Winding Tracks #4

As we know our four adventures where peacefully sitting on the rails having their lunch while talking about the shack and what happened there.
After finishing their lunch, with bellies full the gang was ready to move on.
I wonder what will happen next, Julia asked. I said to Julia that there would be no snakes involved anymore. Julia’s face began to turn a light shade of pink as we all laughed loudly. It was really funny, George said. You wait till a snake slithers up your pant leg, that would be really funny, Julia said. All things said and done, our four adventures where on their way down the tracks.
Albert decided we should sing a song. He had picked out, row row row your boat gently down the stream. At the end of Albert’s singing we all joined in. The wind blew our voices down the tracks, through the trees and across the open fields. Grant you our voices were not perfect. But to us our voices sounded like angels singing in the heavens. We could hear our voices echo off every tree. The sound was amazing, we stood still with the look of happiness on our faces.

Even the tiny flowers along the tracks seemed to be smiling.
As we pushed on we could see down the tracks. The end seemed so far away. How could we have an adventure if we did not continue on?

The sun was still shining bright above us keeping us toasty warm. The heat was one thing we did not mind. After all it was summer. A time with good friends and family to enjoy great adventures. Today we have enjoyed this great adventure. At least So far.
We walked along looking for any animals along the way. We found the deer amazing. We got to see something we will never forget. Amazed by the beautiful tiny flowers that battled the hard ground. I heard whispering from gang. I asked what was going on? George whispered in my ear, there’s a moose way back in the woods over there. I followed his pointing finger. There just off to our left was a big moose. His head was turned in our direction. He was looking at us! We stopped in our tracks! He was truly magnificent, muscular, and had a large set of antlers on his head. WOW, we all said at the same time.

He stood watching us then turned his head and went back to eating the grasses. When his head bent down to eat, we quickly went our way. We had seen two beautiful animals on this adventure so far. When we had gotten far enough ahead we sat on the cool rails in the shade. We talked about the moose and how big he was. Albert said it looked like a very big horse. Could I ride him? Giggles turned into laughter as George said to Albert that a moose is a wild animal. We can’t ride a moose Albert.
All of a sudden we felt this vibration coming through the rails we were sitting on. What could it be? Julia and George almost at the same time yelled “the train”. We fumbled, stumbled, and rolled our selves off the tracks. Landing in the dirt. We quickly got to our feet. Dusting the dirt from our clothes as we moved far enough away from the tracks. Far enough back so we could safely see the train. It was getting closer, closer, and there it was.

It was massive. As soon as the engineer seen us he blew the train’s whistle. We stood there our hands over our ears. With eyes wide and our mouths open in amazement. We watched as the train went zooming by. When the train had passed us, all we could see was a cloud of dust mixed with leaves, sticks, and dirt.
We stood in awe watching till we could not see the train anymore. We started walking along the tracks mumbling between us. As we turned the bend in the tracks we saw a mother deer and a couple babies following her across the tracks.
They did not notice us as we watched. Albert asked, Julia are those the same mommy and baby deer we seen before. Julia counted the deer with Albert. One mommy deer, two mommy deers. One baby deer, two baby deers. Julia explained to Albert that this maybe the mommy deer and her baby. Look Albert, that must be the mommy deers friend with her baby. Albert was over joyed to see them again. A smile crossed his lips as he let out a loud awe!
Walking a while more, we came to a railroad crossing. George recognized the road at the crossing. George said the road would lead us back to our homes. Lets take the road home? The decision was yes. George’s dad seen us walking and stopped to ask us if we would like a ride home? Happy about the offer we excitedly said, YES we would!
The day had been filled with sights and sounds that led us to talking to George’s dad. It was hard to get a word in edgewise as we all seemed to be talking at once. We were on our way home to share our adventures with our parents.
That night we slept peacefully with dreams of four friends together on an adventure to remember.
The end of a day of adventure.
God bless and stay safe out there.
Thanks for reading.

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