Visiting the garden (8)

DSCN1215.JPG         Beautiful flower.. Yet danger lurks for the beetle….

Jody and Sally had a very busy late night, finishing off the front garden. The bright sun in the morning woke Sally. Sally nudged Jody, and Jody tried to hide under the cozy blankets. Sally was not having anything to with that kind behavior…

The day was a long one on the Saturday. I could not wait to get in my bed and drift off to dreamland. Sally was looking worn out as well. We had put our selves into the front garden, and we felt so proud when the project was done. Sunday morning we would be up quite early to work on the back garden. And to top the work schedule we had a crunch line to follow. Two P.M. would be the start of the open house. So with a hot breakfast, and a cup of java in our stomachs we headed upstairs to dress for the day. Once downstairs mom had a thermos of coffee waiting for us to take. We thanked mom and dad, said our ‘see ya later.’ And we were off. The drive to Sally’s house was about fifteen minutes away. I kept saying to Sally. ‘Are Sunday not the day of rest?’ Sally kept telling me not to whine. But, I liked bugging her. She was so easy to get going. Sally knew I was just being a brat. The weather was fabulous, not too hot, and the cool breeze helped to keep us cool when we worked. I wasn’t in any rush to get to the house, nor was Sally. Before long we could see the house in the distance. Something didn’t look quite right. I stared out the front window with my mouth open wide, and my eyes about to pop off my face. Sally was speechless. “Why?” I asked. “Why?” “Who could have done this?” “Why?” Sally still had no words to say. I turned to her and asked if she was okay. It was like she didn’t even hear a word I said to her. “Sally.” I said again this time in a louder voice. She turned her head and looked at me. One single tear worked it’s way down her cheek.

DSCN1213.JPG   This poor bug, as big as he is, seems to have a follower…

I opened my car door, as Sally did hers. We both stood with our hands on our hips looking at the garden. “What the heck happened?” Sally said, as we looked at each other. The looks on our faces must have been priceless, as we both pointed at each other and started to laugh. At that moment I was sure we had both lost our minds. Walking up the walk way to the stairs. Flowers had been knocked over and pressed down flat. Dirt was spread about the rocks and the porch. A few of the scrubs had been tilted in their soil. I was happy that dad was not here to see the mess. It would have broken his heart. Sally looked at her watch, and said. “We had better get moving on this mess pretty quick, or the back yard will not get done by two P.M.” I agreed with her, as we gathered shovels, rakes, and brooms. We headed for the mess. I looked over the garden beds, and seen no indication of who did this mess. No foot prints, nothing. We banned together. Starting at one end of the garden and made our way to the other side of the front porch. We swept off the rocks, and straightened some of them. We replanted the flowers that had been damaged. We replaced the ones that had been flattened with a few from the back yard. It was now ten o’clock and we still had a fair bit to do. Sally said. “Let’s just concentrate on the front garden for now.” It seemed like a bigger job, when it came time to fix the shrubs. Some of the holes needed to be re-dug, and shrubs placed just right before filling the soil in around them. Sally dug and I dug new holes for ten of the new shrubs. I stood far enough away from the garden, so I could see if the shrubs were straight. I needed a coffee, and so did Sally.

DSCN1212.JPG  It would look like the spider has the upper hand in this situation..

We decided to take ten minutes and gulp our coffee down. Mom has this thing about coffee being hot. I blew in my cup, as the steam drifted away from me. I took a good gulp, and oh my! The coffee was hot alright. I watched as the coffee exploded from my mouth. I was fanning my mouth to cool down the burning sensation. I was too busy reacting to the heat of the coffee. I had no idea I had propelled the coffee onto the side of Sally’s body. She did not look amused. Of course I found some humor in the situation, and began to howl with laughter. It was funny, at least to me it was. I got the death stare. Wow! Sally filled up and before I knew it coffee came spewing from her mouth. Direct hit. All over the front of my shirt. I was laughing, but not at the fact that I had been hit. Oh no! It was because of the way Sally hit her cheeks to expel the coffee. If anybody was watching the two of us, they would have been rolling on the floor. “Halt.” I said in a loud voice. But I was too late. My wet shirt was now covered in dirt. The dirt that was so unfairly thrown at me. You know who did it!! I wiped off as much of the dirt as could, then returned fire at close range. I rubbed the dirt into Sally’s wet tee shirt. I stepped back and ran my fingers through my hair. Finding dirt… As Sally took aim and her hand was ready to release. Who drives into the driveway, but mom, dad, and the children. We stood still, looking at them with surprise. Sally drew her dirt filled hand up in the air behind me. With the command. “Bombs away.” She emptied her hand into my hair. We looked a sight. Dirt all over our clothes, and faces. We looked like two little kids getting caught playing in a mud puddle.

DSCN1228.JPG       I think it is over for the beetle.. Spider: One  Beetle: Zero…

I heard a voice, I knew so well. It was mom, and she was telling us to get back to work.. Dad was looking at the garden, wondering what had happened. We told him something had a party or a fight in the garden last night. Mom had grabbed a broom and began sweeping the porch off. Sally and I replanted the last couple shrubs. It was time for us to move to the back yard. We placed the plants and shrubs on the soil we had laid down. Dad asked. “What time is the open house?” Sally yelled. “Two P.M.” Sally looked at her watch. It was one thirty-five P.M. There was no time to plant the garden. We needed to leave now. Mom had figured out what made the mess, when several real estate agents began to arrive. Mom said ‘hello’ as one of the ladies opened the door lock with a key. Mom explained to the lady that we were finished here and would be on our way home. Dad had already placed his sign in the front garden near the walkway, so it could be seen. He also had the sign in the back unfinished garden as well. Sally called the real estate agent she had and told her the back garden was not finished, but could be finished at a later date. It was up to the new owners. Sally and I peeked around the corner of the house and when it was clear we took our tools, and ran for the car.

Join me, as we follow Sally, Jody, mom, dad and the children tomorrow….. See ya later… 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone: How was your Tuesday? I hope it was pleasant and not too uncomfortable. My Tuesday was quite fine. The sun was not overly warm, and the breeze was cooling. I took the time to water the gardens, clean the house, and relax outside. Tuesday I seen a sight that I had never seen before. I have mentioned the chipmunk in our yard. Well, it always teases the dog. The dog will sit and watch it, and it will run here and there, while the dog chases it. They are separated by a fence, so everyone is safe. Yesterday I witness the chipmunk stare at the dog, and it was stomping it’s back leg on the ground rapidly. Then it turned and ran out of the yard. The dog looked so confused. I guess she was being challenged….. Aren’t critters so cute.. Well gotta go… Till tomorrow… Be safe… 🙂 🙂

I want to say thanks so much to the readers who read my stories each day… 🙂 🙂

The photos in my story have been taken and supplied by myself.. Enjoy… 🙂 🙂

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