Visiting the garden (9)

DSC_0594_edited.jpg       Eating dinner upside down….

With the back garden unfinished, and the real estate agents showing up. It was time for everyone to leave. Sally had called her agent explaining about the back garden. Sally did not want the agents to see her in the condition she was in. Jody and Sally gathered their tools and made a run for it…

Sally and I looked like thieves in the night, as we went running from the backyard with tools in our arms. I ran like a track racer, and Sally clomped along behind me. It could have been, because I had left her the majority of the tools. We had not been detected by the eyes that made their way through Sally’s house. Sally’s agent had passed us on the way back to the house. The agent we passed was Darcey Talbot, and she was on her way to the house to bake some cookies. The prospective buyers could  smell the cookies as they entered the house, plus they could also have a couple to eat. Sally was not allowed to be at the open house, even though she wanted to be there. Sally had mentioned, the two of us, could go up a tree and spy into the house. Could you imagine! Me and Sally up the same tree, sitting on the same branch looking like a pair of Doe Doe Birds. Wouldn’t it just be amusing to the agents as we come tumbling out of the tree. It was just too real to believe. I wasn’t going to do that anyways. After a quick shower, and some clean clothes Sally and I went to the kitchen to get some coffee. Mom, and dad were sitting at the table playing cards. Mom looked like she was winning. “How’s the game going mom?” I asked. Mom clapped her hands and said. “I’m winning!” Dad said. “I’m letting her win.” And with that they started to gab back and forth. Mom held up her cup for coffee. Dad was right there with his cup too. Sally filled their cups, and two cups for us. “Thanks.” Mom and dad said at the same time. Mom set down her cards to speak to me and Sally.

DSC_0021.JPG      Yellow the color of sun shine……

Sally and I sat waiting for mom to speak. Mom took a moment to speak, and from her sweater pocket she pulled a bunch of animal hair. Sally and I sat in wonder. “What is that for mom?” I asked. “This is the fur I found all around the front porch of Sally’s house.” Mom paused. “I’m sure the mess in the garden was caused by a few cats fighting.” Mom said. “If you notice there are different colors of fur.” “I would almost bet, there is a female cat in heat.” Mom said. Sally answered mom. “Yes that has to be the culprits, as I have heard them before.” Mom picked up her cards and began to play again. Sally and I took our coffee outside and sat on the porch. It was nice outside and it felt good to sit on the comfortable chairs. Tory and Amber were singing on the swings near the clothes line. As soon as they saw us sitting there, they came running. Thank goodness we had our coffee on the table between the chairs. Both children jumped up onto our laps. We hugged them, and asked  them how their day had been so far. Tory said that it was an okay day, as Amber shook he head in agreement. We talked about school the next day. Tory was super excited, but Amber didn’t seem too happy about taking the bus. I could see her point, because that was pretty rotten what happened on her first day. Tory took Amber’s hand and said. “Don’t worry Amber, I will make sure Miss Ellie, doesn’t make you cry again.” All I could think of as Tory spoke… “That’s my boy.” I was darn proud of him in everyway.

DSC_0559Red Wing Black Bird…. and one noisy fella too….

I could hear someone coming up the lane way. Their car was puttering , and back firing all the way. I turned to Sally. “I wonder who that could be on a Sunday evening?” Sally shrugged her shoulders, and turned to see who it was. It was an old car, like the kind from the nineteen forties. No wonder it was making so much noise. I had no idea who was driving the car. The car pulled up next to the porch and the engine was turned off. Miss Ellie got out and looked over the roof.. “Wait for it.” She said as she plugged her ears. “BANG!” It sounded like someone had let off a shot gun. Dad and mom came running from the house. “What happened?” Miss Ellie apologized right away. “It’s my car, it has done that since the day I bought it in nineteen forty-five.” Dad was over to the car looking inside it. It was a beauty. All original. “How do you get parts to fix it when it breaks down?” Dad asked. “Well I have a large storage full of cars like this one.” Miss Ellie said. “My dad was… Let me say, in the car business.” Miss Ellie held out her hand to shake dad’s hand. “My name is Miss Ellie Ford.” Dad looked a little strange as he asked. “Are you the grand-daughter of Henry Ford?”  Miss Ellie smiled as she replied. “Yes, I am that lady.” Wow! I was stunned by what I was hearing. Mom, dad this is Miss Ellie the bus driver.

DSCN0691.JPG Beautiful pink blossoms from a tree two back yards away….

Dad held the door open as mom and Ellie went inside for coffee. Once inside Ellie gave me the container that had the first day of school cake in it. The children just sat and stared from the bench up against the wall in the kitchen. “Thanks  for the cake, it was the best cake I have ever tasted.” Miss Ellie said, as she looked at the children. Tory told her he really liked the cake too. I knew I had given Ellie an invite for coffee,  but I never expected her to come over. Mom and dad were so happy to have an older person to talk. They didn’t have many friends, and the they did have never came by. I was happy for both of them, as was Sally. Mom had dinner ready for the table, and asked Ellie to stay to eat with us. Ellie was more than happy to stay. With all of us at the table, Ellie talked about her grandpapa. The children were listening to everything she said. Their eyes were big like saucers. But, the most excited one to hear about Henry Ford, was dad. He had the same look on his face as the children did. The three of them were kind of funny to watch. Sally pointed to the potato that had rolled off dad’s fork and onto the floor. It was funny and I snickered behind my hand. Once dinner was over dad got up with mom and started to clear the dishes. “Hey mom.” You, dad, Miss Ellie and the children go sit and talk in the living room, we will clean up. Mom thanked us and off they all went. I wash, and you dry, Sally said. Okay, let’s get this mess out of the way. We could hear them talking in the other room. Miss Ellie caught dads attention and was going to ask him something, when she forgot what it was. “It will come to me later.” She said with a shrug of her shoulders…

Join me tomorrow as we follow the new friends…. See you then… 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone: What a beautiful Wednesday this was. I hope your day was as good as mine. It was a bit warm in the morning, but by noonish, the heat was slowly blown away by a refreshing cool breeze. Right now it is nineteen degrees Celsius. Not bad for sleeping. That sounds pretty comfortable, if ya ask me. The humidity is supposed to be back tomorrow, and the weatherman is calling for rain all weekend. Yahoo! That means hiding out in the house again. At least the plants and grass will be happy. Oh, and ducks. So, if you are in the area that is going to be humidity, stay hydrated…. Till later… Keep them pearly whites a flashing….. 🙂 🙂

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