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Girls can be anything they want to be. The world is full of opportunities and girls can just get out there and go for it. Take that position on the hockey team. Take that CEO position. Take the Presidential position. Never give up.  

Who is that girl? Is she like you and me? Does she want to make her mark on the world and be remembered for her achievements? What does she want to do that can give her gratification. Is she short? Is she tall? Can she run a mile in so many seconds? Can anyone tell me who this girl is?

This girl loves to sit on her grandpa’s knee and listen to him read her stories. She loves her daddy and her grandpa. As a child she would follow them around asking if she could help out. Sometimes dad would let drive the car down the street. Well, not really. She would sit on his lap and hold the steering wheel as he drove. She would help cut the lawn with her play lawn mower. If daddy washed the car she would get a rag and help him wash the car. She once washed daddies’ car when he was in the house to get a drink. There was water and she mixed dirt in a pail and wash the car with that. Dad was red in the face as he told her she did a good job. She would grab a broom that was much bigger than her and sweep the side-walk for daddy. Her and her grandpa would sit and watch television and laugh at the cartoons. Grandpa and her would eat chips and click their glasses together before they drank. Grandpa would always say superman was a wimp. Then she would start to argue with him and at the end of the discussion she would tell him he was silly. She loved her grandpa and daddy and continued as she grew older.

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She loved music and how it made her feel. When she was sad she would crank up the tunes and boogie down with her mom, grandma or her friends. She would sing in the shower as the dog howled at the bathroom door. That dog was the biggest critic she had to deal with. Mom told her she had the voice of an angel. Grandma always said she would be a rock star someday. When ever she sang around her friends they would plug their ears, and sometimes they would run away. She figured it was because she sounded so good that they couldn’t stay because they had to go home. She would sing to the poor dog and cat all the time and they did not run away. Maybe that was because she was holding them tightly in her arms. The cat would hold his ears back tight to his head and she thought that he was saving her song to listen to later.

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She loved hanging out with her best friend and watch pigs scoot by on scooters. She would go to the movies with her best friend and watch scary movies to see who would scream out first. She would invite her best friend over to have a sleep over. She would read books with her, draw funny pictures of each other, and their families. She would go swimming with her best friend at the beach with their parents. She would wear the same coloured clothes each day when they went to school. They would wear different shoes and exchange one shoe from the left foot and end up with different shoes that didn’t match. She would pretend she was the Queen and her best friend was her maid, and they would switch so they could play both parts. She would style her best friends hair into a freaky style. They would do each others hair then show their moms.

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She would visit her cousin on the farm and help clean out the horse stalls. She loved horses, pigs, dogs and cats. She would run from the old goose as it chased them through the barn yard. That darned old goose was going to get it someday she kept telling her cousin. She would just laugh and say. “You will never get that close I have tried.” They would laugh while they ran and stumbled falling in the hay. She would help plant vegetables in the garden and pull out the weeds. She and her cousin (Louise) would hide from Louise’s brothers. She found it scary in the barn especially when a big ugly spider came down to sit beside her. She would scream and run. She loved to ride the ponies on the farm with Louise, and her brothers and take a picnic lunch with them. She loved visiting with her cousin.

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As she grew older she loved to go shopping at the mall with her friend (Patty)  from school. They would look for the latest styles at cheap prices. They would hang out at the food court and watch the cute fellas as they walked by. They would go to the nail house and get fake nails and have them painted different colours. They would joke and laugh as the foot lady would pamper their feet in warm water. They would have their toe nails painted bright orange or yellow. They would listen to music on their iphones and sing loudly as they strutted down the sidewalk. They would sit by the pool and slather sun tan lotion on each other. They would chew bubble gum and blow bubbles as they watched the boys play water pool in the pool. They would laugh and giggle about the geeky guy over in the corner beside the pool. She always had fun with her friend Patty.

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She loved to play baseball with her team and win against the top teams. She loved to run as fast as she could around the bases until she made it home. She would hit the ball as hard as her strength would allow her. She would be lucky at times and hit a home run. She would run around the bases and yell and jump up and down as she ran. She loved baseball. She loved bowling, and the weight of the ball in her hand. The sound of the rolling ball as it hit the pins knocking them down two by two. She loved it when she got a strike and she would high-five her team mates as she went to take her seat. She loved to play cards with her friends on a Saturday night once a month. She loved to play tag with her brothers and sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces. She loved to be active in things that made her happy.

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She dreamed of finding her prince charming. She dreamed of being a wife, and having a family of her own. She dreamed of having two children one boy and one girl. She wanted a big house, a nice car, a good job and money in the bank. She wanted to travel once her family was old enough, and had families of their own. She wanted to have a small house in Florida. And when the wind got too cold for her body to deal with the cold she could go stay in a hot place for the winter months. She wanted to grow old with her husband beside her till the day she died.

Do you have any idea who she is? She is me and you. The lady down the street. The lady provinces or states away from where you are. The ladies on the east coast and the west coast. Those ladies who are near or far. We are that girl….

Hello to everyone out there in this world. I come from my corner of Canada to write my stories in the hopes that maybe one or more of them would catch your fancy. The snow is hanging on and kicking its feet in a tantrum and not wanting to leave. I know the warmer weather will find us and the sun will out shine all the snow. The spring flowers will start to bloom and the bees will be back to pollinate the flowers. The barbeque will be wheeled from its hiding place in the garage. Families will laugh and enjoy each others company in the bright sun shine. To all of you I wish you a happy Tuesday. Take care of those you love and be careful out there on the roads.  🙂

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, and visitors who come to hang out each day to read my story.  🙂  🙂

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