Who are you (4)

Jaylen & Devlin


Not knowing who another person is, can be a very dangerous situation to be in. 

Jaylen and Devlin were a very friendly couple.  They were a very attractive couple, and never had any problems fitting into the ‘crowd.’  Jaylen and Devlin had the money and the means to travel all over the world. Born to  wealthy familys they were part of the jet setting club. Fancy parties in Madrid, weddings on sandy beaches, meeting princes and queens. Their life was full of excitement and adventure.  There was never a dull moment in their lives.   On a visit to Vegas Jaylen sat talking to a lady(Joanne)  and her husband(George). Jaylen found them to be a very pleasant couple, and talked often about them to her husband Devlin.  Devlin was so intrigued by the couple. Jaylen thought so much of them so he suggested inviting them to come visit. 

Jaylen called Joanne and asked if they would be interested in coming to visit for a couple of days.  Joanne said she would have to speak with George, and she would let Jaylen know.  Jaylen said. “Okay I will speak  to you then.”  A few days had passed before Jaylen heard from Joanne.  Jaylen found that a little on the strange side.  Jaylen had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.  She let her feelings go and blamed them on the shrimp they had eaten a couple nights before.  But it wasn’t her stomach it was her intuition. She had never realized she had it before now. 

Jaylen let Devlin know that Joanne, and George would be visiting on the weekend coming up. Devlin could tell Jaylen was not herself and the look on her face was not one he had ever seen before. “Hey Jaylen, are you okay?”  Devlin asked.  “I think the shrimp we had a couple of nights ago has made me not feel so well.” “I will be okay tomorrow.” Jaylen said, as she sipped a little of her wine. The week went very well for the couple, and the weekend was only one day away. Devlin was excited about meeting Joanne and George. Jaylen did not seem as excited as her husband. She didn’t want to let Devlin know that the visitors were the reason for the way she felt. She was waiting to see if Devlin could pick up the same uneasy feeling she had.  

Saturday had arrived and Jaylen was up early, she had been making sure the pool house was ready for Joanne and her husband. Jaylen’s house staff had done a fantastic job on the pool house. Devlin was out in the back yard making sure the pool had been cleaned, and the barbecue was ready to use.  It was almost noon when the door bell rang.  Mary, Jaylen’s maid answered the door. Mary came into the living room and told to Jaylen that thier company has arrived. “Thanks Mary just show then in please.” Jaylen said as she put her book into the side table.  Jaylen stood as Joanne entered the living room. There it was again ,that bad feeling in Jaylen’s stomach. “Welcome to our home.” Jaylen said with a smile on her face. Devlin stood and shook George’s hand. Devlin gave Joanne a soft hug and a peck on the cheek. “Welcome, welcome!” Devlin said with a hint of excitement in his voice.  Devlin was having trouble figuring out why he felt not so well either.

Devlin offered George a beer and the two of them headed for the kitchen to get one from the fridge. Devlin led George to the backyard and they sat next to the pool.  Jaylen was getting  Joanne a glass of red wine, then they both went out to sit with the fellas around the pool. The music played in the back ground as the new friends became better acquainted. Things went well, and the food was great and the company made the day flow by quite  quickly.  Jaylen could not get the rotten feeling to leave her stomach, and little did she know Devlin was having the same problem. It wasn’t till much later that night that Devlin told Jaylen how he was feeling.  Jaylen was thankful that she let Joanne and her husband sleep in the pool house. Mary had already put thier suitcases in the pool house. 

As everyone had turned in, Jaylen and Devlin talked for quite a while, and decided that after Joanne and George left they would no long have anything to do with them again. The feeling of dread was so strong that it could not be over looked. The next day started out great but later in the day things took a turn for the worst. Mary had seen Joanne in Jaylen’s bedroom going through her jewelery cabinet, and Devlin’s jewelery drawer as well.  Joanne had not seen Mary, and had no idea Jaylen knew what she was doing.  George kept Devlin and Jaylen busy as Joanne robbed them. This was a bad situation, and it was about to get worse.

During lunch later that day George started to call Devlin a rich snot and a snob with no brains. Devlin was expecting something to go wrong but had no idea it was going to start this way. Devlin asked George to leave his home, and George pulled out a knife, and a skuffle  Devlin was stabbed several times. Devlin was bleeding so bad, and Jaylen was flipping out. Mary was in the pantry when she heard Jaylen screaming from the other room. Mary called nine one one and had the police come right away. Mary had no idea what had happened but the screaming was enough for her to call the police. 

Joanne had started to attack Jaylen, but because Jaylen was a martial arts black belt, the fight was over quickly. George bolted for the front door, only to run right into the the arms of the police. Devlin was in the hospital and rehab for a longtime. He had lost a lot of blood but was a fighter. 

After thier run in with George and  Joanne.  Jaylen and Devlin kept pretty close to thier circle of friends.

 Join me tomorrow  as we meet another person and thier encounter with another “Who are you?” Type of person


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