Who are you (2)


Who are you? Is the big question being asked. How do we really know the people we meet? 

Jodie, was a well taught lady and had the kind of personality that drew many people to her. Some of those people Jodie met, were the ones that made your belly tells you to stay clear this is not a friend. Jodie had been friends with a lot of, ‘who are you’ kinda of individuals. I’m more than certian Jodie asked herself many times why she did not listen to the little voice in her tummy that often said, ‘No. Run away.’ Jodie met a young charminig man with a smile that turned her upside down. And his kisses, could make her forget all the wrong he was doing . It took a long time for Jodie to start hearing her inner voice yelling at her. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Why are you falling for this crap?’  You know better than to let this crap beat you down. She stood tall one day and asked the question that had been driven away  by butterfly kisses, and takens of love, that would other wise please a lady in love. Jodie stood up to the monster that was hidding in that sweet smile, and tender kiss. “Who are you?” “Have you always been a wolf in sheeps clothing? Sometimes it takes a longtime for the vunerable, to learn how to back away from the danger they let into their lives. 

On one occasion Jodie had made friends with a young lady. Janis was a sweet, good-natured girl who was friends with everyone. Jodie had met her through work. Janis was hanging out with Jodie nearly everyday of the week. Jodie was excepted by the rest of Janis’s friends. Then on an outing to a local bar, her best friend Janis looked different to Jodie.  Jodie all of a sudden was the outsider. ‘What did I do that has put me on the outside of the group and why is Janis acting so rude?’ Jodie asked herself. Jodie was hurt again this time not by a man, but by a girl Jodie called a ‘Friend.’ Jodie was quiet for a longtime. As she read her text messages, and watched as Janis trashed Jodie and finally, bringing her to the ground. ‘Why!’ Jodie kept asking her friend and never getting answers that gave her a reason.  Her heart was broken once again. When Jodie finally picked herself up off the ground, and dried her tears. She stood in front of Janis and asked. “Who are you?” The words poured from her angry lips as Janis smuggly looked at Jodie with a snirk on her face. Janis was one of the monsters that hide their real selves, till they hold a persons heart in their hand. And once they have control, they crush that heart like it was nothing.  It’s sad that those type of people can exist in thier state of mind and feel good about themselves.  Be aware.

Jodie kept herself from making friends with those who did not deserve Jodie’s kindness. It’s very had for a person to be on their guard all the time. Yes. Jodie let herself be fooled by another wolf. Jodie has now learnt the signs, the wolf will give when it thinks it is smarter than it’s prey.  Jodie has found the ability to call the wolf out and ask the un-dying question. “Who are you?”   We can not lock ourselves away, and hide all our lives. We are creatures of habit. Searching for that true person who has no hidden agenda. The hunt is a tedious one, but there are a few real people out there.  We all have our own agendas, but deceiving others is no way to live.

So, next time you meet someone you beleive is a great person. Ask yourself this  very important question. “Who are you, really?”

Join me tomorrow as we meet another person, as they find out if this is a good or bad event.

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