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Jody had found that talking with her dad was much easier than she had anticipated. With mom and dad holding her hands, Jody was able to tell her story. Dad was very happy that Jasper was never going to get out of prison. Jody and Tory would be safe….

I had found out that life was different after coming out to my parents. Sally was happier than I had ever seen her. We were both happy, and life was going well. Sally had put her house on the market, and it was showing well. A few weeks had gone by and there had been no offers. Together with the help of mom and dad, and our children we all went and planted beautiful gardens around the front of the house. Dad picked out all the flowers, and shrubs that complimented each other. Sally and I went to a rock quarry, and gathered rocks of all sizes to place in the gardens. Dad was the greatest at planning the layout of the garden. We had a few yards of soil delivered to the drive way, and we work tirelessly at placing the soil where dad had shown us. Thank god, it was only Friday and we still had two more nights to finish this project up. Some of the soil was moved to the back yard to create a garden. We purchased six trees that a company was going to plant for us in the back yard. They would be showing up on Saturday morning around eight o’clock. Sally and I were beat and it was late. We needed to eat, bathe and get some sleep. Saturday would be here too soon for either of us. Mom and dad were still up waiting for us to come in for the night. Mom had a hot dinner waiting for us, and she insisted that we sit and eat before we did any thing else. Dad had drawn up plans that marked off the entire garden. He had all the plant and shrub names written in the corner with a number to indicate where each went. Sally told dad he was the master of the garden, and the place was going to be so pretty once the work was done. Dad smiled and gave himself a pat on the back.

DSCN1195.JPG      This Chipmunk seemed to like posing for his photos…

It was bright and sunny on Saturday morning, and a cool breeze was blowing from the north. This would be a perfect day to work on the gardens. The tree planters were in the back digging the holes to put the trees into. Mom and dad were keeping an eye on them to make sure they put them in the right places. Dad was a perfectionist, when it came to the gardens. He had made a sign that said. ‘Gardens designed by: Papa Nelson and associates.’ He had one for the back garden and one for the front yard. Sally thought it was a great idea to give dad the credit he so deserved for his designs. The children were out back watching the truck operator, off load the trees. The big boom fascinated them. The driver was really nice to the children and let them sit in the front of the truck when he drove it to the end of the laneway. Papa made sure he was in that truck too. After all he was as excited as the children were. Dinner time was approaching. So mom and dad had taken the children to the house. She fixed some food for the tree planters, and us. We were all getting hungry at that point. Mom made the dinner a picnic dinner, with fried chicken, crusty buns, raw vegetables, cheeses, and various other treats. She had lemonade in a large jug cooler, water and coffee for those that wanted it. When they all returned back to Sally’s house, we were waiting for them. The children had brought a few blankets and spread them on the ground as they had done before. It was perfect with all the workers and our family sitting on the blankets and feasting  on dinner. Dad engaged in conversations with the workers. There were many jokes (that children could hear), and stories of places the workers had been. Dad was right in the thick of the stories, and it was almost like he had been there with them. Mom was so happy to see everyone enjoying themselves. The work in the back yard was almost done, and soon the workers would leave.

DSCN1197.JPG       There is again posing… 

Once the food had been eaten, it was time to finish up the work in the back yard. Tomorrow, we would all plant the garden in the back yard. The back yard already looked fabulous, and with the garden it would be a paradise for the new owners. The front yard was nearly done as well. How could anyone not fall in love with such an inviting place? Sally and I went back to work, while mom and dad took the children back to the house. In the afternoon on Sunday, at two P.M. there would be an open house. Sally and I had our work cut out for us, and that was why we had to have the front yard done this evening. Sally had taken pictures of the before, and was waiting to take the after photos. Our hearts were put into every rock, bolder, and plant we placed. The finished product would be worthy of the cover spot in “Lawns and Gardens.” Sally was laughing at me as I stubbled and fell into the dirt. I had seen a mouse scurry by me and he startled me. She could always catch me doing something silly. Soon the last rock was placed and the garden was watered. We both stood back and admired the job we had done. It was time for the after photo. Sally had me sit on the steps of the front porch, and she took the after pictures. I had her do the same while I took an after picture. Tomorrow, we would have dad or mom take a picture of us together on the front steps. But, for tonight it was time to head home. I was done in and I needed sleep really badly. The alarm would ring at seven A.M. and the work would begin.

DSCN1187.JPG      ‘Oh my!’ This little fella is everywhere…

The light peaked through the window into the room where Sally and I were sleeping. The children were laying in the bed, between Sally and I. Sally stretched, and patted me on the arm to wake me up. I tried to pull the covers over my head, but Sally wouldn’t let me. It was Sunday, the day of rest, but there was rest for the wicked. The job had to be completed. Sally made her way down the stairs to the kitchen with me dragging my feet behind her. Dad had coffee made and was pouring two mugs, when he heard the us coming down the stairs. Mom was making some breakfast to eat before the we left. Mom and dad would be down once the children were up and fed…..

Join us as we follow Sally and Jody on the day of the ‘Open House.’ See you tomorrow… 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone. How was everyone’s Monday? I trust all went well, and as you had planned. Today was very pleasant as I got a chance to weed some of the gardens. The soil was damp so pulling out the weeds was not a hard job. I planned it after a small down pour wet the ground. I can remember as a child pulling weeds in the garden on the farm. The gardens on the farm were very large, and the soil was rock hard. The weeds always seemed to be so darn tall. It was a hot and tedious job, and there was no kind of shelter from the hot sun. My weeding today made me happy, I was not weeding on the farm….. Take care of those you love and be safe.. Till later… Keep a stiff upper lip… 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all my readers that read my stories each day. I appreciate your dedication… Thanks…. 🙂 🙂  The photos in the part of my story were taken by myself… I hope you enjoy… 🙂 🙂

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