Winding Tracks #3

As we scanned the horizon, we saw a shack.  What was in the shack? We decided that we would take a closer look.

We were off on an adventure, all the time talking between us. Albert blurted out, maybe it’s an old miners shack. Julia asked, could be settlers shack? I said, could be an old trappers shack?
Walking close together, we heard the wind whispering in our ears, “turn back, turn back.”  We could hear birds chirping, squirrels chattering as if to say, keep away from the forest. Did the squirrels know something we didn’t?
We walked for awhile when all of a sudden the silence was broken by a scream.  I turned to see Julia shaking as tears rolled down her cheeks. I asked what was wrong and if she was okay? Right then Albert said, ” it’s only a garter snake, can I keep him”? We all giggled as I told him he could not keep the snake. Julia had calmed down and began to laugh at Albert. She thanked him for saving her. Julia told Albert ” You are my hero”.
As we walked Julia began to tell us what happened. The rattle, “no” garter snake slithered over my shoe, I thought it was going to bite me. Laughter filled the air. We were for sure a different group of adventurers.
The forest opened to a field covered with brown weeds, with green plants mixed with the brown grasses. Trees were here and there, with brightly coloured wildflowers everywhere. We could see bees buzzing as they went from flower to flower.  Crickets were singing their cricket songs. I heard frogs croaking in a nearby pond. This was a beautiful place.
There was the run-down shack we had come to see.

It looked like time had not been so kind but, we were very anxious to look inside. We walked to the door which was wide open.  Our heads peeked in to see the things left behind. The furniture was old and dusty it was laid out like someone had just left before we arrived. Was there someone living in the shack?

There was no food, no water. How could anyone live like this? We looked around at the articles left behind. There were two doors, we were puzzled. We thought if a bear came in one door, the person could escape out the other. We talked about how hard it would have been to live here. We heard the brushing of a tree against the shack. Then all of a sudden there was a loud thud above our heads. We all ran through the back door without looking back. We were running for our lives.
We ran for the forest.  At the edge of the forest, we paused for a minute to catch our breath. We had no intentions of waiting for whatever that was. We started running again, hitting the branches of the plants and trees as we passed them. I could feel something on my face. I began trying to brush it away but, it didn’t go. I asked Julia to slow down and tell me what was on my face. Her mouth was wide open. I needed her to tell me what it was. She screamed spiders, baby spiders all over your face. I frantically danced around trying to brush them away. My arms were flailing, my hair covered in baby spiders. Yes, I did freak out!


Spider webs were everywhere. I finally got them off. I will never forget baby spiders again.
Once we arrived at the tracks we sat down and ate our lunches as we talked about today’s adventure.
I wonder what kind of adventure these four friends will have before the day is done.
To be continued …
God bless, and be safe out there.
Thanks for reading.

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