Who are you? (1)

“Who are you?”


Do we all look at anyone we meet? The person who comes up and says “Hi” to you.

Do you really know who these people are, and why they just happen to be there at that time. Are they a distant friend you had forgotten about, a face you glanced up at as you passed by on the street. There are a lot of things we just let pass by and look at it as just one of those things. Have you ever thought someone was following behind you as you walk? As you turn your head to see if there is a person behind, there is no one.  What could this feeling be, and why do we have it? Is it our protection mode stricking a chord somewhere deep in the pit of our stomach?  Or is it fear that wakes us and tells us not to let down our guard down.

Have you ever known a face you have met and are not one of those people who remembers every name of every person they meet? I’m not one of those, and I’m sure a lot of you have the same issue as I do. What do you say to that person? Do shake thier hand and say ‘hi’, in the hopes they may know your name? What do you do then? Run away red faced, and feeling like a fool? How would you deal with the rejection. A smile seems to be the best bet for me ,then apologize and smile. Stumble over the words that escape your lips. “I thought you were someone I knew from school.”  “Sorry.” Now, what happens when they think they know you? The apology now becomes a slowly developing conversation between strangers. “Yikes!” as the words come pouring from stranger to stranger. Is there a point where you find the person you were looking for? Do you exchange numbers in the hopes of meeting up at some other time?  

Is there a guilt that follows you as you  drift into a conversation with a stranger?  There are many questions to asked of yourself. In that fleeting moment is this something that will change your life forever? Is it for the good of all you know or will you just hide behind your doors, and never venture outside for fear that the stranger will be there waiting on you?  Do you ever really know that, what you have just done is a good thing. We all have our fears of others.  We just try to not fear those out there and we make friends. But at what cost?  There are always  those who enter our lives, and make us ask, “Who are you?” “Who is  this person before us and do we really remember them from somewhere else?  Is fear something that will change our ability to meet new people?  I would think yes. Especially when that little voice inside us starts to warn us. “Who are you?”

Join me tomorrow as we look further into “Who are you?” 

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