Winding Tracks #2

There we stood shaking and clinging to each other like a static ball of sweaters fresh out of the dryer. Nothing could pull us apart as we waited for whatever was about to emerge from the rustling bushes.

Our eyes widened, our mouths open wide in fear, a fear we have never felt before. Out of the bushes came a creature with light brown fur. Was this creature a bear, a moose, or a big dog. We could not tell for sure!
As the creature emerged from the bush the fear we felt melted away. We all smiled as our death grip on each other let go. This creature was beautiful, a creation from heaven. We had seen this creature before, I  don’t remember it seeing us before. The only word that escaped our lips was “WOW!”
It was a beautiful mommy deer and her cute little baby. She was staring at us! She was there right in front of us! How lucky we were to get so close to mom and baby.

If this is what the tracks have to offer, then we are sure to go further. As we turned to trudge on, a sight caught out eyes. Oh, my! There to our right side stood a buck, we took him to be the daddy of the baby. ” WOW!” This was a  sight we had never seen before.

The buck was so majestic. His antlers made him look like a king, with a crown on his head.  His eyes never left us as we turned to move on.
As we turned to wave goodbye to the deer family, they were gone. Disappeared into thin air. They were “Gone.” We began mumbling about how afraid we had been of what was there, plus how lucky we were to experience something so beautiful.
The sun was up and the fog had gone away. The beams from the sun bathed us in a warmth that made us think of a cool cold drink. We sat down on the steel rails.  Sipping on our cold drinks, we looked at the flowers that grew along the tracks. We tried to name them, but we could not come up with any names. The flowers were so vibrant but, to us the flowers were amazing.
As we scanned the horizon we could see what appeared to be an old shack. Its front porch was tattered and splintered by the weather over the years. It’s tin roof had been partially ripped away by the wind, a couple windows had been broken. We wondered who could have done such a thing?
Could this new discovery be another adventure? We can only wait and see.
To be continued …….
Thank you for reading.
God bless and be safe out there.


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