Who are you? (3)



Sometimes life spits us out, and we defy all odds. We kick that old crap to the curb and walk proudly into another mess.

Jarden had life figured out and was on top of his game. A well-educated good-looking man who had the charm with the fairer sex. Slicked back blonde hair, muscular, and the youngest C.E.O of an up coming company.  Jarden had never let anyone fool him.  But that was drawing closer to an end with each person he called a friend. 

The funny thing about Jarden’s friends, was they were people he had been around  for many years.  He was comfortable with them, and could talk to them from his heart.  Jarden casually said “Hello!” To a beautiful lady at a cash register where he paid for the fuel he put in his car. Jarden was innocently being himself but, little did he know each time he filled his car this lady was watching him. She had already found out where he lived, and where he worked.  Now that seems too freaky, even for me to understand.  Each time Jarden saw her his conversations became a little more intimate. Jarden seemed to not using his intuition and was flying by the seat of his pants.  Hellena (cahier)  was charming beyond charming. She had flirting down to a science.  

Jarden was hooked. He had no idea what was coming next.  Jarden’s phone rang and he answered. “Hi, Jarden and how are you this great morning?” Hellena said.  “Who are you?” Jarden said.  “This is Hellena from the gas station.” She quietly answered. “How did you get this number?” Jarden asked, as his voice began to raise in volume.  Jarden was in panic mode. ‘What could I have done that made this lady call me?’ He mumbled to himself.  Hellena spoke using her sexiest voice she could muster up. “You gave it to me, don’t you remember?”  Jarden calmed somewhat, but the hair on the back of his neck was standing straight up.  “I was wondering if we could meet for dinner this Thursday, as I’m not working that day.”  Hellena asked. Her voice was hard for Jarden to resist and as he looked through his appointment book he said. “Darn, I have a boardroom  meeting that evening and I will be unavailable to get away.”  Jarden said, followed by.”I’m Sorry.”

He had dogged that ball and was in the clear. Or at least that is what he thought.  Hellena said. “Okay.” And hung up the phone. 

 Jarden showed up early for the boardroom as usual.  He never seen the car at the far end of the parking lot. She was there all scrunched down behind the string wheel.  Why was she there?  To check up on his excuse for not going out with her? Or was it her obsession with Jarden?   Jarden was oblivious to her presence, but the hair on the back of his neck was standing up again.  Something was wrong, but he could not put his finger on what it was.   Hellena sat in the parking lot during the meeting waiting for Jarden to get back into his vehicle. She followed him home that night.  

Hellena had another day off but she did not call him this time. Nor did she ask him, when he came to the gas station.  Jarden came in as usual said his pleasantries, then would leave. When Hellena asked the question. “I’m off next saturday do you think we can go to dinner that day?”  She asked in her sweetest voice.  Jarden could feel the hair on his neck standing right up. Jarden told her he had to look at his schedule and he would get back to her in a day or two.  Jarden drove off, once again dodging that bullet.  Days passed and Jarden refused to call her back. There was something really wrong with this girl, and he wanted no part of her. 

A few days later Jarden pulled into his driveway. Things looked as they usually did. He opened his front door and there on his sofa was Hellena. She had gained access through a window in the basement.  “How are you today Jarden?” Hellena said through gritted teeth.  Jarden did his best to be casual and not get too angry. “How have you been doing?” Jarden asked back. “Oh, I’m sorry that I did not get back to you but, things have been crazy at the office.” He told her.  “How did you get in here?”  “Did I leave the door open again?” Jarden said as he entered the kitchen.  Jarden was aware that, he had to do something to get her out of his house.  Jarden made a mental inventory of his kitchen, as he spoke to Hellena. During his look around the kitchen he noticed one of his chef knives, was not in it’s carrier.  

 Hellena asked. “Do you have a powder room where I can freshen up?”  Jarden gave her directions, and watched her as she walked down the hall to the bathroom.  He yelled. “Would you like a drink?”   Hellena replied. “A beer would be great.” “Okay.”  Jarden said, as he made his way to the front door. He opened the door and disappeared from sight.  When Hellena came from the powder room Jarden was gone. She stepped out the door and was very unhappy that he had gone.  In her right hand she hid a very sharp large knife. As she walked down the length of the car she gouged out a long scratch.  She stood next to the back tire, and drove the knife deep into it and left the knife there.  She walked over to her car and left. 

Was this a warning for Jarden? Jarden called the police from his cell phone, and Hellena was arrested. Jarden had a restraining order taken out to keep her away from him. He changed all  his habits and had security installed in and out of his home and yard. His car was kept in the garage which was covered in cameras, and window alarms. 

Jarden didn’t listen to the warning signs his body gave him.  His life could have been over.  If only he had asked “Who are you?” “Really.”

Join me tomorrow as we follow another person, as they let thier guard down.

Be safe.


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