned me as I had feared he would. I could now breathe a sigh of relief and be the person I am today. Dad and mom held my hands during the truths I had told them. I wasn’t alone anymore, and I didn’t have to hide. Sally was crying with her head in her arms, as she laid her head on the table. I went over to rub Sally’s shoulders so she would know I was there. I told her that the pain and fear in my life was gone, and I had a new love and that was Sally. Sally looked up at me, as I wiped the tears from her cheeks. She stood and we hugged each other like there was no one around. I kissed her gently on the lips, and told her that I loved her. Sally smiled and lipped. ‘I love you too.’

Join me as we follow this family as they travel through life with a better understanding…. See you tomorrow… 🙂

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