Who are you (5)

Sonya & Franchesca 


“Who are you?” Is a question we should always ask ourselves,  when we encounter someone we think is too good to be true. 

 Sonya and Franchesca had been long life friends. They had met in grade five and made a pact to always be there for each other. When they married their pact never disappeared. In fact the couples became the best of friends, and got a long like they had been together all their lives. As the years went by children had been born, and grew up cherished by their parents. The children were the spot light of each family. And as they grew older, and had families of their own. The couples were once again together as they had been when first married.

Age was beginning to creep up on the couples, and a lot of things they did before like climbing the stairs, and walking for long distances was harder to do. Sonya’s husband was bed ridden and had nurse come every day to give Sonya a chance to clean, shop, or even visit her children. Sonya found that most times she had to go see the children, as their visits started to only be on vacations.  

Frenchesca had been going through, much the same family issues as Sonya. Her husband was in full blow dementia, and was under constant care.  Franchesca could barely leave the same room as her husband for fear he would escape their home. The stress on her shoulders was huge, and it was wearing her down. Sonya did as much as she could to help Franchesca with her husband. Franchesca’s family wanted to put their dad, her husband into a home to die. Franchesca would not do that. She wanted to be with her husband when he passed in their home.  Sonya understood Franchesca’s feelings and stood beside her through every good and bad event. 

Sonya was fighting to keep her husband in their home till he passed away. His cancer had become so bad that he was only given a matter of weeks to live. Sonya sat endlessly by his bed side, making sure he was comfortable. He knew she was with him till  his final moments. Sonya never let his hand go in those last few days. She loved him and he would sorely be missed. Franchesca was beside her best friend during the funeral, and every day after that. Franchesca’s husband had passed away a few weeks after Sonya’s husband. The sadness felt by both of the ladies was great and overwhelming at times. But they were never alone, as they had each other. 

Sonya and Franchesca had decided to move in together as a means, to be more financially sound. Both ladies had paid for a full funeral, and there would be no need for the children to have to pay for that expense. The family was against the idea, but the ladies could take care of themselves and this way they did not have to go into a seniors home. The plan was to sell the houses buy a small place, and bank their money. The family thought their moms had everything under control, and stood behind them in their decisions. 

With a firm plan in place Sonya and Franchesca set out to buy another place to live. Their sons went with them to each place, and made sure nothing went wrong.  In a few weeks time Sonya and Franchesca had moved into a small quaint house not  far from their sons homes. The ladies planted flowers around the house, and pretty much kept to themselves. On a bright sunny day a young fella waved hello from the gate at the side walk. “Hello ladies, beautiful day.” he said. “My name is Jason and I live just a couple houses down the street. May I come in and talk with you both?” “Yes young man, come and have a lemonade, and sit with us.” Both ladies said at the very same time. They looked at each other and laughed. It was funny how thy could do that. It was like they could read each others minds. Jason came and sat on a chair between the two ladies, while Sonya got up and went into the house. 

Sonya was feeling a bit weird about Jason being in their home. I have to go to the washroom and Franchesca said to come in and ask you. It’s just down the hall to the right. Sonya watched as he entered the washroom. “Franchesca, could you come inside for a minute?”  Sonya asked. Franchesca entered the door, and said. “Yes dear, what can I help you with?”  Did you tell Jason he could come into the house?”  Sonya asked.  “No, he just said he was going to help you.” Franchesca and Sonya were not feeling too safe now. Jason came out from the washroom and started to order the ladies to sit down at the table, and shut up. “Where is your money?”  He shouted, startling both ladies. 

Franchesca stood, and pointed her cane in Jason’s face. “You get out of our house, right now.”  She said with gritted teeth. Jason grabbed her cane, and hit her on her head. Franchesca slumped into her seat. Blood was trickling down her face. Sonya was afraid for her buddy, and was ready to confront Jason but sat back down.  

Sonya had remembered the response necklace her son had given her. She always wore it under her blouse just incase. This was the perfect way to see if it was as good as the commercials on television said it was.  Sonya pressed the button as hard as she could and held on tight. Jason grabbed Sonya by the hair, and started to pull her towards the bedroom. Sonya was yelling and pleading for him stop. Sonya took her hand off the button, and grabbed his hand. She scratched him drawing blood, skin, and hair under her nails. Jason had his hand up in the air ready to hit Sonya, when the sounds of the police cars startled him. Jason tried to run, but Sonya tripped him up and he fell to the floor.  Franchesca kicked Jason in the face with her foot breaking her toe and his nose. 

The police burst though the door, and were very surprised to see the fella on the floor, and the ladies safe.  The police took Jason away in hand cuffs, and he was facing years in jail. Sonya and Franchesca let their sons know  that the response necklace worked just fine. 

Sonya and Franchesca had handeled themselves well, and were proud of their sons for the necklace that saved their lives.

No matter how nice or how young someone you meet is, doesn’t make them safe.  “Who the heck was Jason?” Not a person to trust.

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